Mama Joyce Finally Apologizes To Todd For What She Said About His Mother


In this somewhat shocking scene from the Real Housewives of Atlanta finale, Mama Joyce finally apologizes to Todd Tucker for the things she said about his mother, but is she sincere?

“Kandi, I hope this year will be a better year for all of us,” Joyce says. “And Todd, if I’ve done something or said something to offend you or your mother I am sorry.”

Joyce continues, “Anything that I’ve said that was against your mother it was something that someone told me. It was nothing that I have ever made up. My biggest problem has been repeating… which I shouldn’t have… repeating what someone had told me and you should not do that and that is what I did. I’m a better person than that.”

Of course Joyce is talking about calling Todd’s late mother a prostate and his father a pimp.

“That’s great!” Kandi says. “Group hug!!”

“I’m happy my mom finally apologized to Todd,” Kandi reveals in her confessional. “Let’s hope that makes Todd feel better about their relationship.”

Todd says, “I definitely feel this apology is not genuine. Repeating what people told me in the streets… we have a lot of work to do!”

Watch the show highlight below.

Photo Credit: Bravo