Lydia McLaughlin Says Some Of The Worst RHOC Drama Happens Off Camera!


Real Housewives of Orange County’s Lydia McLaughlin is opening up to PEOPLE Magazine about the politics of being a Housewife. Alliances, feuds, friends, and more! “It is more difficult than I thought it would be!” Lydia told the mag. “I was just like, ‘Yeah, what do I have to lose?! What would people not like about me?! I’m just going to be myself, and I’m going to be positive, and have a different type of voice!'”

“When everyone is screaming and yelling, you really can’t win in this type of show,” Lydia says of some of her cast mates. “It’s intense, and those women are intense and they have an opinion, and that’s what they’ve been on the air for so long.” But Lydia insists the women are NOT acting. “I think that the ladies are genuinely who they are on the show, and that there isn’t a lot of acting,” she shares. “In some degree some of the worst drama actually happened when the cameras went down.”

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16 Replies to “Lydia McLaughlin Says Some Of The Worst RHOC Drama Happens Off Camera!”

  1. “Lydia McLaughlin Says Some Of The Worse RHOC Drama Happens Off Camera!” “Worse”????????????????? Is that her grammatical error or ours? It should read, “worst”. Yeesh.

      1. I put it in quotes. It said “worse” instead of “worst”. Sorry, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to the english language.

      1. I am on the fence about her. She seems a bit too young and superficial as well as a sense of entitlement.

        On the other hand it will be interesting in how she and Gretchen get along…..

  2. Lydia, you’re much too sweet for this show.I would be happier firing all of the current
    HW’s and just have your immediate family on. Your Mom brings back the 1960’s and early 1970’s, along with the butterflies and sprinkles. Your Mom is sensitive and creative as you seem to be also.

  3. I thought Lydia was going to be a great addition. She speaks so strongly of her “faith” and none of it is evident in her character . Lydia, you come off as a spoiled brat. Especially when you share your stories of knowing to go shopping with your mom when she was high ( so you could take advantage) . You’re two faced and seem to enjoy to have any tidbit to add to the drama in your ditzy way. Your conversations with others are always started with well ” she said this about you” . I had hoped you would be a loyal friend to Alexis. Instead you just go which ever way the wind blows. I thought you would bring a refreshing , whitty peace making aspect to RHOC – maybe it’s lost on the editing floor but if all you can do is tell Alexis to turn the other cheek ( and scurry off and talk about her) your strong ” faith” is no where to be found in your appearance on the show .

  4. Lydia & Alexis need to go. boring & nauseating (husbands too)!!! get better more interesting replacements. cohen, you’re digging at the bottom of the barrel is these 2 are the best/worst you could find.

  5. Lydia is so ugly. You would think with all her money she would fix her teeth and have her ears pinned back. She looks like a mouse.

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