Lydia McLaughlin On Slade’s ‘Eat A Cheeseburger’ Comment!


Lydia McLaughlin is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal she doesn’t think she overreacted about Slade’s comments about her weight. Lydia says Slade has a track record of making fun of the other women’s appearances, and she doesn’t think that is the way a man should behave.

Lydia writes, “Slade’s comment and the whole situation upset and frustrated me on many different levels, which is why I think I got more and more upset. First of all, I am the hostess of the party. Secondly, I don’t know him that well. So the fact that he whispered what I perceived to be an insult about me was not cool. It was also inappropriate that he didn’t say “I’m sorry. Let’s move on,” but instead continued to explain all the reasons why he felt his comment was OK. Don’t forget that we had just gotten back from Mexico where Gretchen was whispering sweet nothings about me in the limo. I’m more of a direct person and I don’t understand whispering about someone when they are right there. If he would of just taken ownership for his comment, apologized if it upset me, we could have moved on. . .but that didn’t happen.

It’s not what Slade said that upset me so much. It is his history of putting down other women’s appearances publicly. Last year he called Tamra too fat and he’s made fun of Vicki’s nose. Now he’s going after me at my own party!?! Who died and made him the appearance police? It’s just not OK, which is why I called him out on it. And, for Gretchen to say I’m making a big deal out of nothing just showed me how insensitive she is. Maybe love is blind, but I can’t image my husband Doug ever acting like that. Men should be lifting woman up — not critiquing our appearance.”

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11 Replies to “Lydia McLaughlin On Slade’s ‘Eat A Cheeseburger’ Comment!”

  1. Ugh I just wish I could put a plug in her mouth and ship her off somewhere where we never have to see her again. Most spoiled and entitled little ***** I’ve ever heard of in my life. Grow up Lydia, if being “teased” for being too skinny is your biggest problem, then you need to open your eyes and be thankful that that’s the only “issue” you have.

  2. Lydia needs to practices what she preaches or the the lessons that she wants Slade to take from her husband about class and grace. In the same sentence that she used to say that Slade shouldn’t comment about a woman’s appearance, she called Gretchen “Malibu Barbie.” Lydia, grow up and get over yourself. Think about what you’re going to say before you open your mouth. Seriously you need to learn to let some things go. You drone on and on and on and on about these “slights” forever.

    1. I totally agree with your statement. Lydia constantly reminded Alexis that she should forgive and move on, but when it happens to her? Of course she won’t forgive/move on, this is about her now!
      Quite the hypocrite.

  3. Why aren’t any of these women addressing the disgusting conversation that Terry and Slade had!?!? For fancy pants being a self proclaimed etiquette queen, why are these two vile jerks getting away with their comments. I’m a guys gal, but those two took it way too far!

  4. I have to agree with Lydia that Slade has entirely too much to say about the other Housewives’ looks and weight; it is never okay to make comments like that. When a person is underweight, for some reason people feel it is okay to critique them, right in front of other people no less! Saying “have a cheeseburger” is as inappropriate as saying to an overweight person “Lay off on the ice cream and try a salad”. It is unacceptable. Ask any person who has trouble keeping weight ON and you will find out how hurtful it can be. It is inappropriate in any case; then consider the fact that the target may be suffering from an illness, whether it be an eating disorder or any disease. It is just never okay to comment on a person’s appearance! How would Slade feel if someone felt “entitled” to inform him that his beady little eyes are too close together, or talked about his big chin? I bet it would hurt his feelings; of course he would NEVER admit to that. Maybe he has a thicker skin, after all he did endure Gretchen’s “Tubba-Wubba” comments.

    1. Agree – Slade should keep his comments to himself. For two people who don’t like it when someone talks about them, they can sure dish it out for others. No “Person” should ever tear someone down for their looks or appearance the way Slade does.

  5. Ugh.. I really liked her until this episode.. She acted like a little brat. Grow up Lydia! I am sure you lost a lot of supporters with that pity party. I never liked Slade or Gretchen, but this is just over the top!

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