Lydia McLaughlin Returning To Season 12 Of RHOC

Multiple sources are confirming that Lydia McLaughlin will return to season twelve of The Real Housewives of Orange County! As you may remember, Lydia quit the show after season eight.

“She seems really excited,” an insider tells US Weekly.

At the time, Lydia said of her reason for leaving the show, “It’s bittersweet. I compare it to breaking up with a boyfriend you know you’re not going to end up with — it’s hard, but overall you know you’re doing the right thing.”

In November 2014, Lydia and her husband Doug welcomed their third child, son Roman. They also renewed their wedding vows in April 2016 after 10 years of marriage.

RHOC is getting closer to finalizing the cast for the new season. What do you think about Lydia’s return?

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28 Replies to “Lydia McLaughlin Returning To Season 12 Of RHOC”

  1. Dear goodness, why?? She is too darn sweet for this bunch. But, I’m looking forward to seeing her dear mom “don’t make me sprinkle you with fairy dust”. Love her. I’ll have to check into this show now, just for her mother and Shannon.

  2. I’m so glad she’s coming back. Yes, way too nice to be with this bunch but I so like her and love, love her mother. I’m a hippy-fairy myself so I so enjoy them. Welcome back!!

  3. I agree with everyone. I honestly don’t have an opinion about this casting because Vicki & Tamera have ruined this show for me…BUT.., I LOVED her adorable Mom & was sickened by how she was treated by Briana’s husband at the finale.

      1. I have heard this said so many times here and I don’t know how you guys came to that conclusion. Did I miss something? Please. Let me in on what happened. I obviously missed something big.

        1. he treated Lydia’s Mom like a pieced of poop.. he was insulting and mean with his words. I’ve seen him nasty to Vicki and her brother. He’s a turd all the way thru – true colors!

    1. Yes. I totally agree! I was disgusted as well. Such disrespect and what a nasty guy he was to her mom. I cannot stand him. Brianna’s choice in a man seems terrible. He is scary, like Cin said.
      I will not bw watching either…because of Vicki, Kelly, and last year was the absolute worst, a disgrace.

  4. I am stunned. Why oh why after watching Kelly would such a true, sweet, LADY, join this cast again. Maybe she believes her true sense of heart and soul can somehow repair Kelly!!!!! or maybe heal the lack of friendship between Viki / Kelly and Tamra and Shannon. I myself, can not imagine wanting to have any kind of relationship with Viki / Kelly. They are both disgusting excuses for anything even close to human. If Megan was still there, I could see it. Both young and full of light. I became a real fan of Megan this last year.
    It’s like sending a newborn bunny into a duo tangle of rattlesnakes, V & K, for real. I am a Tamra and Shannon fan. I don’t expect anyone to be beyond reproach to be looked at with fondness. Those who struggle with their conscience, or whatever it might be, need God in their life. I see Tamra as one who sees her own faults and demons, and wakes up daily trying to become a person worthy of Christ. I don’t really care what others believe about her. I have always been a fan, even though a few times I cringe at what she says. I wasn’t always a Shannon fan, but I am now. First season must be difficult for anyone, especially with what was happening with Shannon literally the week before filming the show!! I am so pleased Tamra and Shannon are real friends. They will both welcome Lydia, Tamra back with open arms, and Shannon will just welcome her. Kelly can’t pull the “been here longer” card on Lydia either. I hope Lydia has grown a thicker skin during her hiatus. I am with Rain, I might have to watch and see now. Sigh.

  5. Hi Rain
    I’ve never posted before but have been reading all your posts daily for about two years now. I love the camaraderie between you and the tolerance to those who’s opinions you may not agree with. I don’t actually know you all but I feel like I do! Have any of you heard from Suzie as I’ve missed her input. Hello to Aunt Bee, star. Miss M Real Sandy and all the others from across the pond. I love in the North West of England and I absolutely love your posts even when your disagreeing. I personally feel that RHOC is doomed as it has become so ridiculous. Grown women acting as children most of the time and Vicky!! What can you say about her but what a vile piece of work!!!!!!!

  6. Really?! She got to pick a friend?!?!?! My head is exploding. Yes. She could only have friends as despicable as she.
    Lordie this makes it so hard to continue watching. I guess Lydia is the olive branch to keep or bring some of us in?

    1. Yes , she said she wouldn’t come back otherwise ! Wtf!! So Andy loves her so much they ended up givig in to her.
      Just sad

      1. I haven’t decided if I’m gong to watch the show or not. I know some people here don’t watch yet still remark on it. I think I would miss not being able to give my opinion on this blog since I like being here, dammit!

  7. Not a great choice in my opinion. I have nothing against her but she publicly came out and stated the “nastiness” of her season put her off. The show has got worse, she will not cope if Kelly comes back.

    1. Unfortunately Stuart, you might be right there. Lydia will have a hard time with Kelly and if she thought it was bad the season she was on……..phew! Wait for the one she’ll be on next. And the sad thing is that she’s going to be hit with that Ugly-Kelly-Stick for sure and now there is word that Kelly is bringing a friend on to the show? Lydia, hang on sweetie. It’s going to be a very bumpy ride! More reason not to watch next season.

      1. I was/ am not a fan of Kelly. Did she bring drama… yes. However, her lack of humility at the reunion just totally put me off.

        I will be sad to see heather go. Whether she had a high opinion of herself or not, she brought a different mix to the cast. I understand why she left tho as it just got nasty

        I think this season is going to be Tamra/ Shannon Vs Vicki/ Kelly and anyone in the middle is just collateral damage. I cant see how bridges between Shannon and Vicki can be rebuilt.

  8. That was awful. Vicki was even horrified. I do think Brianna’s husband has Post-traumatic stress disorder from serving in Afghanistan. Still no excuse for treating this woman so poorly. Poor Brianna has the weight of the world on her shoulders.

  9. WHOA…..I have a vague recollection of something like that but I’m not sure why I don’t remember it. I don’t know if I didn’t end up seeing it but heard about it or what, but nevertheless, that’s horrible. I can’t see Briana condoning such behaviour……it is disappointing.

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