Lydia McLaughlin’s Mom Judy Stirling Doesn’t Regret Calling Shannon a Lost Soul

With the return of Lydia McLaughlin to RHOC, we also have been reunited with her easy-going mom, Judy Stirling. Judy got in the middle of the drama on this week’s episode when she called Shannon Beador a “lost soul,” but in a new interview Judy is revealing she doesn’t have any regrets.

“No regrets!” she told PEOPLE Now, explaining that her motivation behind her words wasn’t at negative. “I feel like in a way we’re all lost souls and we’re just trying to shine our light in that darkness.”

“I watched two episodes, that’s all I could watch — like [Lydia] said it’s so difficult to watch when you’re not on it,” Stirling said. “But I just thought [Shannon] was so awesome. And I totally related to her in every way. The feng shui thing is a little bit too much for me, I don’t need [nine lemons in a bowl], but I love her! I think she’s cool!”

When asked if she had a message for Shannon, Judy said, “I think you’re awesome. We’re all lost souls — no offense.”

But Judy will always side with her daughter. “I’ve got to sign with my daughter,” she joked. “If she says she’s mean, then she’s mean! She’s a mean witch!”

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9 Replies to “Lydia McLaughlin’s Mom Judy Stirling Doesn’t Regret Calling Shannon a Lost Soul”

  1. Lovely woman. Always be in defense of her daughter, especially against the crazy of Shannon. That’s what good mother’s do.

  2. It’s no secret Shannon is in a tormented state of mind this season. It’s really hard watching her. Real fans of hers should pray for her, because darkness has her in a chokehold. I wish her the best, but that may not come as long as she remains on this show clinging onto the past.

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