Mama Joyce Finally Apologizes To Todd For What She Said About His Mother


In this somewhat shocking scene from the Real Housewives of Atlanta finale, Mama Joyce finally apologizes to Todd Tucker for the things she said about his mother, but is she sincere?

“Kandi, I hope this year will be a better year for all of us,” Joyce says. “And Todd, if I’ve done something or said something to offend you or your mother I am sorry.”

Joyce continues, “Anything that I’ve said that was against your mother it was something that someone told me. It was nothing that I have ever made up. My biggest problem has been repeating… which I shouldn’t have… repeating what someone had told me and you should not do that and that is what I did. I’m a better person than that.”

Of course Joyce is talking about calling Todd’s late mother a prostate and his father a pimp.

“That’s great!” Kandi says. “Group hug!!”

“I’m happy my mom finally apologized to Todd,” Kandi reveals in her confessional. “Let’s hope that makes Todd feel better about their relationship.”

Todd says, “I definitely feel this apology is not genuine. Repeating what people told me in the streets… we have a lot of work to do!”

Watch the show highlight below.

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21 Replies to “Mama Joyce Finally Apologizes To Todd For What She Said About His Mother”

  1. I don’t think it was a very sincere apology. And it came WAY to late. Months after Todd’s mother passed away. Joyce is not a good or decent person. And the way Kanfi jumped on that fake apology like it absolved her Mom of all the vile cruelty she’s heaped upon Todd was a J.O.K.E. I’m glad Todd didn’t buy it.

    1. Agree. How about the lies Joyce said about Todd being a gold-digger, or the “affair” she kept spewing about Todd and Kandi’s assistant? I refuse to call this hag “mama joyce”–she ain’t like anyone’s mama to be proud of.

    2. Todd’s mother had not passed away at this point in filming. I do wish for Kandi’s sake he had been more accepting of the apology. You can be wary, but be open to it.

      1. Weare you sure Christopher? If so then Joyce should have picked up the phone and called Sharon and apoligizes personally. And WITHOUT tgat weak a** disclaimer that absolved her of the sin and STILL shaded Todd’s parents- saying that “people on the streets” we’re talking about how Todd’s parents were a Pimp and a Prostitute like it was common knowledge.

        1. I am pretty sure she passed after filming ended for the season. Certainly Joyce’s apology was weak and she has been despicable. But I’d hope Todd would accept it in hopes of moving his family forward. It would take a lot of stress off his wife.

          1. True, it would take stress off Kandi, but it would build up Todd’s belief and confidence in his marriage if just for once Kandi stood up to Joyce and took HIS side.

        2. Didn’t Joyce also pay someone to take photos of Todd with other women? Todd has been more than tolerant than any man I know. Good summary, Karen’

      2. Yes ChristopherM, you’re right. Kandi did say that Todd’s mom was still alive when that fake apology happened. Too little, too late.

    3. what about saying his deceased father was a pimp? She never admitted that was a lit either. She’s full of it. I think Todd is hanging around for his Bravo spin off with Kandi because he could do better than Kandi and her low life mother

  2. Her apology sounds forced. She sounds a little nervous that maybe Kandi won’t be there for her in certain ways as much as she has if there was no apology. I have to say I do agree with Karen.

  3. She should have apologized for the things she said not IF she said something……… I really do not respect Mama Joyce. Poor Kandi!

  4. Take full responsibility for your actions Joyce. Say your sorry with the passion that apology so deserves. You started out so well and then the apology went down hill. It was a start but like Todd said, they have a long way to go. Todd still needs to watch his back cause the old Joyce is coming back. I feel it. Cant change the strips on that tiger. Joyce says, ” she is better then that”. I have not seen it on camera yet. Lets see some of those words in action Joyce.

  5. Todd said it well, he has a lot of work to do. Little does he realize just how much work there is to do. Mama Joyce is a user & a conniving evil woman. Kandi is her mother’s daughter & if she continues to support her mother & not side with her husband-which she just has not yet done, their marriage will be downhill all the way. Good luck Todd , there’s a lot to be done to repair this disaster of dysfunction.

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