Major Changes In Store For RHOBH Season 5


After a season full of fights and controversy, a new report states that Bravo producers don’t know which direction to take season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “The producers don’t know what to do now, or where to go next season,” an insider tells RadarOnline. “Everything is falling apart behind-the-scenes. They want the controversial people to come back because ratings were pretty good but everyone hates all of the women!”

“The petition for Brandi to be kicked off the show seems harmless but it definitely caught the eye of producers. They’re wondering if all of the fights are really worth it,” the source continues. “They’re asking themselves, do we keep  people around that say such terrible things?”

As we previously reported, show veteran Lisa Vanderpump revealed none of the women are signed on for season 5, and when asked if she will return to the show, she said, “I don’t know right now I have to be honest. It is a tough season for me. I have got a lot going on. If it becomes about a bitch fest then it is not something I signed up for; but if it becomes about documenting my life, which is the show I signed up for and having fun and supporting women that is something I want to do.”

As far as what to do for next season, the production insider continues, “They’re getting major backlash for promoting the negativity. The point of Beverly Hills was to show rich, fabulous women doing the ridiculous things that they do, not hitting the lowest common denominator.”

The source adds, “They’re are MAJOR talks going on to try and figure out what the new direction of the show will be. One thing is assured: There will be big changes.”

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25 Replies to “Major Changes In Store For RHOBH Season 5”

    1. Please-Please get rid of Brandy. She is not a RHOBH material, she is so ghetto. I have lost interest watching the show with Brandy & Kim. If Lisa leaves the show I will quit watching all Housewives. Brandy is trying so hard to climb to the top. she is disgusting. get rid of Brandy, Kim.

  1. Good there needs to be changes, I started watching these shows, because it takes you somewhere that you do not live, kinda like an adult Cinderella, it takes you away from your world, and you see how others live, I enjoyed that, I enjoy that not everyone is the same, if everyone in the world were the same how boring it would be, BUT, there is that line that this show and I feel Orange County has crossed, it is not relaxing for me to sit and watch this, it does not make me want this lifestyle, or meet the mean people that are on it. I want to see disagreements, not down right dirty blows, and we will say Brandi said that is her, hell then I do not think this is her kind of show. Just one opinion here, but, I for one may not watch next year any of them, unless they take it back to how it once was, again I will take disagreements, and an argument HERE and THERE, NOT people being ganged up on. and FAYE Resnick (however you spell it) well she is going to bring the same thing that Brandi brings????????????????????? If that is what producers want, well I am out. 🙁


  3. Radar said rating were pretty good?!? What are they smoking…they were the worst ratings in the history of the show. The reunion had less viewers that Vanderpump rules reunion…below 1.8 lowest of all time! They definitely KNOW they need to make changes. The fact that on Sunday night 4 million people watch ATL and the next night less than half that amount tuned in for BH is a BIG problem. Not to mention that by the end, Vanderpump beat RHoBH in ratings..first time a Bravo spinoff beat the original series that it spawned from.

  4. Just proves to me that the show’s producers and Bravo are morally depraved and out of touch with viewers. Why would they even consider keeping on the “people that say such terrible things”, not just on camera, but off camera as well? Viewers, in general, want a show with positive messages and outcomes. Not this endless hypocritical, petty, negative, ugly drama that never gets resolved. Evolution Media and Bravo just doesn’t get it and the ratings, which are below expectations and NOT “pretty good”, prove it.

  5. This last season has not been an enjoyable one. It once was a fantastic glimpse inside the lives of wealthy women that threw lavish parties and attended charity events. We saw lovely homes and watched the day to day lives of the Ladies who Lunch. We also watched privileged women deal with spousal abuse, alcohol addiction ( and recovery) a very public nasty celebrity divorce ( the Grammars) and an over the top Beverly Hills Wedding.. Those were the days!
    Now we are reduced to viewing a guttersnipe, tampon exposing, foul.mouthed alcoholic who isn’t even a resident of Beverly Hills and a ” Swinging” middle aged wanna be mistress of everything Hustler prancing around in her trashy lingerie and watched body painted hired escorts slithering around on stripper poles.
    It’s simple.
    Give Kim friend status. Fire Brandi. I mean blind fold her, paint a bulls eye target right over her black shell of a heart and let Joyce do target practice. Or, string her up, we all know Brandi has ” strings attached” like a piñata and let Joyce & Lisa take a sledgehammer and whack her until all the lies come spilling out of her, then vote her off of the reality TV island or send her to TLC.. Just get her off of the screen.
    Deport Yolanda & David Foster to Canada or just fire her.
    Keep Joyce.
    How about hiring successful eccentric women who are actually interesting to watch who do not need the job?
    Bravo has hit yet another all time low.
    Keep Brandi, I will only watch Vanderpump rules..

