Lydia McLaughlin’s Brother Defends Her Actions with Shannon Beador

RHOC star Lydia McLaughlin has a pretty strong supporter in her brother Jesse Stirling, who recently went on Twitter and defended his sister and bashed a few internet haters at the same time.

In this week’s episode, things got a little heated between Lydia and co-star Shannon Beador. Jesse referenced the two ladies first meeting as to why things are so heated now.

“Did you see the moment Lyd & Shannon met? Mess with the bull & get the horns,” Jesse said on Twitter.

Then Jesse responded to Twitter user saying, “Shannon set the tone for their whole relationship, w/ her bizarre behavior at their first meeting. Shannon acted aggressively. Own it.”

Anyone accusing Lydia of being a “mean girl” is just plain wrong, according to Jesse. “Lydia is one of the sweetest people I know,” he tweeted. “She is religious, that’s true. But this ‘mean girl’ accusation is ridiculous.”

Don’t come after Lydia’s rainbow either.

Or Nobleman Magazine.

Lydia also commented on her brother defending her on Twitter saying, “I love how my brother @stirling_jesse is so up on #rhoc twitter comments and the first to defend me! Love you big bro”


What are your thoughts about Lydia this season?

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24 Replies to “Lydia McLaughlin’s Brother Defends Her Actions with Shannon Beador”

  1. She’s an asshat. Horrible Christian, sets a horrible example for others. Just a real non-delight. Rainbow my ass, she’s more of a black hole.

      1. She is a bully, I hate the way she treats her kids and her friends and now her Steve. He’s a nice guy, I have no idea why he puts up with her.

  2. People who love to hate only think & see hate. Nothing new. I applaud Lydia’s brother for defending his sister.
    A good, kind shining light entered the housewives of OC & the haters, because they’re hateful, are blinded by the light. Hate the ones who truly deserve it.
    Shannon attacked like a hysterical maniac as she always does, at their very first meeting, how is Lydia supposed to feel, react?
    To be meek is not to be weak in the sight of God. Lydia is standing up to the bullies & so she should.

    1. I can see why you would think that. However I saw Lydia pushing buttons or, at a minimum, bringing up a topic that does not concern her. Might not have been intentional on her part but I think she is smarter than she acts. She seemed to want to get a rise out of Shannon

      1. I agree. I think Lydia is still stinging from their first meeting and wants to make sure Shannon knows she’s no push over so is going out of her way to push buttons. I do think Shannon is being especially sensitive though. And it might be better if Lydia actually heard what Shannon was saying instead of reacting to the haphazard emotions.

  3. Are you one of the haters–much? apparently you dont know very much about the bible, or you would easily have understood my comment.
    Further more, please, if you must quote me, address me directly, not through a third party .
    Actually, I’m posting my own thoughts which is clearly against your thoughts & that’s fine with me, we are entitled to that. But to indirectly misunderstand my words & respond negatively, again, through a 3rd party, is in & of itself just not nice.
    When I write, I refer to the housewives, not you or anyone else & for the most part, I do not even respond to anyone who responds to what I have said. Not important to me.
    Anyway, inasmuch as you did want to know what my ‘meek’ versus ‘weak’ meant. I’ll explain it as simply as I can. Here goes:- One is meek & humble in the sight of God, but one should not be weak in standing up for what they believe to be right & true & to speak honestly & with love. That’s what Lydia does, she says what most dont want to hear. Most people prefer lies & sugar coating, they cant bear truth, why? because most cant bear to seem anything less than perfect in the eyes of people, it’s a pride thing.
    Oh, before I conclude for always & finally & before I press “Post”, I did note that you stated Hypocrite much? I sincerely hope that was not meant for me, but even if it were, it would not bother me.

  4. Good morning, I come here to express my own thoughts on the housewives, I do not, for the most part push my way into other bloggers thoughts or respond to negativity. I mind my own business–which in this forum, are the housewives, no more, no less.
    As for my “sugar coating”
    comment, the majority of the human race do – do that, they sweet talk. If that confounds your brain, then all I can say is that it is a generalization comment. It is not a vague answer, it is what it is.
    I hope you understand now.

  5. That was profound, Baker chick, You are a big person for sure.
    I’m so glad you took the time to tell me what you did. Like you, I have a very deep faith & I truly strive to be more like Jesus & certainly less like myself. He is perfect, we are not. I know what you mean about judgy. Some of the housewives show such relentless bitterness, anger, resentment & hatred & I have a very hard time understanding it. Forgive & throw behind your back. Everyone gets hurt in life, but there’s so much more to life than a bitter heart. Just look around us right now, too much pain & suffering.
    I too was brought up a Catholic & I love being one. But, I had said in another blog, it’s not so much about religion, but my close walk with God. I do believe in all words in the bible, not so much though by the laws handed down through the centuries made by man. To me, the good book was Holy Spirit inspired . The words you quoted: Judge not lest you be judged etc; were Jesus’ words & holds true to this day.
    Let’s move forward with God’s love & forgiveness & continue with harmony as we give our opinions.
    You are a true Christian.

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