Man Files Official Grievance Stating Phaedra Parks Should Be Disbarred

After this year’s explosive Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, Phaedra Parks will lose her law license if Mama Joyce has anything to say about it, because she wants her daughter Kandi to sue Parks over the allegations that she was going to drug and rape Porsha Williams. And she isn’t the only one, a man has filed an official grievance stating Phaedra should be disbarred due to her actions this season.

“I think she should sue Phaedra,” Joyce said. “I told her she should. Kandi says: ‘Mama you’re so cold.’ I would be. I would sue her for whatever the most I could possibly get.”

While Joyce was happy when Phaedra was caught lying, she said Kandi wasn’t so happy. “Kandi has a soft heart and feels sorry for people,” Mama Joyce explained to RadarOnline. “She’s too nice for her own good. She hates hurting anybody. She hates to see anybody hurt.”

Joyce also added that Kandi was happy about Phaedra’s departure from the show, but she still wasn’t over the damage she had caused.

“She’s glad, but you can never be completely vindicated when there is a lie like that,” Mama Joyce claimed. “But she’s happy that people do know what a liar Phaedra is. She’s reading everything that is coming out about Phaedra. Someone joked that VH1 is doing a new reality show for Phaedra called ‘The Lying Tea.’ She thought that was funny. It does make you feel better that people know she was lying.”

Ultimately, she claimed, “Phaedra is a notorious liar.”

Parks is a graduate of the University of Georgia Law School, and a member of the state bar, but Mama Joyce told the site that she wanted to hit Parks where it hurt.

“I would not be vindicated by that heifer. She would not have a legal leg to stand on,” she claimed. “I would take her before the board of Georgia ethics for her law degree.”

And Joyce isn’t the only one that feels this way. Michael Lissack has filed an official grievance with the State Bar of Georgia against Phaedra for her behavior on the show, because he believes that she should lose her license to practice lie and that she does not pass the character and fitness committee.

He told TMZ that Phaedra’s treatment of Kandi this season is grounds for yanking her license.

But this isn’t Lissack’s first run-in with the Housewives. He’s a former Smith Barney director who famously blew the whistle on his firm in 1994 for overcharging municipalities. He claims to have exposed Vicki Gunvalson last year for allegedly running a fake cancer charity.

Phaedra’s rep told TMZ: “This is a frivolous complaint filed by an attention seeking fan. We fully expect that it will be dismissed.”

Do you believe Phaedra should lose her law license?

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10 Replies to “Man Files Official Grievance Stating Phaedra Parks Should Be Disbarred”

  1. FAKETRA should LOSE her state license. The reunion just exposed what she has been doing for years. If this doesnt cause disbarrment, perhaps the Feds indictment and conviction will.

    Dont worry, the Head Doctor will get what she deserves.

  2. She dug her own grave. I hope they take away her license. Makes you wonder what else she’s lied about and manipulated to get her own way.

  3. She should NOT be allowed to practice law. What I’m still puzzled by is that she showed ZERO remorse during the reunion. Not even a fake tear or ANYHTNG . She’s a cold blooded twat

    1. If you want to know what the AA community really thinks about this crazy situation, just have a quick look at what journalist Michael Arceneaux shared at The Root. This is no longer just a reality tv scandal, this thing has blown wide open and gone national with dialogue about libel, slander, revenge, and boundaries. Kandi’s lawyers are reviewing the footage from the season to determine if she should proceed with a lawsuit, which I agree with.

  4. No surprise with mama evil to wants to see the worst happen to Phaedra. I still believe Phaedra was so hurt by every doing of Kandi & Todd that she wanted to hurt as she was hurting. Her face on the show told it all–she was a caged bird & cornered with no where to run & hide her shame. Why should she be disbarred ? Most lawyers are not all fair, she lied big time to Porsha who decided to spread the good news. Love them both, but Porsha was the news carrier.
    As for the Kandi bunch, it was time they got a taste of what it feels like to hurt with their words.

  5. Joyce is a trash box. She’s all about money. Who was she to check into divorce laws pertaining to phadra?

  6. Totally agree – dislike Mama Joyce. She is very calculating and evil… even with her own family. I wish she was never seen on the show again. She is irrelevant.

  7. I do feel sorry for Kandi having to deal with all this and her mother, but I’m not sure she is entirely innocent herself. Phaedra makes my skin crawl but she is not the first lawyer to lie and slander.

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