Lydia McLaughlin Believes Shannon Beador Should Have Cheered For David at Spartan Race

Lydia McLaughlin is sharing in her blog why she was surprised Shannon Beador didn’t join her husband for the Spartan race. Lydia states that while every marriage is different, she thought Shannon should have been there to cheer on Tamra and David.

“I felt like the race was an adventure and fun challenge with Doug, so I figured I had nothing to lose. When Tamra had first invited me, I had assumed Shannon would be there as well. Even if she didn’t do the race, I knew David was super into it and thought she would at least come to cheer us all on. I really wanted to form a friendship with her, as I know Tamra and Shannon are so close. I love Tamra and wanted to be Shannon’s friend as well.

I know every marriage is different, and I don’t want to assume I understand the ins and outs of David and Shannon’s relationship… However, if my best friend and husband were doing a race, I would be there. I would want to support them and cheer them on.”

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12 Replies to “Lydia McLaughlin Believes Shannon Beador Should Have Cheered For David at Spartan Race”

  1. Maybe Shannon had other commitments. I am really not liking Lydia this time around. She is constantly taking digs at Shannon that just aren’t necessary and that are beneath her. It’s a shame that this is what Lydia is, I had formed a higher opinion of her before her return.

  2. Maybe, just maybe Shannon felt ashamed to come in sports wear. Who knows. It would’ve been nice though to wear slacks, suck it up & be there to support David who broke my heart while watching his face as he watched the other spouses together. I’m with Lydia, we do some things that we do not enjoy just for our spouses.

  3. What happened to Lydia? She’s trying to stir up trouble every chance she gets! Making hurtful insinuations about someone’s marriage based on them not sharing one stinking activity was ridiculous and low.

  4. David doesn’t do squat for Shannon so why should she bother. He’s not involved or supportive of her weight loss struggles. I’m tired if Shannon blaming her weight on Vicki…she gained the weight cause she likes to eat and David puts more stress on her than Vicki ever did. And IMO, Vicki and her daughter both have weight issues but they aren’t obsessing about it. In any case, I think both Shannon and David are so self absorbed they have nothing left for each other. She takes digs at him and he sneers or ignores her. They remind me why I’m single!

  5. Lydia is a big phony. She behaves NOTHING like the Christian that she professes to be, she stirs the pot and it TOO YOUNG to know anything about anything.

  6. maybe Shannon did mention she wanted to join too and David cut her down saying she’s too out of shape to even attempt it. David seems very unsupportive of Shannon

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