Lydia McLaughlin Explains Why She Told Gretchen She Hurt Alexis!


Lydia McLaughlin is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Lydia explains she had good intentions in telling Gretchen that Alexis was hurt by the loss of their friendship, and wanted to make sure Gretchen knew she was offering support by giving her the card for Grayson.

Lydia writes, “When we first arrived I gave Gretchen a card. I had only met her at the CUT party and that obviously wasn’t a great night for anyone. Tamra had told me Gretchen was going through a lot with Grayson, Slade’s son. I can’t imagine having a sick child and what that must be like to go through. I had my boys color a Get Well card for them. This was my way of letting her know we were praying for her and the whole family. I hadn’t “clicked” with Gretchen, and I thought this was a good way to show her a little of who I am by offering her support.

When the conversation at dinner that night started to revolve around Alexis again, I felt uncomfortable. I wanted to let Gretchen know that from my past conversations with Alexis, she seemed to be really hurt by Gretchen. Alexis never spoke ill of her, but there seems to be a real feeling of sadness — like she had lost a true friend. When Gretchen said she found that hard to believe, I just wanted to drop the conversation. I don’t know the ins and outs of their relationship and I didn’t want to speak on Alexis’ behalf in front of the whole table.

Heather and Terry’s fight seems to be rooted in deep issues they have with one another. It is good to see them be open and honest and transparent with their marriage. I think all marriages are full of hurt feelings and misunderstandings and that is what makes the love strong, selfless, and true in the end. Nobody is perfect, but if you can give love and accept love through that, imperfection can become a beautiful thing. I think they have both learned and grown from this experience. Heather was able to express herself and her wants from Terry, and I think he realized his shortcomings. Guest starring on Hot in Cleveland is an exciting opportunity for Heather. She is living out her dreams and when you are a mother, many times your dreams are put on hold. Being a mother I completely understand what she is talking about. At the end of the day, I think Terry is truly excited for her and supportive.

Once it is time to leave, Tamra and Vicki are obviously having tension. I just want to get home to my kids at this point. It has been a long weekend and was time for us to leave. I think it is best to have everything all out in the open. Tamra had been rolling her eyes and obviously annoyed at Vicki for her performance in Wines by Wives all weekend. Vicki seemed to notice, but not care. I was encouraging them both to talk about it, rather then talk to everyone else about it. Issues don’t get resolved by third parties. They didn’t want to talk about it so we eventually left. It was encouraging to see Tamra address her issues with anger and not being able to express herself a few days later to Eddie. Hopefully she can grow and I believe knowing there is an issue is the first step.”

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5 Replies to “Lydia McLaughlin Explains Why She Told Gretchen She Hurt Alexis!”

  1. This Lydia is kinda growing on me. She seems a little to beholden to Alexis and her phoniness but she seems level headed and doesn’t appear to be taking sides yet.

    I hate to admit it but I hope she is forced to choose one group of girls over the other.

  2. I think Lydia has good intentions. I do have to comment though that for a woman involved in the media through her magazine, the above blogging does not read like a supposed professional’s should. Her tenses are all over the place, and at times her points just are not clearly stated.

    Actually, it is symbolic of the behavior of Lydia up to this point; she does not seem to be able to commit or head in one direction clearly. She appears to sincerely desire to be unbiased and impartial, but is swinging back and forth a bit too far in either direction in my opinion in the process. As with ladies in this youngish age group, I am not sure Lydia is emotionally mature enough to understand let alone express exactly how she does feel.

    She is sweet, seems harmless, and I have faith Lydia will get things figured out and pray she doesn’t just follow along and head in the wrong direction just to feel safer in numbers. We need a Yolanda in this group, not another Tamara lemming. Even Tamara can’t stand on her own in her opinions without looking for backup from her followers, i.e. Gretchen the pathetic ass kisser, and even the wine servers at the tasting.

  3. Lydia attempting to talk with Gretchen openly and honestly about Alexis ‘s hurt was a VERY KIND, very sweet and authentic attempt to begin some dialogue in the hopes of being a peacemaker. It is such a shame that Gretchen’s heart has grown so cold. I am convinced Gretchen is now under Tamara’s spell and will continue to monitor her moves with Gretchen’s anticipated reactions and/or approval in the back of her mind; Gretchen seems blind to the fact that (in my opinion) she is merely a pawn in Tamara’s game. I don’t believe Tamara has any real affection or respect for Gretchen.

  4. Love having Lydia on the show. She actually seems normal, mature, and level headed. I hope she continues to call these ladies out when they hurt each other and lie.

    Lydia honey – you can’t fix these ladies though, so don’t get too caught up in the wreckage.

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