Man Alleges He Had Affair With Kordell Stewart While He Was Married To Porsha


For years there have been rumors that RHOA star Porsha Williams’ ex-husband Kordell Stewart was secretly gay and now an internet star is speaking out with details of their alleged affair!

Andrew Caldwell rose to fame with a viral video in which he declared that he had been “delivered” from his homosexuality. “I don’t like mens no more,” Caldwell declared to a church congregation in a video that went viral. “I like women women women!”

Caldwell has since admitted that he’s still gay… and now he’s alleging that he had an affair with Stewart while he was married to Williams!


“I dated Kordell,” Caldwell claimed in an interview with The SHAKEUP Morning Show. Although he claimed that sleeping with Kordell was only a one-time occurrence, he was able to give details of quite an extravagant affair…

“I had everything that Porsha got… I had bags, purses, cars. I’m in a Jaguar right now. Honey, did you see that Jaguar over there?”

He also explained how he met Kordell. “We was at a bar. We was at a restaurant and I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s Kordell.’ “And they was like, ‘Yeah, he’s a football player.’ I was like, ‘Mmm… I like football players… I dated other football players too, I dated some of the Rams.”

Caldwell also admitted that he knew the former NFL player was married when he allegedly slept with him. “I think she is a gold digger,” he said of the RHOA star. “Girl, you know your husband was gay.”

Listen to the interview below and tell us what you believe!

Photo Credit: Bravo