Mama Joyce Tells Todd Tucker’s Mom Sharon She’s Gonna “Whoop Her Ass”


Mama Joyce hit a new low in Sunday’s episode of Kandi’s Wedding. Joyce told Todd Tucker’s mother, who she previously called a prostitute that she was going to “whoop her ass.”

Todd’s mother was visiting before the wedding, and she stayed with Kandi and Todd, which didn’t sit well with Joyce. When Joyce arrived for dinner with her sisters Nora and Bertha the drama began.

“Sharon is a nonexistent person to me,” Joyce said in her interview about Tucker’s mother. And when she found out Sharon had been staying at her daughter’s house for days, she got angry.

Joyce insists that Kandi had not allowed HER to stay there, to which Burruss explained that said she’d only banned Mama Joyce at a certain time when she had been stirring up trouble with her fiancé.

Sharon said they didn’t need to talk about her spending time with her son, noting, “I know you speak very negatively of my child, stop threatening him,” she said, in reference to Mama Joyce’s alleged plan to set Tucker up by having him photographed cheating on Burruss.

“Shut the f*ck up!” Joyce yelled. “You’re a damn liar!”

“She called me a b*tch! I’m gonna whup her a**,” Joyce added.

The fight didn’t escalate more than finger pointing and yelling, because Joyce’s sisters held her back while Todd’s mother left the room.

Joyce later told the cameras, “We’re just two b*tches shaking damn fingers.”

Photo Credit: Bravo