Mama Joyce Speaks Out About Todd Tucker Cheating Rumors, Says She’s Backing Off To Rebuild Relationship With Kandi


We have watched as Kandi Burruss has struggled in her relationship with her mother, Joyce, who does not approve of Kandi’s fiancé, Todd Tucker. Most recently, Joyce accused Todd of having an affair with Kandi’s friend Carmon, and now she is speaking out about those rumors. “Someone told me that they saw Carmon sitting on Todd’s lap at a club back in April,” Joyce told In Touch. “They were being really flirty and were all up on each other.”

Joyce says that Kandi is in denial about Todd’s cheating and doesn’t want to face the truth. “She just doesn’t want to believe what’s going on,” Joyce says, adding that she is focusing on repairing her relationship with her daughter. “Right now, I’ve decided to back off a bit. I’m trying to rebuild my relationship with my daughter because that’s all I have.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Starzdaze

    Although she may act like one, Mama Joyce is no fool she knows what side her bread is buttered on!

  • KetanaLioness

    I was under the impression that Mama Joyce was/is a devout church going woman but she’s taking gossip mongering to heart. I understand she wants only the best for Kandi but seriously her actions do not reflect this fact.

  • NanNan

    AMEN Staezdaze,, Kandi is a smart lady and knows what she is doing, but if something is going on with Todd Kandi will find out. And Mamma Joyce is only worried when Kandi marries Todd he is going to make her stop giving her money, buying her everything she wants, and paying all her bills, so she better make nice…

  • IBS

    Joyce, just because you were married three times by Kandi’s age, Kandi is certainly not like you. If you
    can’t stop interferring, you will not only lose Kandi but also Reilly. Don’t believe hearsay unless you see
    for yourself.