Major Drama to Come on RHOC During Iceland Trip

A lot of viewers have been disappointed with this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The ladies have yet to really kick-off any drama that is interesting, but our sources tell us that things will heat up when the cast travels to Iceland.

Lydia McLaughlin also confirmed this in a recent interview. “I feel like this season finally really picks up and everybody is together and we leave the country together so there’s nowhere to hide, conversations have to happen. People have to talk or express how they’re feeling about one another,” Lydia told E! News. “What everybody’s been waiting for starts to happen.”

“In Iceland, we’re all together and we’re strong, opinionated women. We’re stressed out. We’re not sleeping. We’re in another country. We’re away from our family and friends so of course tempers fly,” Lydia explained. “Someone ends up leaving early and not flying back with everybody because they are so upset.”

Meghan King Edmonds also teased the upcoming drama. “It’s f*cking insane. It’s like you’re on Mars when you’re there,” Meghan shared. “The unexpected happens the entire trip. Iceland is seriously cuckoo. I seriously think they could make 10 episodes out of it. I swear they could do an entire season out of Iceland.”

Meghan added, “I’m probably looking as forward to those episodes in Iceland as I looked forward to outing Brooks not having cancer episodes.”

Peggy Sulahian added, “Let’s just say there are a couple of battles. A couple of cries. A couple of yellings and it’s crazy. You’re going to have to see it to believe it. All I can say is it’s a roller coaster.”

I’m not going to tell you what happens, because that ruins the fun. All I can say is you will definitely want to tune in and you will be shocked.

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18 Replies to “Major Drama to Come on RHOC During Iceland Trip”

  1. Lucky for Bravo I don’t shock easily..
    I doubt whatever happens in Iceland will make up for this tediously predictable, loud and lackluster season..

    1. I totally agree. This season had been about as interesting as watching old ladies knit and snipe at each other. Not even clever sniping at that.

  2. Exactly, give me something that I can use! I know a lot of people didn’t like Heather dubrow, but least she had an ounce of wit.

    1. Oh, I love Heather Dubrow. She was the Voice of Reason, intelligent and she gave the rest of the Ladies some panache.. Heather fought fairly.
      She had great one liners..
      1 Heather is worth more than a Lydia, Peggy or Kelly..

  3. Shock…really? I am sure it’s pretty predictable actually. I hope there are some calm moments where we actually get to see some of Iceland and not just a bunch of baching, rehashing and yelling. We can see that any time in OC. I want to see Iceland.

    1. I so agree! I watch becsuse I want to see their lavish lifestyle, their homes, fashion, makeup, and the lovely foreign places they visit. I also like their struggles as they are relatable but what I hate most is the constant fighting and bickering and no one takes responsibility for their words or actions. It gives me a sad insight to society?

  4. I love OC, but the show needs a little shock to the system. The Vicky/Tamra/Shannon drama is SO old and played out now, the story needs to move on. If that means that one of those ladies needs to be removed so we can get some fresh new drama, I’d be all for it. I don’t feel that bringing Lydia back or adding Peggy has really helped give the show the fuel it needed. If they had brought Gretchen back, now that would have given some fuel to the show. Not that I’m a huge Gretchen fan, but she definitely would have brought more drama than Lydia has. Peggy getting the crown of being the 100th housewife? She’s totally not the person I’d want to give that title to. You know, another thing that could breathe some new life into the show would be to add a Housewife from another city to the cast. Maybe a former BH housewife? Maybe Marissa from Ladies of London who is now living in LA? Some form of a crossover like that would add some new drama. I wouldn’t want to see an overhaul like NJ got the season that Amber and the twins were added, because that was awful. But a new lady that could give us actual drama, knows how to work a reality show, and maybe has some past drama with one of the other ladies on the show, would surely give us something fresh and new.

    1. I also thought about Marissa too! I liked her. I’m presently in London, we leave tomorrow, and last Sunday we were dining at our favourite Bumpkins in South Kensington and apparantely she and her family were upstairs in the private dining room. I was hoping she might have floated downstairs but alas no.

  5. Shoot. Honestly for me it would be just hunky dory if the ladies showed a startling compassionate & understanding side to each other and had the times of their lives in Iceland. Ehhh alright then, I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing Shannon smush a snowball in Peggy and Lydia’s nose.

  6. oh wonderful/bummer…. we will probably once again be subjected to Tamra and Vicki’s screams. I like some drama but when these two ladies start their screaming – sort of turns my stomach.

  7. Look at this picture above Lydia does not even fit in with the other woman. Yes there was bad choices made on who came on this year, and the story lines. Also the woman not getting along and not wanting to work with another woman on the Show has not helped I don’t know how this is going to fix it’s self. It’s too Bad Heather is not on she was always there to fix things..

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