Mama Joyce Accused Of Getting Restraining Order Against Kandi’s Father So He Couldn’t See His Daughter Grow Up


Kandi Burruss’ Real Housewives of Atlanta spin-off show, Kandi’s Wedding, has been all about Mama Joyce’s drama with Todd Tucker. But during Sunday’s episode, shocking details about Kandi’s father Titus Burruss were revealed.

Kandi shared that her parents got divorced when she was four years-old and “sometimes I didn’t see him for a year or so.”

Titus claimed that the start of his marriage to Joyce was “beautiful” until her meddling sisters, Kandi’s aunts Nora and Bertha, started interfering and “smoking and drinking and all this stuff in our home.”

“She says you cheated, dad,” Kandi tells her dad.

He replied, “That was a lie.”

Kandi cried to father about why he wasn’t around when she was growing up and he dropped a bomb that Joyce had a restraining order put on him! “I had a restraining order put on me so I that couldn’t come around,” Titus told his daughter.

But Joyce wouldn’t admit to Titus’ claims. “I would never take out a restraining order against him,” Joyce told the cameras. “I wanted him to be a father. But the only time [Kandi] ever saw him was when he was about to get married again.” Joyce said their marriage ended because “he was cheating.”

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4 Replies to “Mama Joyce Accused Of Getting Restraining Order Against Kandi’s Father So He Couldn’t See His Daughter Grow Up”

  1. It’s surprising that Kandi is such a lovely person and yet was brought up by this mean, awful, disgusting woman.

    1. You are right, Kandi is a lovely person. She obviously takes after her father. Appears Joyce is bitter towards all men.

  2. I tend to believe the father, and this is why. Joyce has shown us how territorial and vindictive she is with the last two serious relationships Kandi has had. She’s got a very aggressive punitive nature. The father does not appear to be someone whose first reaction is to fight back. It is exactly the behavior you’d expect of a scorned woman to punish the father by keeping his kids from him, and exactly the reaction I would expect from him to retreat. It happens all the time.

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