Lydia McLaughlin Calls Gretchen Out Over Getting Involved In Tamra & Vicki’s Friendship!


Lydia McLaughlin is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss Episode 2 of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Even though we aren’t introduced to Lydia until the next episode, she is still taking time to write her opinions about what’s happening on the show. Lydia questions Gretchen and says it seems like Gretchen wants to be the only friend in Tamra’s life. Lydia also says the way Slade spoke of Vicki on his radio show was mean.

Lydia writes, “We start right where we left off, at the clambake. I think it is cool that Vicki went to say hello to Tamara first, even though she sees and feels “all this Ick” between them. I think that shows that she is, or is trying to be, the bigger person and move forward. I am happy that Tamra and Vicki eventually talk and move on. . .although, I’m still trying to figure out what Gretchen has to do with their friendship. What is this second grade and you can only have one best bud? Gretchen seems to be scared that there is only room for one friend in Tamara’s life, and she wants it to be her.

Heather is always a lady and even when the girls (Tamara and Gretchen) go to her to talk about Vicki’s face, she holds her tongue. I love that about Heather because it does take strength to refrain from all the gossip. I’m sure she had an opinion about the way Vicki looked, but it wasn’t the place or time to talk about it. . .especially while Vicki was probably five feet away. I also love her advice to Tamara as a “do over.” No one has to be right or wrong. They both got hurt. She even calls herself a “Jewish Mary Poppins” at one point. This is probably my favorite quote from this episode. Who says that!?! I love her!

I liked getting a different kind of glimpse into Alexis and Jim and their life. I feel like we are seeing a goofier side of Jim, as he’s trying on Alexis’ shoes and dressing up as a “Latin lover” for dance lessons. You don’t know me that well yet, but I am all about goofy!

Alexis looks like a bombshell ballerina and their date seemed lighthearted and sweet. I look forward to seeing their trampoline park and Alexis being the spokesperson. Hopefully she learns how to jump into the foam pit better. She can make anything look good, but her dismount needed a little bit of work!

I have to admit, I really found it hard to watch the segment with Slade. We were recently all together in New York, and I found him very pleasant and even a gentleman in person. But, during this episode, he seems to get such joy out of being mean. I don’t think it is ever OK for a man to put down a woman’s appearance. I can’t imagine any man I know and respect acting in such a way. I don’t know the history with Gretchen, Vicki, and Slade but where does all this hatred come from? Had he even seen Vicki’s face at this point, or is he speaking on behalf of Gretchen? I guess this episode left me with some questions and frustration of my own. . .

Next week you finally get to “meet” me. I am both nervous and excited. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and because I have put myself out there on a reality show I know I will be hearing many opinions. . .just try to go easy on me.”

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