Mama Joyce: “Todd Was Raised By A Pimp And A Prostitue”


Kandi Burruss’ wedding spin-off show on Bravo will premiere this weekend on Bravo and in this sneak peek, Kandi’s mother Joyce is still bringing the drama in the ATL. This time Joyce has her sights set on Todd’s mother.

“They know the game,” Joyce says. “Todd was raised by a pimp and a prostitute.”

Kandi remains quiet for the most part as Joyce carries on. “Please do not talk about his deceased father,” says Kandi.

Joyce continues, “I just wish it had been somebody else’s daughter that they latched onto.”

Watch the preview for Kandi’s wedding below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


7 Replies to “Mama Joyce: “Todd Was Raised By A Pimp And A Prostitue””

  1. And Joyce was raised by monkeys. This woman is very hateful and appears not to care that she’s hurting her daughter and granddaughter. What a trick.

  2. What is wrong with this woman? And what is wrong with Kandi that she allows this woman to continually run her mouth in such a nasty way and be so hurtful to her new husband and his family? Joyce hasn’t got a leg to stand on when discussing the dignity or class of anybody else.

  3. I didn’t want to say anything out of respect for Kandi about Mama Joyce’s behavior at the reunion but this is ridiculous! Mama Joyce made an absolute fool out of herself at the reunion. She thought she was so witty but she was a complete and total idiot. I especially like the part where she talked about working hard in the bakery and not going on welfare. Single parents work hard everyday to raise their children WITHOUT payback! What a ghetto piece of SH!T she is!

    1. I agree she makes a fool out of herself. She is really imbrassing to black women. Todd mom should kick her ass for calling her out of her name and Kandi acts really stupid to me. Her mom is really crazy. She needs to take some of that money and get her some GOOD Help.

  4. Either Joyce thinks she is making for good television and that people actually like her for this behavior (as she stated on the RHOA reunion), or she is genuinely nuts. If it is the latter, poor Kandi needs to forcibly medicate that wackadoodle.

  5. look here mama knows best ok sometimes your daughter might not see the things you see in a man I love kandi to death she a great singer but when your mama see something about a guy 9 times out of 10 she is right and then its going to blow up in your face iam telling you from experience I no everything my mom told me about guy it was right

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