Lydia McLaughlin Says It Was Disturbing To Watch How Ryan Culberson Disrespected Her Mom, Judy


Lydia McLaughlin is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her mother being thrown out of Vicki’s party by Ryan Culberson. Lydia says it was disturbing to watch how Ryan disrespected her mother, and she wonders if Briana has a different reaction now that she has seen how Ryan acted. Lydia explains it still makes her angry to watch the footage.

Lydia writes, “My poor mom. It’s super hard for me to watch that scene unfold. I wasn’t in the room with her when the whole Ryan confrontation took place. However, my brother and sister-in-law were there and they left right after because they couldn’t believe what they saw. Although my mom is incredibly youthful and energetic she’s not used to being out late and wearing high heels standing for so long. Vicki’s party was a late night for her and she went inside to get warm, and put her feet up. It’s not like she was Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch. She was literally putting her feet up. I am proud that my mom remained so calm when Ryan was yelling profanities at her.

I wonder if Brianna would have reacted differently had she seen what really happened. That said, I don’t blame her for taking her husband’s side. If Doug told me something had happened with another person, I would be on his side no questions asked. But the beauty of this show is that we can watch it back and see what actually happened. There are three sides to every story — yours, mine and the truth. It seems to me Ryan was way out of line no matter what side of the story. Watching his face, so full of anger, and the way he is talking about my mom is disturbing. I have to believe his reaction has more to do with something much greater than the condition of their new couch.

I was so traumatized and in tears because I felt responsible for my mom. I invited her to have a wonderful night with my new friends. I know that drama seems to follow everyone, but I didn’t think it would involve my mother. I was feeling protective of her. I left her alone for two minutes only to find that she was being verbally assaulted and getting kicked out. Even now, watching her put her hand on her head makes me so sad. Tamra and Alexis were so sweet to follow us out and calm us down. And, Vicki went above and beyond as a friend to make us feel comfortable. It must have been hard for her to balance her friends and her family and I felt she did an amazing job. There hasn’t been any weirdness in our friendship because of it, we both were innocent bystanders.”

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51 Replies to “Lydia McLaughlin Says It Was Disturbing To Watch How Ryan Culberson Disrespected Her Mom, Judy”

  1. Vicky’s son inlaw believes all thatcomes with the home is his and he is disresecful to Vicky and all that’s hers!

  2. It was shocking! I feel badly that I can’t support the soldier in this case, but I also have to believe something is very wrong with this young man.

    1. Ryan is a young man who happens to be a soldier. Why does everybody continue to refer him primarily as a soldier? He gives soldiers a bad name. Obviously he isn’t cut out for that as he has mental/emotional problems that prevent him from acting like a decent respectful human being in the most ordinary circumstances of life, like this party. I’ve got zero respect for Vicki or Briana and they give the female gender a bad name for allowing him to overrun their lives; he has used the Brooks situation to manipulate an entire family for his own benefit. This is a perverse situation.

      1. If you’ll read my initial comment I said how much I want to support someone because they are a soldier, but this kid was out of line. I also said in my second post that his conduct was the antithesis of what a soldier stands for. WTH is wrong with any of that?

      2. Wow. I am so amazed, the behavior of All of YOU!. That fact that you are on TV, is all the more reason to show integrity.

        Vicki, your son n law is a shameful individual. Just because he serves in the military, by no means makes him a Man. I am surprised that Briana, who acts with such arrogance, spent the time and put effort in becoming involved with such trash as Ryan. Imagine, how he is going to treat that baby.
        And Vicki, in todays world You are by No Means a Star or to quote YOU “Famous”. You are an individual that has allowed the US to watch you in your natural format (e.i. being who you really are) exposing yourself, showing us, how you really behave, what you are really like. Your bank account (or 1099) really Vicki, it does not have much value. You are a Fraud.

        Tamara, you have many, many mental issues. I truly hope you are actively seeing a physiatrist.
        Manipulation, Lying, Deceitful. Its hard to but too only feel sadness for you. And then sometimes, I wonder if that is what you use to continue your behavior. “Damaged Goods” it s hurtful thing for someone to say to another. For the person you are planning on spending your life with, to find humor in those words, says a million words.

