Mama Joyce Makes Up With Todd Tucker


During Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss’ mother Joyce sat down with a therapist to try and hash out her issues with her and her daughter’s relationship. Even though Kandi and Todd got married this past Friday, the episode documented the struggles the family had before the big day.

Explaining to the therapist that she is not fond of Kandi’s fiancé, Joyce tells the doc that the first thing Todd did when he met Kandi was quit his job, and she believes it was because he had access to her daughter’s “millions.”

Joyce also tells the doctor that since Kandi has been with Todd, she has gained 30lbs and that it’s Tucker’s job to remind her daughter to work out everyday.

The conversation turned emotional when Joyce revealed that Kandi has never had a relationship with her own father. Joyce shares that Kandi was very close to her brother, who passed away when he was 22 years-old. She believes this is why Kandi picks the men she does.

Telling Joyce that her daughter is marrying a man that she has refused to get to know, Mama Joyce breaks down in tears explaining that she worries about Kandi. 

Later in the episode Joyce has a talk with Todd, who opens up to her and says he doesn’t want Kandi to hurt or feel caught in the middle anymore. Joyce says she never stopped liking Todd, but lost respect for him when he quit his job. Mama Joyce admits that she may be too overprotected of Kandi, because her children are her life and she’s already lost one.

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