Lydia McLaughlin Wishes Shannon Beador the Best After RHOC Argument

Lydia McLaughlin is talking about the drama that happened with Shannon Beador at Kelly Dodd’s beach party. In her blog, Lydia calls the party a mess and explains why she wanted to see Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge talk.

“Moving onto Kelly’s volleyball party. What a mess. The day started out really fun. Doug and I love the beach and are always excited for some fun in the sun. However, because of my coffee date with Tamra, I knew she and Vicki were at odds. Seeing Tamra cry in Kelly’s kitchen was very hard for me. She seemed to me to be very torn. Tamra seemed like she wanted to move on, and Shannon didn’t want to allow her to do that. Shannon was telling Tamra “be strong” and giving her a look that made me feel uncomfortable. Shannon doesn’t want Tamra to be friends with Vicki and has made that very clear. I just felt that if the sight of Vicki was making Tamra cry, she obviously has unresolved issues, and in my opinion, communicating is the key to moving forward.

Obviously, it didn’t go well. Everyone was upset, and it was a nightmare. Vicki ended up storming off, and the rest of us were left to sit at the table and try to move on with the party. At that point, I was spent. It’s emotionally draining for me to see my friends cry and yell and storm off. When we are at the table, it seems to me like Shannon wanted to pick a fight and make the day all about her. She kept poking at Peggy, and even when the subject changed, Shannon brought up shade again to Peggy. Peggy felt so uncomfortable that she left the table. I quickly followed her and told Doug I wanted to go home. Why? Not just because everyone had been fighting but also because there was this underlying “mean girl” vibe coming from Shannon.”

Lydia continues to complain about Shannon, but wishes her the best and explains that they just cannot connect with one another.

“While Tamra was asking me about my boobs, Shannon was squeezing legs under the table. This isn’t something Shannon denies. Really, picture yourself at a table with your friends, and one of them is squeezing legs. What are we, 12? It made me feel like she was excited that I would somehow feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. I was over it, and I was ready to go. But Shannon wouldn’t let me leave without a fight. Inside, I was so upset with her, and I was done with all the drama. She was looking to pick a fight with me, and I just tried to keep calm. I kept asking her to talk about it tomorrow, but she wouldn’t allow that. She was talking loudly, explaining to everyone in the room, including all the men, that I got a boob job (I should count how many times she said that in the scene…maybe eight?) and trying to embarrass me. The only thing that got through to her is “I’m done with you”. At that moment, I was done, and I wanted to leave. I’m actually glad I didn’t leave angry; we talked a bit more and even ended with a hug.

I do wish Shannon all the best. I feel like I have been trying to connect with her, but there have been so many bumps in the road, and I have never experienced this with a new friend. While at coffee with Tamra, I say half-jokingly that I don’t like Shannon. It’s partly true because I don’t understand her, and I don’t like where our relationship is. Hopefully we can have a breakthrough soon.”

Thoughts on what Lydia had to say about this week’s episode?

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16 Replies to “Lydia McLaughlin Wishes Shannon Beador the Best After RHOC Argument”

  1. Lydia has the best of intentions, to promote peace & harmony. Lost cause. No hope. Not happening. Give it up Lydia. These women do not have an ounce of communication skills. All they know how to do is to scream, yell & be nasty. When you’re nasty minded, you do not see anything but nasty & negative. Leave them to their own sick devices I say.

    1. Lydia isn’t trying to promote harmony, she’s trying to do Vicki’s bidding. Lydia came in judging Shannon without even meeting her. She didn’t like Shannon from the beginning and she trashes her on each and every show. Lydia calls herself a christian but I can’t see it. She and Tamra both need to check their salvation.

  2. I cannot stand this witch. Somebody plz get her a broomstick and black wig. She is the phoniest of them all and continuously involves “the Lord” in conversations while stirring up trouble.

  3. Lydia came on to support that magazine. Who launches a magazine in this day? All magazines are losing money bc of the internet. It was a dumb venture. They lauded that cover on OC as the premier of the magazine, but I thought Matt Damon was on the first issue. Or Jeremy Renner. Either way it was a way to promote this.

  4. Way to rewrite history, Lydia! In each situation between the two of them Lydia takes something Shannon said as personal to her, rather than see that Shannon was frustrated by being insulted by Lydia. Talk about making everything about her! You don’t tell someone you just met they’re just like their arch enemy that was caught in a lie about Cancer. And when someone squeezes a kneecap, it’s not necessarily because you had your boobs done, and when you’re proved wrong you apologize not double down. Everything ‘mean’ has been said by Lydia, not Shannon.

    1. Good points! She tries to act all sweet and promote love when she is such a pot-stirrer! You can tell by the sideways glances she gives that she is looking for a reaction when she says things. Very passive aggressive!

  5. Morning cutie pie , sorry for the late response . I was watching the lost city of z . I promise to stay out of Shamrock , although the Irish in me is curious . Your comment was very sweet . Thank you . A ear worm is just what “they ” call a song or tune that gets stuck in one’s head. I’m so happy that you love your fur babies so much . We have a 13 year old lab, two 9 year old border collie/lab mix, and a 7 year old pit mix. For the most part they still act like puppies . So it’s pretty crazy around here . We also have a cat who thinks that he is a dog. Hope you’re doing good . Have a awesome day

  6. LOL girl!! I don’t have to respond most of the time because you say it all. And so eloquently too! I love it. I don’t have the guts to rant but I do enjoy reading yours. You rant all you want, girl………………You’ve got followers.:) 🙂

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