        Gretchen, many things you say are valid and then you do something so completely different. Your actions with and towards Alexia, show how heartless you are. You are truly a mean girl (100% Mean Girl).

        Heather, (Princess) you are not. The amount your husbands has earned and is in his bank account only means, He is a hard worker. And you do not respect him, for the schooling HE put in, that brought him to level his career, not yours. You have been riding his Shirt Tail ( your are on a Reality TV Show)…
        You, have had 2 quest spots, only because you are on a REALITY TV Show and for NO other reason. I see the break downs daily, Reality Shows are a dime a dozen. You, should apply some time helping others. Charity, might help you to see there is a real world out here.

        Alexis, You have shown you truly are a christian, for that Thank You.

        Ooooh Lydia, Wow!! Spoiled Brat. You claim the title Genius Why? This would mean you have a higher level of intelligence. The Spoon is truly a perfect title for you. Every week I watch you, pull out your spoon and get to stirring. Sometimes keeping still, minding your own business, is more of a Christ like attitude. You really do not have to say something, your opinion is not always of importance nor valued. Practice what you preach. It takes a Duche to know one.

        Who am I? just another human being, watching sadness, watching women trying to convince to world they have some kind of value.


  3. I have watched all the Housewives shows and thought I had seen it all, but when Ryan went koo koo on Lydia’s mother….good lord that guys needs to get a grip. He has always showing control issues around the house since he moved in, but that was just too much. How can Brianna and Vicki handle it? He is out there with a gun protecting our country? He is disturbed and it was a really disgusting display. I can actually say I dislike him MORE than Faye Resnick.

  4. What a disgusting display from Ryan! Lydia’s mother was graceful despite the abuse she received from beginning to end Ryan is a hateful person.

  5. Ryan is a complete douche bag that needs serious help. I hope Brianna doesn’t ever have to experience his douchery …. Poor Vikki she must be horrified!

  6. Im not a true fan yet of Lydia but in this situation she was right on. They way Ryan treated Lydia’s mom just coming at her with threats and swearing is wrong and embarrassing to see from a military man. They are taught to respect and there was none of that going on here. I hope once he sees himself acting like a moron he will apologize. He needs a lesson in manners and it’s not even his house. Vickie needs to stop enabling her children to direct the course of her life. I am by no means a Brooks fan I think he is a loser but if that is what Vickie wants its up to her. I could care less about Brooks but the situation with Ryan and Brianna is a different situation. If he pays rent that is fine BUT he has no right to talk to any one the way he did. Its not even his couch. He did not pay for it. The whole thing is just really stupid.

  7. I thought Ryan’s actions were totally disgusting! And he lied about what Lydia’s mom said. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was watching. I thought he was going to hit her at one point. The anger that he was showing runs way deep. I can’t imagine Ryan looking at this footage and not being ashamed of himself. Shame on you Ryan!!!!

  8. I was absolutely disgusted in how Ryan treated Lydia’s mother and then lied and said she told him to eff off. I appearciate Ryan serving & fighting in our war but that isn’t an excuse for him to go off the rails on somebody’s mother let alone an eldery woman! Kudos to Lydia for standing up for her mom , her mon was so shakened up. Vicki just sits their and lets Ryan & Brianna control her life and run her house. Vicki needs to take a stand and tell them to either start respecting her or move the hell out! Ryan should not be on TV as clearly he is suffering possibly from PTSD. I don’t feel sorry for Gretchen one bit she never tells the truth and gets caught in lie after lie. Slade what an ass he needs to stop going after women all the time. Finally Tamra sees who Gretchen really is ,she should of listened to Vicki in the 1st place. The whole Gretchen & Heather arguing over some tv show that got cancelled is dumb. Finally everyone stop going after Alexis it’s about time. The Reunion looks really good .

  9. Ryan Culberson is a liar! Angry and abusive. He wants people to fear him. That’s the sign of an abusive person. He’s just a sad little guys. And Briana…. please stop judging others when you’re married to the biggest loser on the show. You two live in a glass house.

    1. PTSD is my guess as well. This young man is unhinged and I hope someone shows it to his CO. He needs intensive therapy. And I hope his mom was watching so she can put soap in his mouth and teach him some manners. I have never seen anything like this from a marine who was not injured/traumatized and in need of serious, intensive mental/emotional therapy.

