Mama Elsa Talks About Her Plastic Surgery

RHOM Reunion

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 2 Reunion had everyone talking! The ongoing cast feuds brought a lot of drama to the heated Reunion. In my opinion, one of the fun parts was when Mr. Cohen brought Mama Elsa to the couch. Elsa is adored by fans and she split from her husband, Donald Patton, two years ago, after 51 years of marriage!

Of course one of the most asked viewer questions is what happened to Elsa’s face, and what plastic surgery did she have done? We have photos of Elsa in her younger years and she was absolutely beautiful! To check out those pictures, click here. Elsa didn’t go into detail about her procedures, she just said she had a “bad surgery.” The name of the doctor that performed Elsa’s surgery is not known, but he was supposedly a reputable name in his field. Another viewer asked Elsa why she was so fabulous, and she replied, “Cubans are fabulous!”

Andy asked Elsa’s daughter, Marysol, the same questions about Elsa’s surgeries, and the women of RHOM speculated about what could have gone wrong. Ana Quincoces suggested it was possible that Elsa had tried injectibles before they were perfected, “I honestly think, I mean I’m not an expert, but it looks like she started doing injectibles before injectibles were…and they put silicone in, and that kind of pools under your skin and you can’t remove it.”  Marysol noted that she remembered her mother having large hematomas on her eyes. “I remember having her eyelids done, like in the eighties and it went so wrong. She had hematomas on her eyes for like three years. And after that, I’ve never seen her have like a full face-lift or anything,” she explained. Adriana de Moura added, “Obviously the photos of Elsa when she was young, she looks like Sophia Loren. If you think she’s like a little older…and whatever was going on twenty, thirty years ago when she was doing it, it’s not necessarily the best reliable product. And she was trying to stay beautiful like all of us.”

Good news RHOM fans! Looks like the ladies WILL return for Season 3! No cast information is known yet, but an insider tells The Miami Herald, RHOM will definitely return for a third Season!

The Miami Herald even shares a few of their predictions for the cast in Season 3. They write, ‘ Alexia Echevarria will ditch the cameras once and for all and tend to her two in-need sons. Karent Sierra will use the show to try to nab a real boyfriend now that Rodolfo Jimenez is in the rear view mirror. Adriana De Moura has set a wedding date, conveniently around the time filming starts up, in the spring. Joanna Krupa, too. Lea Black will plot her revenge against “character assassin” Ana Quincoces. Lisa Hochstein will adopt. And Elaine Lancaster will depart . . . to get his/her own show on Logo TV, where he/she would be a great fit, in our book.’

Tell Us- What do YOU want to see in Season 3?

Photo Credit: Bravo


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  1. I fail to understand why people “celebrate” the freak shows of Hollywood. They set a VERY bad example for all mankind. They are FOOLS. We need to walk all children out of California and then sink it.

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