Lydia McLaughlin Warns: Vicki Drops a Bomb On Me Next Week

Lydia McLaughlin made her return to the RHOC Monday night after appearing in season eight, and it seemed she was going to try to make peace between Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge. However, Lydia didn’t know what kind of task she was up against. In her blog, Lydia talks about why she returned to the show, what she has been up to since we last saw her and why she decided to invite Tamra to her bible study. She also dishes on her dinner with Vicki and says next week, Vicki is going to drop a bomb on her!

“It’s been almost four years since you’ve seen me and a lot has changed. I am excited to share my life and catch up with you all. The first question I get is, “Why did you leave?” Well…when Bravo asked me to return for Season 9, I was honored, but I knew inside I needed a break. Doug and I wanted to have another baby and I wanted to do that privately. Being in a “stressful environment” was not something I wanted to do while pregnant.

The time away was actually amazing. I had the opportunity to write a book about my life and lessons learned along the way. It’s called Beyond Orange County: A Guide to Faith and Happiness. This was something I always wanted to do and it was a surreal experience to have it nationwide in Barnes & Noble. I felt like being on RHOC is such a big platform and it was an honor to get use my voice and share my faith.

In addition to my book, I started a fashion and lifestyle blog called It serves as a creative outlet for me to share my love affair with fashion and what’s inspiring me at the moment. I also post about my family, struggles of a working mom, and travel. Lastly, last fall Doug and I launched a new luxury magazine called NOBLEMAN. It’s a magazine for men that focuses on style and substance for the modern gentleman. You will see more of Doug and I working together this season, and the passion we both have for creating a positive platform to inspire people to live better and with purpose. We are so proud of the success it has seen in the short time we have launched. In this episode you get to see a sneak peek into my family life. My boys are 8, 6, and 2. They are a lot of fun and obviously a big part of life. I love being a mom to three boys yet I’m constantly taking deep breaths, as my hands are very full. It was a special day to teach Maverick to ride his bike and now he’s very confident and rides around our block all the time.

Tamra and I have kept in contact since I left the show. She has shared her newfound faith and struggles in her life with me. I have been involved in weekly bible study since I became a Christian in high school. It was a natural response for me to invite her into my bible study. I was very moved by her sharing what she shared, and as a mother, I can’t imagine the pain and heart break it is to have a child that you aren’t in communication with. I am so close with my mother and that relationship is sacred to me in my life. I was glad Tamara came and opened herself up. I believe in the power of prayer and continue to pray for Sidney and their relationship.

Seeing Vicki again was fun. I hadn’t seen her in forever but with certain friends you just pick up right where you left off and that’s how it was with Vicki…we picked up like no time had passed. She gets into it about all the drama that I’ve missed, and at first I was hoping the girls could make up, but I’m starting to realize there is a lot of deep pain and issues. Our dinner is only just beginning so make sure you watch next week to see the rest of the bombs the OG of the OC drops on me.”

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5 Replies to “Lydia McLaughlin Warns: Vicki Drops a Bomb On Me Next Week”

  1. What’s new, only for Lydia it’s again new, poor soul. It’s just a continuation of a bad soap with bad minded women. They’ll probably scar Lydia as well.

    1. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of her mom, this season the show has changed the way they’ve filmed and how they’ll present the story arcs, and they will show us more stories about the individual families ( that’s code for there being too many standoffs & being impossible to film as an ensemble cast). So hopefully Mama Fairy Dust does will roll through with glitter and spliff in hand, lol. She was so cute on Lydia’s first season.

      1. BonBon ❤️❤️❤️, welcome back . We all missed you . It’s nice to see the regulars slowly coming back
        Oh I love Lydias mom. A woman after my own heart 🙂

  2. Lydia may as well leave RHOC again, as she never feels “like she fits in”, as she is such a goody 2 shoes Christian, that everything everyone else does & says around her makes her uncomfortable. Maybe she just wanted to leave the drag bingo party because she looked like an idiot. She needs her Mommy around constantly throwing fairy dust on her & crowning her, because this 12 year old loves to be the spoiled brat she is. Constantly judging the other women in RHOC and trying to make them all “be friends” again seems to be her M.O. on the show. For her birthday she gets not one luxury vehicle but 2, a party on the back 40 wherein she receives jewelry & more gifts, then her poor pussy whipped hubby flies her off for lunch where she has lunch & insists, in her 12 yr old whiny voice, “smoosh my face”. Is she ever satisfied? Maybe we will find out further into the season as Lydia wears more fairy crowns, more jet setting & PBOA from hubby, & leaves the room to “better herself” apart from the others in the show. What a true nutcase, but leave it to Bravo to find the richest most spoiled nutcases out there. And Lydia is truly “OUT THERE”…over the rainbow most certainly.

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