Does Mama Joyce Get Along With Kandi’s Husband Todd Tucker Now?


Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss used to have a hard time with her mom Joyce Jones getting along with her husband Todd Tucker and his later mother Sharon Wells, but the singer confirmed on a recent appearance of Watch What Happens Live that Joyce’s behavior has changed as of late.

“Well, I think there were two turning points. After we got married, she just kind of accepted the fact that it’s done now. So she started getting better,” Kandi explained. “But then, unfortunately when Todd’s mom passed away, then that was a real wake-up call to say we can’t trip up about the little things. Everyone needs to get on the same page. It needs to be more love in our family and not drama.”

Burruss said that they received an overwhelming support after Todd’s mother passed in late 2014. “Everybody wanted to be there for Todd,” Kandi said. “With his mom, it was just the two of them growing for so long, and we had to really come around him and be there for him at that time.”

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  1. I do NOT like this woman. She was always judging Todd in areas she has no business being in. It was all about money for her. She felt every Kandys money was hers as well. And every penny spent was a penny pout of her pocket. And Jesus, she seemed to entitled to Kandys money because she was her mother. To me that was and still is terrible.

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