Lydia McLaughlin Quits RHOC


Tamra Barney, Vicki Gunvalson and Heather Dubrow have headed to Hawaii to continue filming season 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Lydia McLaughlin has confirmed she has quit the show. “I compare it to breaking up with a boyfriend you know you’re not going to end up with, it’s hard, but overall you know you’re doing the right thing,” Lydia told US Weekly. “I never wanted to make a career out of being a Housewife. That’s never really been a dream of mine.”

“I definitely have plans to continue to sparkle fairy dust and be a light! I want to develop our own reality show about our magazine and all the glitz and glamour involved with publishing it,” Lydia said of her future plans. “I want to build my brand outside of the Housewives, I’ve always been really honest with the producers about that. I knew that while I was filming it that I probably wasn’t going to be doing it again.”

Are you sad to see Lydia go?

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15 Replies to “Lydia McLaughlin Quits RHOC”

  1. I’m sad at this, but I understand. Lydia isn’t cut out to be a Housewife.

    I wonder just how many new Housewives will be added to the OC. Three/Four?

    1. I’m a little sad to hear this. i really enjoyed the interaction that her mother & she brought to the show. Lydia, is being polite in her decision, because I sincerely think it’s because of how her mom was treated by Vicki’s son in law, Ryan. I hope he’s never coming back!! I think that Vicki put that incident under the rug and I am so disappointed. I used to have respect for her, no matter who she dated. Congrats Lydia on making a wise decision. Your mom is so much more important and you don’t need the money, so I’m happy for your family. Respect is part of good tv and this show is losing that along w/class in their choices. Am extactic that Slade and “what’s his fiance’s name?” are gone. good story line would have been nice to watch Lydia and her Mom more. too bad, that show is just not that great anyway..its been hurting for a long time..a little to late to jump start a dead battery….

  2. Hmmm this gal is smarter than I thought – run from bravo and all their restrictions, trash and fakery. They are losing ratings on every show. Smart move.

  3. Good for her… She is not a foul mouthed vendicitive backstabbing person like Vicki an Tamara are and should associate herself with a better class of people.


  5. Yes I am sorry to see her go but don’t blame her. After the mom and Ryan incident I wouldn’t have wanted to stay. Plus this little lady has some integrity and at times could see how shocked she was by others behavior .

  6. I think that was Lydia’s polite way of saying that she could care less about the remaining mean and hateful castmembers and Bravo, and I don’t blame her one bit. Being a Housewife ain’t exactly a glam gig anymore — its actually becoming quite the joke to be one. Uh-oooh, I wonder if this means that Bravo will ask Gretchen (ughh) or Alexis to come back?

  7. Glad to see that she has more class than any other HW. SHe sees the crap that goes on and decides her life and her family are more important than TV. She had a little touch of what the franchise can do to family when Vickie’s
    Drunken rage aholic son in law tried to rip her mom a new one. Anyway good for you Lydia… YOur the only one with good sense.

  8. Although I truly like Lydia…like I can really see myself hanging out with a person like her I don’t think she is right for the show. She is a bit too squeaky clean and a bit boring for the franchise. I wouldn’t be interested in a reality show about the magazine either. I think RHOC needs a total revamp! They need younger women who are exciting. No one on the show offers that

  9. Lydia was a awkward character on RHOC and didn’t share the same sense of fun as the other girls. The only girl she had shared interest was Alexis and she backstabbes her to be friends with the orhers. Good she quit because she wouldn’t fit in with RHOC.

  10. Good for Lydia! I love to see her interactions with both her husband and mom. It’s very genuine and sweet. As Bravo housewife history goes, another season or two would ensure that she would be headed to divorce court and probably estranged from her mom as well. These shows destroy relationships and Lydia is smart enough to see that and realize what REALLY matters in life. And Housewives ain’t it. For all of Vicky’s intelligence, seems she would have realized the same a few seasons back and maybe she’d still be married and without all of the family issues.

  11. Lydia, I am sorry to see you leave and cant wait to see your new show when it comes to production, your grandfather would be so proud of you. Best o f luck….Jacquie in St.John’s NL

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