  10. Wow, I was really disturbed watching this scene. I felt so bad for Lydia’s mom and frankly concerned for Briana and Troy’s safety after that. Ryan has some anger issues that he needs to deal with that are serious.

  11. He’s a complete piece of garbage. He abuses a 64 yr old lady then lies about it and calls her a “bitch” in front of everyone at the party.
    Also, who the hell are you to judge Brooks?

    A true test of a mans character is what he does when no one is watching and we saw what a complete coward Ryan is when (he thought) no one was watching. You are a disgrace to your uniform and country. I hope your CO has long meeting with you after he sees your performance on TV and kicks your ass out of the Corps.

  12. As the parent of a soldier that served in Iraq, and the niece of a marine (as is Ryan) that served in Vietnam, I understand where he is at. Lest people forget he was on the Verge of being sent back to Iraq, I am sure that he felt under pressure . Marine Corp training is one of the strictest in all the Military. It is what can save their lives or the lives of their comrades. They are taught to be tough, and how to kill the enemies. We teach them this and wonder why they come back as hard as they do. Then we tell them that they have to act like it never happened when they come back to the States. I am sure that in the same time he is leaving his wife and son, with questionable people that come and go in this charade (Brooks) and a few others and he wont be there to protect them. Then being told by Vicki she is going to have Brooks over when he is overseas That in itself explains his rudeness. I too thought he was out of line, but I can see why . Also I can understand his feelings. No one should degrade him, but forgive.

    1. No one should degrade him? What do you think he was doing to that woman? Questionable people like Brooks? What do you think Ryan is? Sorry: No excuse. He a dangerous young man and I doubt he was a prince before he joined the corps. No free pass for this behavior. If this kind of “pressure” makes him go off the way he did, then he is in no position to be sent again overseas. He is a loose cannon.

      1. I agree! My husband was leaving me, who was pregnant for a 9 month deployment to Afghanistan last year. We were newlyweds and didn’t know if the day I kissed him goodbye would be our last kiss. We went out for one last meal as husband and wife before he had to go report and the restaurant got our meals wrong but my husband didn’t have a freak out on the staff. He was under tons of stress and managed to keep his cool, so it is possible for Ryan to keep calm over a couch!!!!!! He is a complete douche

        1. You are a disgrace to military wives. You should know first hand that every military member is different and they have all had different experiences. Your husband is probably a pogue!

          1. Please his behavior was bad. He made excuses instead of just saying I’m sorry. He needs help! He’s probably bipolar.

            1. I think the “pogue” comment was a little unnecessary. This kid was way out of line. He was disrespectful and then blatantly lied about what each said. Both of those goes against core principles of honor for a military member. Not to mention almost threatening to an older woman, which was waaay uncool. I know nothing about how involved the military would get in what he said on a TV show, so I wonder if his CO will say anything if it’s called to his attention. I assume their are rules of conduct for when in uniform, but wonder if this is different. Does anybody know?

              1. The man is in Afghanistan fighting a war. What would you like, him to say, sorry, Taliban, I need to go and make a PR announcement, could you hold off on that road side bomb for a minute? Oh, hold on with that rocket propelled bomb while I call TMZ. For crying out loud, you people are so far out of reality it is really disgusting. Shame on you.

                1. Team Dina, Get a grip! I wasn’t calling for Ryan to do anything! I only gave an opinion of his behavior. I would guess that if you were truly “well educated in PTSD” you wouldn’t be diagnosing him over the 100 words or less you’ve ever heard him utter. What you have is anticdotal information. You know just enough about PTSD from some personal exposure to diagnose anybody you see with it that seems to act like the person or persons you knew with it. Ever heard the phrase, “When you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail”?

            2. Yes, he does need help! For you, as a military wife, to degrade him and have no empathy is absolutely ridiculous and unbecoming of a military dependent. Shame on you. Maybe if you got off of your high horse and talked to infantry soldiers you might know what they have gone through. Most can’t even talk about it! Most of my girlfriends who are wives of infantry soldiers don’t even know half of what they have witnessed. For you to deny that he even has PTSD shows your character; good luck with your marriage.

