Lydia Reveals Briana Or Ryan Have NOT Apologized, Says She Didn’t Like How Briana Acted At RHOC Reunion


Lydia McLaughlin is taking to her Bravo Blog to talk about part 3 of the RHOC reunion. Lydia reveals that Briana or Ryan have NOT reached out to her or her mother since what happened at Vicki’s Winter Wonderland party. Lydia says she didn’t like how Briana acted at the reunion and she explains why she got up and walked away.

Lydia writes, “Briana came onto the set with such an intense vibe, which you instantly see on her face. She has been through a lot — a new baby, getting married, having her husband deployed, seeing her parents divorce and on and on. Having to deal with all of that on display on a reality show must be hard. I really don’t know Briana, but for the record let me say that I have no ill feelings towards her and I really do wish her and Ryan the best.

What happened between my mother and Ryan was unfortunate. However, I feel Vicki, Ryan, and Briana are trying to steer away from the facts. Ryan shouldn’t have yelled at my mother. End of story. He should apologize for his actions. She wasn’t drinking red wine, but if she had been, don’t you think he would have mentioned that while he was verbally assaulting her!?

I was upset with how Briana acted at the reunion. She said she didn’t want to talk about “it,” but then went on to insinuate that my mother was somehow responsible for “mud and red wine” on the couch. Why wasn’t this mysterious glass of red wine ever mentioned before and where is this magical mud patch my mom supposedly walked through before resting on the couch? My mother doesn’t drink red wine and Vicki’s home has all cement in the back. Oh and let’s not forget that my Mom was wearing all WHITE! Brianna is clearly making excuses for Ryan. What’s upsetting to me is that there was no acknowledgement that he was out of line.

Neither Briana nor Ryan have reached out to me or my mother since this all happened. They haven’t apologized in the slightest, even after watching the scene when it aired on TV. “He was stressed out.” “He was drinking too much.” The reason is irrelevant. I just hope Ryan can watch it, accept responsibility and grow from this because there is absolutely no excuse for his behavior. I was and am very proud of how my mom handled herself that night at Vicki’s. She was VERY shaken, but kept her cool while some arrogant man dropped f-bombs at her.

Once the reunion conversation turned to Brooks, Briana, and Vicki, I had had enough. We had been filming all day. Eight hours of constant drama and negativity! I’m just not used to being around that energy. It’s one thing for one of the Housewives to call out another for something petty, but the drama went to a whole different level when Vicki’s daughter starting talking about Brooks, a man her mother cares about. In no way am I defending Brooks’ actions or taking sides, but Briana made some serious accusations about Brooks on a world stage and my heart broke for my friend Vicki. She looked broken and so sad and while it was all happening, I was sitting there wondering, “How did I get myself into such a bad situation?” and I decided I didn’t have to be. So. . .I got up and left. I had a good cry, said a prayer and took a few deep breaths. When I felt composed I was able to rejoin the group.”

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  • Cathy

    Well said Lydia, class and such an insightful presentation. You are 100% plus correct. How Ryan behaved was totally unacceptable and no excuse can be allowed. Worse, the fact that no acknowledgement or apology was ever offered. Ryan is suppose to represent our Country, not to mention he is a husband and father. How Vicki and Brianna danced around facts, it is not a settled matter as far as I’m concerned. You and your mother can set this attack aside because you both are so above it. On the other hand, it is disturbing and needed attention should be directed at Ryan. While Brianna slammed Brooks for his disrespect and bad behavior to her, her mother and in general, she didn’t comprehend that she was describing her husband as well. Brianna was allowed to spend air time calling Brooks out, and completely shut you down when it came to discussing your mother!!! it was so hypocritical and I am soooo disappointed in both Vicki and Brianna. How could Brianna declare she loved her mother, her best friend and only wanted her to be respected and treated for the woman she is? And yet, not address that your mother deserves the same, and you, as your mother’s daughter, wanted the same thing recognition. Ryan was offensive and bottom line, abusive!! There is no excuse, none, nadda. I’m embarrassed for Vicki and Brianna’s ignorance and lack of empathy towards you and your mother. Your mom is so sweet. You are a good daughter. I’m in total awe how you both have risen above this. There is a debt owed here, and 1st from the abuser, a United States Marine, and 2nd, from his family who rolled over by making excuses for him. if he was so stressed out, and the excuses are legite, than why not make apologies for that??? Honestly, like you, can do w/o this kind of reality tv. It goes so much deeper. Ryan is clearly wrong, he absued a woman on national tv. He doesn’t get a pass for his behavior. If there was one, according to his wife and Vicki, it no longer exists and is recoverable. It was a tough finale, not due to all the drama between the women, not because Brooks and Vicki broke up, but because your mother was continually denied an apology, ignored and so disrespected! i hope you know, that is not the case with decent and honorable people. WE SEE THE TRUTH and WE GET IT!! God Bless you and your beautiful mother!!! Sincerity at its best and great watching when all is said and done. I have lost alot of, if not all, respect for Vicki & Brianna. Brooks was the biggest excuse ever used to cover up Ryan’s disgusting behavior!!!!

