Manzo Brothers Expanding Restaurant Businesses In 2015


Albie and Chris Manzo have big plans for 2015, including starting several new business ventures. First, Albie and Chris will be relocating their restaurant Littletown to a new, location in Hoboken. They’ll also be making room for their newest venture, the Ainsworth, which is an upscale gastropub that has several locations around the country.

“Littletown’s doors are not closed forever,” the brothers tell the Dish. “We are just moving it a few blocks down in Hoboken because we believe that the Ainsworth’s great reputation as an upscale gastropub throughout the country. It will help bring attention to Hoboken’s waterfront. To walk along the waterfront and to dine at the Ainsworth are both fantastic experiences, and combining the two was just a no-brainer.”

“The Ainsworth has already established itself in New York, and Las Vegas, as a truly unique gastropub that is driven on exceptional quality,” Chris and Albie say. “As long as we stay true to what the guys at Paige Hospitality have worked so hard on creating, everyone can expect exactly that in our Hoboken location.”

“It will have plenty of Manzo family flavor!” they insist.

“We have moved to a more residential area of town to insure what we’ve always wanted to make clear, that Littletown is a hometown restaurant and bar,” they say. “It will be slightly different, we want to have a more open, relaxed atmosphere. The menu concept is still up in the air. We want to keep things fresh without taking away any of the items that people have come to know and love.”

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7 Replies to “Manzo Brothers Expanding Restaurant Businesses In 2015”

    1. What is it that they are “always opening up something new”?? They opened Littletown and now they are relocating it. What else have they done besides blackwater?

  1. I agree you guys… these kids don’t seem to get any of their start ups to work. Im guessing that with little town closing that means it didn’t make any money. Temporary closures are usually a sign of money issues.
    I give them credit they don’t give up. I really really want to know exactly where they are getting the money to do all this. Black water did not make them enough money, Little Town is closed and as far as I know Christopher’s Strip car wash hasn’t come to fruition. If mommy and daddy are supplying the kids money to open a business and then watch it go under mommy and daddy are again (like every other mother on reality TV) enabling their kids and they don’t have to deal with failure and bad choices

  2. I can’t imagine any investor trusting these two clowns with another business. I’m sure Little Town went broke due to the Manzo “boys” laziness and lack of management skills and I doubt it will reopen anywhere else. If the Manzos have anything to do with the new restaurant I will be curious to see how long it lasts.

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