  6. I will not watch any of the RH shows or anything that Andy Cohen is on if Lisa V leaves BH. Although I will watch anything Lisa V is starring in. She is our Princess Diana. She makes anything she says or does worth watching, it’s called class, intelligence and charisma. Her long marriage to adorable Ken Todd says so much about her. Of course she isn’t perfect. Who is? But with boring Kim (who I pay no attention to), trashy Brandi (who is a danger to herself and others–she should be committed) and puzzling Yolanda and vile Kyle ( who hid behind a column when boring Kim was praying to a trash can and was not called out by boring Kim) in the mix Lisa just seems perfect. I think the producers can also see this. What I don’t know is why they allow it to continue. Ratings anyone?

  7. I used to love watching these ladies because the show sort of transported you to their world. It had a lot of class until the classless Brandi came on screen. She is an epitome of what every single mother does not want to be. She has no business being on this show. She is jealous of everyone on the show including the drop dead gorgeous Joyce. Kyle, please keep away from this poison called Brandi. I like you and do not want you to associate with Brandi. She is bad news.
    Bravo has lost a lot of viewership of RH OF Beverly Hills because of Brandi. She will be the singular reason why I would not be watching next
    season because she is such a bad influence on Society.

  8. I agree with all comments. Brandi is so Toxic, I used to enjoy watching the show, then Comes the ghetto Brandy wannabe and it went down hill. Yolanda, you are so dumb for being on Brandys side. Can’t you see how toxic she is. She will treat you the same way when she gets her contacts from you. I used to like you Yolanda, but when you turned on lisa, and sited with ghetto Brandy, I don’t care for you anymore.

  9. I am glad to hear that Bravo is realizing that they have gone overboard promoting the fighting amongst the women. I honestly think that is what is turning people off. Viewer do like a little drama but this wall to wall fighting every week has gotten ridiculous. The focus of these shows should be the lifestyles of these people. I can’t wait to see what changes they make.

  10. Brandi and Carlton need to go.

    Brandi has succeeded in trashing up what was once a glamourous and classy show. There is nothing attractive about a woman who continually says, “Shut the f*ck up.”

    And Carlton displays the same classless behavior as Brandi, only she does it in a higher income bracket. Bringing out the sex toys for a primetime national TV audience? Not okay.

    As far as Yolanda’s championing of Brandi, that will stop when “Miss I-Never-Think-Before-Opening-My-Trashy-Mouth” divulges one of Yolanda’s confidences. (Why these woman haven’t figured out that Brandi can’t be trusted with their secrets is beyond me. After what she did to Adrienne, I wouldn’t tell her my shoe size.)

    Leave the rest of the cast but lose Brandi and Carlton as the show needs this to regain its former classy status. I can only speak for myself but I can say that if they both come back, I will cease watching.

    1. Totally agree with everything you said! Tired of Brandi being able to say whatever she wants no matter who it hurts. She did horrible things to the other ladies at certain times. Now that Lisa is her target, all of a sudden it matters. Lisa owes Kyle, Kim, Adrienne, etc. big apologies.

  11. I’m so sick of people being mean to Kim. Lisa needs to take responsibility for her actions as well.. No one is as perfect as she tries to be and I hate the victim act. That being said, they both bring something to the show. I think the cast should be:


    1. ATRHaddict! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who feels that way about Kim and Lisa! I love Kim; she’s the most authentic person on the show, IMO. And I don’t understand all this Lisa love.

