Lydia McLaughlin Says Some Of The Worst RHOC Drama Happens Off Camera!


Real Housewives of Orange County’s Lydia McLaughlin is opening up to PEOPLE Magazine about the politics of being a Housewife. Alliances, feuds, friends, and more! “It is more difficult than I thought it would be!” Lydia told the mag. “I was just like, ‘Yeah, what do I have to lose?! What would people not like about me?! I’m just going to be myself, and I’m going to be positive, and have a different type of voice!'”

“When everyone is screaming and yelling, you really can’t win in this type of show,” Lydia says of some of her cast mates. “It’s intense, and those women are intense and they have an opinion, and that’s what they’ve been on the air for so long.” But Lydia insists the women are NOT acting. “I think that the ladies are genuinely who they are on the show, and that there isn’t a lot of acting,” she shares. “In some degree some of the worst drama actually happened when the cameras went down.”

Photo Credit: Bravo