Mama Joyce Wants To Be A Real Housewife Of Atlanta


Mama Joyce is voicing her opinion about who she thinks should return to the next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta in a new interview with Wetpaint Entertainment.

“I like all the girls, so whoever they pick, I’m sure they’ll make the right choice,” Joyce said, adding how highly rated season 6 was. “With the unbelievable season we had, I think everybody was outstanding. They can’t deny the success that we had last year with the show; it was unbelievable.”

Does Joyce think they should add a new Housewife? Of course she does, and she says Bravo should hire her…

“Well, me!” Mama Joyce says. “Maybe not a Housewife, but something! I should have a peach, don’t you think? I think I was a very important part of this last season.”

“For anyone that was misunderstood, that was my normal personality,” Joyce said of controversial behavior and rumors she’s an alcoholic. “I’m a happy person. I’m happy all the time. Now, last year they may have caught me with a bad mood… So for those who thought I had been drinking, they are sadly mistaken. I do not drink, I do not smoke, and I have never done any drugs. That was just me being me. And in the future if they see me on the show, they’ll see me being me. I’m just kookoo crazy!”

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16 Replies to “Mama Joyce Wants To Be A Real Housewife Of Atlanta”

  1. I don’t think my stomach can take it. There are other networks and other options besides watching this nasty old woman,

    1. ma ma joyce make me sick to my stomach i really hope shes not on the next season we should start a petition getting her off the show.
      But wait shes going to need this money that they are paying her lmao im so done .

  2. I’m hoping they boot her from being on the show part time! This woman is obnoxious. I would stop watching altogether if she were brought on full time.

    1. Agree she is a disgrace for women and women her age . Keep her off the show. There is enough getto on this show!

  3. Hell, why not put her on her own show? Her and George (Aviva’s dad RHONY) on an island all alone…. Someone would watch. Not me, but someone.

  4. I can’t believe you wrote that Sarah, as I was thinking it as I read the blurb. I wasn’t thinking on
    an island but just together.
    They would deserve each other.

  5. She’s been on the show for several seasons. I don’t agree with anything she’s said or done in regards to Todd. If Bravo hasn’t been paying her, they should. She’s always been intertaining IMO. She’s got the girls to go to lunch, trying to have Kim and Nene be nice to each other. I’ve had fun watching Kandi take pic’s of her on that red car. I think they were taking those pics for an internet dating site. We watched her and Kandi hash it out because Phaedra hired a stripper for Kandi’s birthday. She’s had some screene time. Why not give her a peach. ( they pay Kenya and Nene ). I say give the woman a peach, if that’s okay with Kandi. I read that Kandi thinks Mama Joyce should be given a peach.

    1. Please dont let this pitiful woman have any more air time to feed her ego !!!…
      Her poor daughter can,t see how jealous of her she really is .
      Take a back seat mrs and grow old gracefully , and let Kandi do her thing .

  6. Well now if they had RHOA SENOIR EDITION…. BUT SHE’S LIVING HER LIFE THROUGH KANDI ….. she has to be seen more… than any of the WIVES mother hmmmmmm I ;JUST SAYING SIT DOWN …… PLAY BINGO KOR BRIDGE OR SSOMETHING..

  7. I sure hope they don’t put Mama Joyce as a regular on the shine, she is hateful and causes problems between Kandi and Todd. They will never stay together cause Kandi won’t stand up to her Motihet.

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