Lydia McLaughlin Opens Up About RHOC Return and Shannon Beador

Some fans were shocked when Bravo announced that season eight star Lydia McLaughlin would return for this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County and even asked why Lydia would want to return after quitting the show after one season.

“I feel like I took a maternity leave,” Lydia joked in a new interview. “Now, I’m back, and I’m better than ever!”

“So, four years ago, I did the show and, honestly, I just thought that it was acting,” she admits to ET. “And that just wasn’t the case … I went in really naive … it was just a lot for me to really process. And I don’t think I was totally ready.”

“I just felt like it was a little darker and real than I knew,” she adds. “That was really hard for me … it was really good for me to walk away.”

Since appearing on the show, Lydia and her husband Doug have welcomed another child into their lives. Their third son, Roman.

“I’m totally in this different stage of my life,” she shares. “I was less worried about, like, how are they going to edit me? Or, what’s going to happen? And I was more just, like, I don’t even care. I’m back. I’m just going to have fun and be myself.”

“Life is about growing and evolving and learning,” she continues. “So, even if you’re screaming at someone on national TV, there’s a lesson to learn there, right?”

McLaughlin explains that she has not watched the show since leaving.

“Once you’re on the show and you leave, you can’t watch it,” Lydia says. “ It’s too weird. It’s like seeing your boyfriend, and then you break up, and then they’re, like, making out with a girl. Like, you don’t want to watch that, you know? So, like, Shannon [Beador], Kelly [Dodd]? I had never seen them before.”

We all saw that Lydia didn’t start off on good terms with Shannon Beador in episode two.

“I’m friends with Vicki [Gunvalson] and that makes her mad,” Lydia says of her first impression of Shannon.

“Now, maybe I would understand that,” she continues. “But at the time? I’m like, you are this crazy middle-aged woman yelling at me at a kid’s birthday party!”

While Lydia hasn’t seen the full season yet, she promises it will be “captivating.”

“It’s a wild ride,” she says. “Honestly, we would film, and I would go home to Doug, my husband, and be like, ‘I can’t believe that happened!’ Like, some things happen that you’re like, there’s no way you could have even planned that.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


3 Replies to “Lydia McLaughlin Opens Up About RHOC Return and Shannon Beador”

  1. So…Peggy will be the luxury lifestyle replacement for Heather, and Lydia will jump into the fray to hold everyone’s feet to the fire where Heather generally would shy away from that.

  2. Poor Lydia, her 1st encounter with Shannon, the one man wrecking team was definitely all that I expected it to be, but was certainly a bolt of lightning out of the nowhere for her. The fastest course & a quick learn on queen of the witches.

  3. No you are not better than ever. Mind your own business. Its obnoxious how you meddle and think your opinion is s superior.

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