Lydia McLaughlin Clashes With Shannon Beador Over Vicki Gunvalson

This week on The Real Housewives of Orange County Lydia McLaughlin met Shannon Beador at Tamra Judge’s granddaughter’s birthday party. Things didn’t go very smoothly for Lydia when she mentioned Vicki Gunvalson’s name, as Shannon is enemies with Gunvalson after Vicki claimed Shannon’s husband David Beador of “beat the s— out of [Shannon]” during their marriage.

When Shannon found out Vicki had been talking about her at dinner with Lydia she wasn’t pleased. “Honestly, I don’t care what she has to say because most of it isn’t true,” Shannon said — telling the viewers, “Our friendship is over and I’ve moved on, so stop talking about me. Is Vicki a little bit obsessed?”

Tamra tried to mediate the situation, telling Lydia, “Our issues with Vicki are our issues. They’re not your issues.”

But Shannon decided to warn Lydia about Vicki. “Be forewarned,” she said. “The things that she went after about our husbands were unconscionable things. Making allegations that my husband beat me? You don’t put that out there in the world, especially if my children are going to hear that.”

Then Lydia said something that really set Shannon off. “You guys are acting the same way almost she acted. You hurt her, too.”

“I don’t know you well, but I take offense in that comment,” Beador told McLaughlin, bringing up Gunvalson’s involvement in the cancer scheme run by her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers. “She lied to us that her boyfriend had cancer and she was in on the lie. She’s hurt because we were calling her out on it. She’s making lies up about my husband that’s hurting my kids — that’s still hurting my kids.”

“I’ve gained 40 lbs. — this is stress!” Shannon continued, addressing her recent weight gain. “That is Vicki Gunvalson and I’m not going to let that woman get to me anymore. So I’m telling you, I’m not like Vicki. I am not cruel to Vicki. I will call her out on her lies because she has admitted to them. And I will do that because I don’t just pretend that all those lies didn’t happen. I am not like her, I am not like her at all!”

“Oh my goodness, this chick fully took crazy pills,” McLaughlin confessed to viewers. “I just met you and you’re yelling at my like this? Are you for real?”

The confrontation was interrupted when Lydia’s husband Doug arrived at the party. Lydia spoke to her mom Judy about the way Shannon had treated her.

When Judy met Shannon she told her, “You have such a bright light. I’m seeing it in your eyes. Your energy is so in tune with me.” But when Lydia told her what had happened, Judy said, “She’s a lost soul.”

The drama started again when Lydia went to say goodbye to Tamra.

“I felt like you kind of took something and then screamed and yelled at me and I was like, ‘Whoa, nice to meet you,’” McLaughlin said. “You screamed and yelled at me. I feel like you are really upset.”

“Did I scream and yell at you?” Shannon asked in response. “I’m really sorry you feel that way Lydia. I’m direct and I’m honest. Put yourself in my shoes and then say to yourself, ‘Did I really yell at you?’ Because I didn’t raise my voice at all. I was upset when you said ‘I feel like you’re just like Vicki.’ That’s what set me off. So let’s be clear, Lydia. When you said I was just like Vicki, you don’t know me and I’m nothing like Vicki Gunvalson.”

A frustrated Lydia told Shannon, “We’re not going to get along, I feel like. I don’t want to hang out. I don’t want to go out to dinner with someone where anything I say, you’re attacking me about it.”

“You won’t even hear what I’m saying about it,” McLaughlin added. “I feel like it’s semantics that you’re kind of obsessing about one thing.”

Shannon tried to clear her name one last time. “Your mom said I had a bright light,” Shannon said. “Maybe you should talk to her about it.”

“Yeah well she also said you had a lost soul,” McLaughlin responded — as Shannon left in anger, screaming, “I’m done. I’m f*cking done. I’m done. F*ck it.”

What were your thoughts on this episode?

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9 Replies to “Lydia McLaughlin Clashes With Shannon Beador Over Vicki Gunvalson”

  1. Shannon is a nut ! I’ve always thought she was a crazy loon. Loud harsh voice and now this overly defensive behavior. If nothing that was said about her husband is true, why get so angry and defensive? Same for Tamara. If Vicki only spoke rumors why is she so angry? It’s the drama of a reality series. They have to get their ratings somehow I guess.

  2. Nothing good comes of group filming this season, hence the change that the show is now being filmed 3/4 as individual families. I felt bad for Briana at this party actually, she was so nervous at not being able to talk to Tamara as she always had. I didn’t know that Tamra cut ties with her too. Still, there was something very lovely about the way Eddie reacted when he saw Briana; he gave a huge bear hug with a smile that you could feel was coming from a good place in spite of the standoff between Vicki and Tamra- it was very nice on his part.

  3. Shannon is a little crazy, why? Because almost every time someone comes to her they come with accusations about her personal life that they seem to believe are fact! I’m sorry I think Lydia has bit the Vicky cookie…

  4. I don’t understand why Lydia thought it a good idea to start with Shannon moments after meeting. I think Shannon had every right to be upset. Especially discussing this at a 2 year old birthday party.
    I get that there’s​ a formula for these shows but she(Lydia) is trying to make her mark so early. Ease back in please!

    1. Lydia is being a total twat so far and seeing her on wwhl , she is totally team Vicki! Very disappointed in her

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