Lydia McLaughlin Reveals She Doesn’t Trust Gretchen Rossi!

Lydia McLaughlin

Apparently new Real Housewife of Orange County, Lydia McLaughlin, is having problems with her co-star, Gretchen Rossi! In a conference call with RadarOnline, Monday, Lydia said, “I am not that close with Gretchen, I feel like it is hard for me to trust her.”

“We will have conversations and I feel like things are one way, then I’ll read her blog that week and it is the exact opposite from what we just talked about… so she confuses me sometimes,” Lydia added.

Lydia definitely isn’t fond of Grethen’s fiancé, Slade Smiley either! “Slade and I definitely aren’t the greatest of friends, which you will see this season. We have a few words with each other,” Lydia admits. “I think that they love each other and support each other, so I am excited that they are getting married and I actually didn’t hear about their engagement except through the press.”

When asked about the awkward dinner at Tamra Barney’s CUT Fitness Studio, Lydia joked; “Can you say deer in the headlights? She had said, ‘Oh yes, the girls don’t like me!’ But I have been around other girls and it never ends up with ‘get the f**k out,’ and ‘please don’t hit me,’” she said. “So no – I had no idea what I was walking into. I probably wouldn’t have walked into it had I known!”

“The next episode you will see I kind of try to get to the bottom of it from Alexis. It is hard to get to the bottom of why they all can’t stand each other, it’s been four or five years of it,” Lydia said.

However, Lydia explains she has made some genuine friends throughout filming. “I am close to several of the ladies, I’ve made some really good friends through this experience. I called Tamra and got some advice from her, especially when some of the ladies are calling upset with me, I feel like she’s dealt with that before! I feel like she is a genuine friend,” Lydia revealed. “I also really like Alexis and Heather. I have hung out at Heather’s home when we aren’t on camera and we’ve been to see some movies together so I feel like she is a true, genuine friend,” she said, adding that – unlike some people on the show, her pals, “are genuine, don’t twist my words and they get me.”

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