Lydia McLaughlin Proud of Her Mom For Forgiving Briana and Ryan Culberson

Lydia McLaughlin is proud that her mom Judy Stirling took the high road when it came to forgiving Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter Briana Culberson and her husband Ryan for what took place in season eight.

As you probably remember, Briana’s husband, Ryan, went nuts on Judy for putting her feet up on the couch during the season finale party.

“I’m proud of my mom for moving forward with everything that happened with Briana and Ryan,” Lydia wrote in her blog this week. “It does sting a little for me, watching the flashback of the reunion where Briana tells lies about my mom in an attempt to justify her husband’s behavior, but I will take a page from my mother’s playbook and move forward and try to take the high road. Nothing but love all around.”

Do you agree that Judy should have forgiven Briana and Ryan?

Photo Credit: Bravo