Lydia McLaughlin’s Brother Defends Her Actions with Shannon Beador

RHOC star Lydia McLaughlin has a pretty strong supporter in her brother Jesse Stirling, who recently went on Twitter and defended his sister and bashed a few internet haters at the same time.

In this week’s episode, things got a little heated between Lydia and co-star Shannon Beador. Jesse referenced the two ladies first meeting as to why things are so heated now.

“Did you see the moment Lyd & Shannon met? Mess with the bull & get the horns,” Jesse said on Twitter.

Then Jesse responded to Twitter user saying, “Shannon set the tone for their whole relationship, w/ her bizarre behavior at their first meeting. Shannon acted aggressively. Own it.”

Anyone accusing Lydia of being a “mean girl” is just plain wrong, according to Jesse. “Lydia is one of the sweetest people I know,” he tweeted. “She is religious, that’s true. But this ‘mean girl’ accusation is ridiculous.”

Don’t come after Lydia’s rainbow either.

Or Nobleman Magazine.

Lydia also commented on her brother defending her on Twitter saying, “I love how my brother @stirling_jesse is so up on #rhoc twitter comments and the first to defend me! Love you big bro”


What are your thoughts about Lydia this season?

Photo Credit: Bravo