              1. Team Dina
                You really sound like you are in the position to tell her about her marriage. HA You sound like you must have issues in your marriage. Probably not even married, just have nothing better to do, we will check you into the same clinic as Ryan.

            1. No Barb,

              You’re ignorant. I am well educated in PTSD and the military. I think you’re disgusting to sit here and degrade a man who is clearly in need of medical intervention. Do you go to funerals of depressed people that have committed suicide and call them selfish? What you fail to realize here is PTSD is a serious illness and needs to be looked at seriously. This goes far beyond a reality show, this is real life! Get over yourself.

    2. I know many young men that are on the front lines and come back to the states, they do not conduct themselves like Ryan. He was so out of line, lied about what Lydia’s mother said to him, trying to get people to see his side. WRONG.. If my husband conducted himself like Ryan did I would not stand by him, that is ridiculous to say good for Briana, wake up little girl. Ryan has more issues than PTSD. He has been an ass way before this occurrence. If he talked to my mother like that I would have cleaned his clock. Quit enabling him to be an idiot, and quit using being deployed as an excuse for bad behavior, and Bri is not going to let Brooks around their child, trust that your wife has a brain. Brooks is disgusting as well, I can’t believe how these people act and let all the viewers see it. How embarrassing they are to themselves.

      1. Connie,

        Are you stating that there is no such thing as depression then? I know a lot of people who go through a lot of stuff and never become clinically depressed! I’m married to a Marine who was in the infantry, I have lived next door to a Marine Corps base for 36 years, so I know a lot of Marines that are on the front lines. Do they all come back with PTSD? No. Do they all come back with the same severity of PTSD? No. Every person is different and every person reacts differently to every situation. Frankly, I feel sorry for your husband. When you’re PMSing and being a bitch, I’m sure he forgives you because he understands that your hormones are out of whack. Why wouldn’t you extend the same courtesy to your husband? If he had spent 5 of the last 10 years at war witnessing his best friends being killed, women and children being killed, and surrounded by a country of people who hate America and are brain washed to kill us, you would have no empathy for him!?!?

        1. Team Dina
          You are a whack job, no where in my comment did it say I say there was no such thing as depression. My husband and I have been happily married for 27 years so your comment is another whack statement. Get over yourself. You must think Ryan’s behavior is acceptable, I haven’t seen one blog that agrees with you. I do respect the men and women fighting for our country and strongly support them, I however do recognize bad behavior when I see it.

    3. Donna,

      I couldn’t agree with you more! Americans are ignorant to the impact that war has on our soldiers. 9/11 happens and Americans are screaming for a war, but then when these men and women come back they say there is no excuse for their behavior. In 2012 there were 349 suicides among service members and the Marine Corps had a 50% jump from the year before. In 2013, they are expecting these figures to rise! that is almost one service member per day commiting suicide! This is a huge epidemic and clearly we have learned nothing from the Vietnam war; these men and women are left to fend for themselves while Americans sit on their high horses and complain about them. Barb, you are right, he shouldn’t have been sent back to Afghanistan! So, no, I don’t blame Ryan for his over reaction. Instead I pray that this is a wake up call for Brianna that her husband does need help. He is a good husband and a good father that has experienced too much and seen too much; he is in the infantry, which are the guys on the front lines. Watch Saving Private Ryan and insert 120 degrees instead of below zero temperatures. then imagine being in war for 5 of the last 10 years and when you are not constantly watching your back, youre training to watch your back. Also, do some research on PTSD and do something to help your local Veterans.

      1. To Donna and TeamDina:

        You may have experience with military people but I have experience living with a person who is violent and alcoholic (my father) and I know that the combination of liquor and aggressiveness makes one as a much a terrorist as anybody that we are at war with.

        Ryan MAY have been affected by the military–we don’t know that. He MAY be under stress–we don’t know that either. But we do know for sure that he was drinking (which may have affected him), that he IS a liar, that he behaves inappropriately and that he IS very aggressive. That is not a good thing–especially when that behavior is directed at somebody he has never even met.

        I hope that he gets help. However, even in the best of circumstances help for the type of behavior Ryan displayed is long term and it first requires the admission of a need for help. I don’t see him admitting to anything anytime soon.

        Ryan is dangerous.


