Lydia McLaughlin Says Alexis Was Not Bullied!


Lydia McLaughlin is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the controvery on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Lydia says she does not believe Alexis was being bullied by the women, because it’s a Reality TV show and it’s her choice to sign up for it. With that being said, Lydia also thinks Alexis has a right to be upset with how she was treated. Lydia discusses how she “kept it real” with Alexis after the dinner party.

Lydia writes, “This was another hard episode for me to watch and it stirred up a lot of emotions. Let me just start by saying that Alexis is an amazing person. She is kindhearted, funny, and I love being around her. I consider Alexis a true friend, and it was in the spirit of friendship that I was trying to calmly explain to her why I felt the other girls got so fired up. However, I don’t believe she was being bullied, and I don’t think feeling that way makes me a bad friend. I know my heart and intentions were good. I left the party with Alexis and checked in on her a few days later as any friend would do for someone they care about.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that Alexis shouldn’t have been upset about the evening. I truly believe she had every right to have hurt feelings. But don’t forget, we signed up to be on a reality TV show. We get paid to show up and express our opinions and our feelings regardless of whether or not anyone else agrees with us. It’s that dynamic that makes for good TV and why you all tune in to watch, right? So, for Alexis to call the girls bullies in my opinion is not playing by the rules and what I meant when I tell her, “you know what you signed up for.”

Again, I’m not condoning the girls’ actions at all — as you can see by my “oh my goodness what is happening” expression and the fact that I ran after Alexis to see how she was and left with her. I have never witnessed such a spectacle and wouldn’t have wanted to be in Alexis’ shoes at the party. But she knew what she was walking in to. These women have unsettled history with each other. Alexis is a strong, articulate woman capable of defending herself and was not the “weaker person”as the definition of being bulled describes.

People have the right to disagree with each other. If more than one person in a situation disagrees with you than I think you should take a moment and reflect on that. That’s not bullying. Bullying is when you attack someone for no justifiable reason — they have a foreign accent, they have red hair, their religion or sexual orientation is different from yours. Bullying is an epidemic. I believe it exists. However, because of our circumstances, I don’t think Alexis was being bullied.”

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  1. Wow, thank you Lydia. It truly says something when one of your own friends say that you were not bullied. She’s just a woman looking for sympathy any way she can. TRUE friends tell you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it. If Alexis considers that bullying then she needs to go get help. & no Alexis, I don’t mean resorting to drugs. That was the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard.

  2. When several people pile on one person with the goal of hurting or humiliating them in a one-sided hurtfest – and that was clearly what happened – I’d call it bullying. There is no reserved status for the playground or suicide. These Housewives do fight in a way that sets them apart from polite adults, but this wasn’t an argument. It was a verbal attack by three on one. The three witches (Tamra, Heather, and Gretchen) were practically salivating each time they said something hurtful. Everything Alexis said that night was humble and an attempt at getting along.

    1. She was attacking every single one of them. Why wouldn’t they bark back? & in Costa Rica she ASKED them for their opinion.

      1. Hmmm. You and I watched two different shows, I guess. Alexis was saying such nasty things as, “Congratulations. I know we’ve had our problems but I’m here to support you. Please, can we do this another time…. let’s not ruin your party…. I’ll meet you for lunch, dinner or whatever you want….” And don’t we all respond to ‘nasty’ comments like that with asking someone you ALLOWED to be invited with “Why are you here?” “I’ve been nothing but gracious” followed up with “get the f**k out.”? You can take Tamra out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of Tamra.

        1. She asked a simple question and Alexis started bitching about “oh no don’t gang up on me again!” “oh no we go with the bullying!” Adressing all of them. Heather hadn’t even said a word. Why wouldn’t she tell her to get the fuck out? She started getting snippy and accusing them AGAIN. She should’ve never even showed up. She had “good intentions” while still complaining about how they always bully her… Vicki should’ve known not to ask either… It was stupid on all three of their parts. Vicki for asking, Tamra for saying yes, and Alexis for even showing up.

          1. The “simple” question was Tamra questioning why Alexis came to a party she was invited to. I just wonder how simple or polite or non-confrontational you’d think that was if you were at a party and the hostess implied you weren’t welcome. Gretchen immediately jumped in with a rude response, as I recall, and then Alexis said something about them all piling on. If Heather didn’t want to be included in the “all of you” maybe she should have shut her mouth entirely rather to confirm she was as tacky as the other two with her mocking laughter and snotty, childish comments.

    2. When several people pile on one person with the goal of hurting or humiliating them in a one-sided hurtfest – and that was clearly what happened —–i agree as well

  3. No Lydia. Bullying is continually harassing, annoying, making fun of, verbally assaulting, upsetting, belittling someone. Repeatedly! When its done by a group it’s called ganging up on.

    Alexis is not being bullied. Shame on her for abusing that word!

  4. I totally agree this definitely was bullying … If anyone can Remember Tamra admitted that she has jealous issues towards Alexis and evidently so do Gretchen and Heather … Heather and Tamra both want to be the boss … Ever since Tamra got on the show she tries to bully someone and ever since Season 6 it has been Alexis … Gretchen should just be ashamed of herself … she uses people until she doesn’t need them anymore … and always tries to play victim. All 3 of them are sad and Lydia needs to keep her comments to herself about bullying … she was not there last season …

      1. Nice try, mktb. Remember when you schooled me? You charmingly made a blanket statement that I was “ignorant,” and then condescendingly defined the word, as if that was why I didn’t agree? I didn’t even come close to saying you “aren’t allowed an opinion.” I just gave examples of actual things we’ve seen that supported my opinion. And pointed out that your opinion wasn’t informed by anything we’ve seen. But I’d never be so crass as to call you ‘ignorant.’

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