    • Good job, Lydia

      Strongly agree with Cathy. Brianna was classless and the rage in her eyes was apparent as soon as she entered. She knows the backlash from fans and the general public since the infamous couch episode aired. The classy thing to do would be to give a simple apology and then request to not talk any further while Ryan is deployed. Disappointed in Vicki. ..there would have been a way to walk that line gracefully, but she’s scared to lose her daughter and grandson. Brianna should be embarrased.

  • june

    Briana is delusional just like her mom. The apple did not fall far from the tree!

    • Cathy

      Hey June, you got it and made it so simple to get…delusional is perfect!! they really do live in their Vicki and Brianna land..lol

    • Val

      Come om Lydia, be a big girl….. It’s ok that Briana received the same or more TV time on the reunion show as you did. Vicky is her mother.

      • Cathy

        Val, what show were you watching? Give me a break..Lydia is a big girl and its about her mother, not Brianna’s other than Brooks and she was hypocritical at that. ur ridiculous, Val.

  • beth

    First I want to start off by saying I love Vicki, she is the heart and soul of the show. Vicki is an intelligent strong woman yet…she has a hard time standing up to Brooks, Ryan, and her daughter. I don’t blame Brianna for disliking Brooks, he is clearly a DB, and Vicki can do better. Vicki makes great choices in business…clearly not when it comes to love. Vicki did stick up for Lydias mother at the party but…she clearly is walking on egg shells in her own home. Brianna should not have made excuses for her husband. Just like she has audio of Brooks acting disgusting…there is audio of her husband doing the same. There is nothing Lydias mother or any woman could have done to deserve such treatment from a man. When I saw how Ryan reacted, the first thing I thought of was PTSD, and this guy NEEDS HELP! Brianna should have acknowledged he was out of line and simply APOLOGIZED. What made Brianna look worse was…in the next breath, and after screaming that basically, it was off limits to talk about her husband, she gave a lame excuse for his behavior and blamed the victim and went on to humilliate her mother. Wake up Brianna…when it comes to men, your decisions are questionable. BTW…what was up with Gretchen??? She was bawling her eyes out, yet her face did not move…it was FROZEN!

  • sharon

    Briana IS covering up for her abusive husband just like Vicki is covering up for Brooks. These two women, if they were so strong, independent, smart women should of nipped their men’s unmanly behavior before it becomes a habit in their relationships. Sadly they both have problems to deal with which will eventually lead to an end of what they thought would be forever. That will be a good thing……..

  • Donna

    Lydia comes across as too self righteous. She’s only a Christian when it suits her. I think there is more to this story between her mother and Ryan and I hope it comes out soon so everyone can get over it and shut up. Maybe the old lady was smoking one of her illegal drugs! Something that shouldn’t have aired on the show in the first place. Not much of a role model to the younger viewers but then again as long as Good old Lydia is fine with it why not let her kids join in as well! One word comes to mind Lydia – hypocrite.

  • Ashtyn

    Brianna needed to shut the F up. Ryan had no right to talk to Judy (Lydia’s mom) like that at all. One, it was not HIS couch, his house, or his property so he had no right to get angry about it. Secondly, approaching anyone like that (let alone an older woman) is just disgusting. Brianna is a spoiled, stuck up, little arse for not reprimanding her husband. She should have at least apologized even if he wouldn’t but she just danced around the issue. She needs help.