LuAnn, Sonja And Dorinda Talk Bethenny Frankel On WWHL

Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

The Countess appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Real Housewives of New York City  co-stars Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley (as Dorinda made an appearance on the show) and held nothing back! The ladies dished on relationships, their cast mates and the show ended with LuAnn debuting her new single ‘Girl Code.’

One thing that really stood out during their conversation with Andy was Bethenny Frankel. A caller had asked why Bethenny comes off as the moral compass, and the ladies did not hold back.

“She’s not my moral compass!” LuAnn stated.

“We’re a little bit more cautious about what we say,” Medley chimed in. “Whereas Bethenny’s much more unfiltered and will go right for it.”

“She would never describe herself as [a moral compass],” Morgan added.

“If Bethenny is our moral compass, we’re all in big trouble!” the Countess concluded.

Watch the show highlight below.

Do you guys think Bethenny is a moral compass? Comment below!

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5 Replies to “LuAnn, Sonja And Dorinda Talk Bethenny Frankel On WWHL”

  1. Bethanney being anyone’s moral compass is ridiculous!
    I like her a lot, but she has a lot of as yet unresolved issues.
    Just because she is successful in business, does not mean she is anyone’s moral compass.
    She has always been a know it all type, and needs to use those analytical skills on HERSELF for a change.

  2. No way. I liked Bethenny her first go round on rhony. She has always been sarcastic and used to be rather funny. Now she’s just coming off as bitter, bitchy and mean. (& perhaps a little jealous of “pretty”.) It’s an ensemble but lately it seems like the Bethenny Show with the other women as scenery. Give her another show of her own and keep the others on Rhony.

  3. Moral compasses don’t scream at people, and they aren’t rude at whim. Have to say that for me, Luan has become the voice of reason.I like Dorinda but I think she’s playing to Bethenny and Sonja, I bet that next weeks blow up between Dorinda and Heather is because Heather dares defend herself and refuses to be chided.

  4. This clip was uncomfortable to watch with Sonja talking over everyone. I really like Dorinda, and after seeing her homes I like her more. She is colorful, not what is considered “understated” beige with a touch of color. I forget what next week’s trailer showed, but I hope Dorinda puts Heather in her place, always sticking her nose in everything, thinking she has to sum everything up for the girls before they can move on. She will NEVER just let anything go. She annoys me with her nicknames trying to make it look like she is the center of the group and like there is a familiarity there.

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