    4. Your a nut case Donna D. Im a granddaughter, daughter and wife of military men. THis guy has NO excuse for his actions. If he reacts like this over feet on a couch how is he going to act when he has an M-80 in his hand. He is a loose canon and there is nothing anyone can say to make his actions ok. Stress or no stress he was wrong. I showed this scene to my family (the men could have cared less but they did react) all of them said he is mentally, and emotionally unstable and needs some type of therapy before he is sent anywhere. His CO needs to see this.
      STOP giving these abusers a pass this just gives the true warriors who fight for our country a really bad name.
      If you are someone who can overlook this than I am going to guess your abused in some way. Sorry no way no how is this guy a true soldier.

  13. Ryan behaved waaay out of line. I’m trying to be as sympathetic as possible with his PTSD and the things he’s seen, but regardless you don’t snap like that at a woman. I also agree with Lydia and I applaud Briana for taking her husband’s side no matter what-that’s a strong pairing they have. I like that about Briana.
    I really like Lydia; she seems sweet and cute but she can come back if she’s crossed-and she does it all without cursing! 🙂

  14. ryan was wrong wrong wrong and honestly it was so disgusting to watch and the brianna i was SOOO DISSAPOINTED LIKE HOW CAN YALL PASS JUDGEMENT ON BROOKS even tho hes shady he sure wouldnt yell and cure at a houseguest like that wow

  15. This is a very good example of why on-line courtships can be dangerous.You talk for seven months (consider it dating) ,finally meet,have unprotected sex and WHAMMOyou are in a hot mess. Thought Briana was smarter than that and now she is married to a psycho who thinks $1000/mo covers rent in a house like Vicki’s-what a wake-up call!

  16. I was not shocked nor surprised by Ryans behavior. He is a pig and you can tell he hates women. He has a huge chip on his shoulder it seems. Brianna wake up and divorce this loser ! He is not just different from your family he is a nutjob ! Who just goes off on someone,especially a woman, like that ! Besides Slade ! These women sure know how to pick some crapbags ! People think that because someone is in the military it makes them “special” “respectable” this is not true. A friend in the military often says the military will accept anyone ! Respect is earned no matter who you are or what uniform/hat you wear in your life. He obviously had horrible parents since he was not taught to respect his elders. He has never respected Vicki and I doubt he respects his daughter. I think the military should do a mental evaluation of this person ! Save your son Brianna do not raise him around this man !

  17. Team DIna I think your totally wrong. I am from a military family three generations. A reaction like the one we saw with Ryan is a huge wake up call. THis man is not stable enough to be sent back to Afganistan. No way is his reaction to a woman putting her feet on the couch (not his home or his couch) ok in any way. Couldn’t he have just said HI there could I ask you to put your feet down the furniture is brand new? He went off like a canon. He definitely has issues wether it PTSD, Anger issues, Narcissim, power/control issues he needs to be stabilized before he is sent back to war with a gun in his hand. I have heard nothing from him, no apologies for how he handled it or how he lied about what was said. The whole scene was just sickening. I agree with many that if he goes off about feet on the couch like this what is going to happen if one day Brianna talks back to him or baby Troy says something he does not like. He is an accident waiting to happen. All of you who state he needs a pass for his actions because he is under stress need to sit back and shut up. Many Many americans going to war or not are under huge stress paying bills, keeping food in their families mouths, housing etc etc I could go on forever, and none of us are living in million dollar mansions in the life of luxury. In no way is this a reason to treat people like that. before he is deployed and I hope someone brings this situation to the attention of his CO so he can get some help. Stop defending his actions and get real.

  18. I have serious concerns about any woman (or man) who believes Ryan’s behavior is explainable or earned or forgiven because of his service overseas. Imagine every soldier acting this way. Luckily the majority does recognize that this is wrong. Interesting that it seems to be women who suffer his wrath. He sure throws that bitch word around a lot.

    Briana is in danger.

    1. Your right on Barb…. we think alike. These people who give him a pass sound like the abused women who say stupid things like “He did not mean it” “But I love him” He’s under a lot of stress ( yes living in a huge mansion with all the bills paid and being on a TV show Never having to worry about wether he and his family eats that is truly a stressing situation. All of you who think he deserves a pass your delusional. Wake UP!!!

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