Lydia McLaughlin Talks About Her Famous Family

In case you didn’t know, RHOC star Lydia McLaughlin’s grandfather was kind of a big deal in the world of TV and media and she definitely comes from family money.

Lydia’s grandfather is Geoff Stirling, who founded NTV, which was North America’s first 24-hour TV station. Geoff helped run Stirling Communications International and his umbrella of properties ranged from TV to radio to print.

Lydia spoke with The Daily Dish and talked about how much she has learned from her Grandfather.

“I learned a lot from my grandfather. He’s an entrepreneur,” she told the Orange County Register in 2013. He passed it on to my dad [Scott].”

Lydia also talked about being self-made in the 2013 Orange County Register interview.

“I never really heard it to my face. My husband and I are successful in Orange County. If we were successful in Canada, I guess you could say that. But we’re not. Our businesses are in Orange County. If someone hires us to do a media campaign for them, they have no idea who my grandfather was, or is. I don’t really care what other people think. I know that we’re successful because of our hard work, and because of who we are, and what we know, and what we offer. Our product is good.”

Photo Credit: Bravo