  12. Please get rid of Brandi and let her take Kyle, Kim and Yolanda with her. I am so tired of watching the jealousy of Lisa drive these women to say and act so horribly. Kim has played the AA card one too many times and Yolanda should tiptoe through the tulips back to Holland. I find it interesting that most of the women spend so much time trying to imitate Lisa V’s accent and constantly refer to Lisa a perfect. I don’t recall Lisa ever saying she was perfect but they must think she is and are very jealous of her. Brandi’s comment about Joyce’s husband being ugly and rich is just another example of her jealousy. Brandi can’t even find a ugly/handsome , rich/poor man that is willing to put up with her trashy behavior. My advice for Brandi is to stop being jealous and try to build a life p.s. Who are the people buying Brand’s books are they insane!!!!!

  13. I can not believe how ugly these women’s souls are ! Brandie Yolanda. Brandie is a terrible individual and Yolanda for some reason thinks she is the referee. Joyce is right. Brandie was horrible to Joyce and is now being horrible to Lisa. One thing for sure you can not compete with liars. Lies get bigger and the truth stays the same. What amazes me is when Brandie is being rude or vulgar most everyone sits there and thinks thank God it is not me. Yolanda must be bored, because she keeps wanting everyone to rehash what has happened in the past. She thinks she is a peace maker but she is a crazy maker. She quotes one thing and practices another.

  14. I haven’t seen this season through yet out of lack of time, but am about to give it a go. From what I’ve seen so far, the build up to how this season is going to end very probably, and from comments I’ve seen on this board just now, I just don’t feel that interested in watching most of the women on this show again.

    I find Brandi acutely uninteresting. Her take on the world is just something that she can keep to herself for a bit as far as I’m concerned. Sure, she seems nice at times…sweet really…when she’s not out to correct the human race according to her latest notions. I wish her well, but learning about more of her latest thoughts really isn’t something that most of us should spend more time on during our short lives.

    Otherwise a few of these women could really ask their husbands or boyfriends why it is that the guys aren’t in many arguments over plain old nothing, because the answer is that they don’t have the time for it. These women have far too much time on their hands, all except for Liza, and that’s the problem, though they would of course wouldn’t admit it. No, I’d say that if you ask them they’re all super busy. But the entire show states loudly that they’re not. And they don’t allow Liza to actually be busy either. They either don’t understand that she actually is, what being busy actually is, or it’s a case of ”If she is busy I’m busier!!!”, as if she can’t have something they don’t, even if it is a truckload of work, being a successful entrepreneur. I heard Brandi say that the average person can’t understand what Liza is doing in an episode. So then Brandi was speaking for the viewers… We have seen plenty, and a lot of us know a lot of entrepreneurs, who get up in the morning and work, and who simply don’t see the world like Brandi or the likes of her, because they don’t have the time to!

    Yolanda has been lovely a lot of the time. Her disease really isn’t a game. I know what it is and what she is up against, and she just is very strong as she’s doing a show like this in the middle of it. Some of the remarks about her that I’ve seen on this board right now aren’t very nice. However, in spite of her being impressive in this, I just don’t think that her life story right now is enough interesting for a tv show. And what I’ve seen of her lately on the show is that she is one of the women who gets stuck on petty nothings and won’t allow Liza to be far busier than her.

    I really don’t enjoy the belittling of Kim. She has defeated a monster while this show was taping. She is nice and a little quirky, and it only takes the right manuscript/job-offer to turn up for her to be ahead of most of these women. Think about that. So she isn’t intimidating, which is mistaken for weakness, both by people on the show, and by viewers. But it’s actually a strength not to have to walk on others. That need, so often displayed by others on the show, is a weakness. Bullies aren’t strong, they’re scared. Kim also has far too much time on her hands right now, and her story atm isn’t enough for a tv show.

    I’m really not interested in seeing most of these women much more. Come on, this is RHOBH, and surely it would be fairly easy to make the cast more interesting. I want to see women with actual careers on this show, strong and gorgeous women who impress, inspire and dazzle us, women who get on with it. This entire storyline of who said what to whom has entertained people, possibly because the USP in that for viewers may be ”She has that house and those shoes, but I’m smarter”. But it gets repetitive and after these seasons I believe that more viewers than me would prefer to see something else. I’d quite like to see more of Joyce. She has handled herself in way that says that she indeed has a life, as she doesn’t get stuck on everything, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of what she is up to in that life. So, keep Liza and Joyce, and have some new ladies join them on the show, would be what I would say.

    Hah…long comment. I don’t comment on anything often, but when I do I really do it seems =) This is my 2nd comment ever on these real housewives-shows!

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