Lydia McLaughlin Proud of Her Mom For Forgiving Briana and Ryan Culberson

Lydia McLaughlin is proud that her mom Judy Stirling took the high road when it came to forgiving Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter Briana Culberson and her husband Ryan for what took place in season eight.

As you probably remember, Briana’s husband, Ryan, went nuts on Judy for putting her feet up on the couch during the season finale party.

“I’m proud of my mom for moving forward with everything that happened with Briana and Ryan,” Lydia wrote in her blog this week. “It does sting a little for me, watching the flashback of the reunion where Briana tells lies about my mom in an attempt to justify her husband’s behavior, but I will take a page from my mother’s playbook and move forward and try to take the high road. Nothing but love all around.”

Do you agree that Judy should have forgiven Briana and Ryan?

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  • Rain

    Wow! The ENTIRE family sold their soul to hop on the LIARFACE train ! Shame in Lydia and her mother !
    Fairy dust my ass?

    • Bhvnly

      I think they just chose to move on!

    • Daisy

      That’s a train that will derail soon. Ugh fairy dust and sprinkles will be everywhere

      • Rain

        Hey gorgeous. Happy weekend ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Bon Vivant

    It’s the right thing to do. Yes he seems to be totally off kilter and in need of some kind of anger counseling, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to let it go, especially considering the stress Briana and Ryan must be under with his service duties and her ill health.

    • ASHER

      I totally agree with your comments. I hope both Tyan and Brianna get the help they both need.

  • Lisa

    LOL, “take the high road”…….. but not without a jab at Briana first. “It does sting a little for me, watching the flashback of the reunion where Briana tells lies about my mom in an attempt to justify her husband’s behavior…..” Its like saying, ‘I’m sorry that you felt I hurt your feelings…..”

  • starr

    I’m very impressed with Lydia’s mom. She’s right not to hold on to negative stuff, it frees her, not Brianna or Ryan who has to live with lies told & totally disrespectful behavior to an guest who was an older person no less. Vicki was not involved in this, but somehow I believe she’s somewhat afraid of her son-in-law. When he returns for good, let’s see how long it’ll take for Brianna to stomach his controlling abusive nature.

  • Watching in Ohio

    i think that Lydia’s mom is a gentle soul who doesn’t harbor negativity.. her sweet spirit is evident in Lydia! I think you have to forgive people like I vicky’s son in law.. (and his wife) because he’s an “unthinking rude jerk” who doesn’t understand respect towards his elders! He has mistreated Vicky too and it’s going to come back on him (if it alread hasnt/ he got a medIcal discharge which tells me something is wrong with him! I also think vickys daughter is an entitled little twit more concerned about an inheritance than her mother! She isn’t much better than her husband (maybe that’s why she’s sick.. attitude poisoning her)! Didn’t mind taking a new SUV and home from mama! Sorry.. just my take on it!

  • Cin

    omg…. Ryan is not a nice man… no forgiving a thug..

  • AuntBee

    I think Lydia is more of an airhead that her mother. I liked her the last season.