LuAnn’s Boyfriend, Jacques, Suspects She Cheated- On The Outs!

Real Housewives of New York Star LuAnn De Lesseps’s younger boyfriend, Jacques Azoulay, is finally suspecting she cheated on him in St. Barts. Um, duh?

“Jacques suspects that LuAnn cheated on him during the vacation as she was caught in a bold faced lie,” a source close to the couple tells RadarOnline. “She told him that she had run into her Italian friends at the nightclub and brought them back to the vacation rental house. However, she has admitted that she lied and didn’t bring Italians back to the house and that it was the Johnny Depp look-alike that was there, but hasn’t really offered any valid or logical excuses to Jacques.”

The source continues, “LuAnn is blaming the producers of the show, saying they edited it to make it look like she cheated. Things are VERY strained between Jacques and LuAnn right now because he just doesn’t know if he can trust her. If she lied about just a mundane fact regarding who she brought back to the house, what else could she be lying about?”

The Countess took to her Bravo blog Tuesday to recover herself, “Character counts and honesty matters. I’m sorry I concocted a story about my ‘Italian friends’ coming back to the house,” she wrote. “I admit that my problem is the cover-up not the crime. I can assure you once again that nothing happened with Tomas. Fudging the truth always turns out bad. So learn from my mistake and remember that appearances do matter especially to the people who love you.” She continues, “Jacques and I are very happy and he’s forgiven me for my silly mistake. The ladies were relentless in their questioning of Tomas and his whereabouts and I felt bad that he got caught up in this mess. It was not Ramona’s place to harass Tomas and he was our guest that evening and deserved to be treated better than he was. I didn’t step in because to do so would have escalated the situation and would have made Tomas even more uncomfortable.”

However, The Countess is fibbing again, “Jacques hasn’t forgiven her for her ‘silly mistake.’ He doesn’t think there is anything silly about this situation. Cheating allegations are nothing to laugh about in Jacques’ mind, and he is going to see the rest of this play out. LuAnn doesn’t want to talk about this anymore though and tries to change the subject whenever the cheating allegations come up,” the insider says.

Oh the drama continues. Personally, I will be surprised if this relationship survives these blatant of allegations.

What do you think? Should Jacques forgive LuAnn?

Photo Credit: Twitter