Luann Reveals Why She Didn’t Invite Ramona to Her Bridal Shower

Luann D’Agostino is sounding off about the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of New York in her first blog of the season. Even though her cast mates still have questions about her now, husband, Tom, Luann confirms she made the right choice by marrying him. She also reveals why she didn’t invite Ramona to her bridal shower.

“Can you believe it’s Season 9 of our show? New friends have become old friends, and I’ve become close with some of the ladies over the years in spite of our ups and downs. This season, you will see me planning my Palm Beach wedding weekend while working on my new bedding line and other businesses, fending off accusations (and amateur private investigations), and spending most of my time with Tom, who is the best. Don’t believe everything you hear. As for what is going on in other parts of my life, my kids are doing great, and their careers are going well. I’m loving my new home in the Hamptons, and as you see in this episode, Tom and I are enjoying living in his NYC penthouse. Life is good my friends, so why do some of the ladies feel the need bring me down when everything is looking up?

Dorinda and I are very good friends, and she knows firsthand that Tom and I share a magical bond, and of course she was invited to my shower. As for Ramona wondering why she wasn’t invited…only she would have the audacity to stab me in the back with one hand while giving me a shower gift with the other. My maid of honor invited 30 of my closest friends and family members to the home of a mutual friend, and I didn’t want negative energy at this celebration, so I decided not to invite Ramona, and as you see, I made the right choice. As for Ramona and Bethenny’s complicated relationships with their exes, I’m friends with Jacques and my ex-husband, and Tom is still friends with some of the women he’s dated. I have no problem with this, so I don’t understand why some of the women do.”

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  • MaryBoston

    hahahaha…that’s terrific. The other woman are jealous, though…

    • DaysofWineandRoses

      MaryBoston I’m wondering, where are the Gotham City girls on our board? I thought we had a few New Yorkers here who would surely be posting once the show started again. I’ve always wanted to ask them if Tom is an heir or of any relation to the family that owns that chain of supermarkets called D’Agostino’s . I’ve been to a couple of them more in the downtown & midtown-ish area, but I’m pretty sure there are others uptown close to where most of the cast has their stomping grounds. Tom is independently well off from his printing and signage business, but if he’s also part of that family…I could see how this is a very beneficial match for Luann in terms of strategizing to maintain her quality of life. She seems to be completely fine with it, so who am I to object? Although I do feel for Sonja, and thinks she needs a little more time to recover from being the last to have a go at the UES’s All-Access Neighborhood Diddle Widdle before Luann swooped in and snatched him off the market… I mean in real life, this would be so awkward…!

      • Real Sandy

        I found that info. (On Romper .com). It says he is not related to the supermarket chain. It also mentioned that the stores are not doing so well so maybe he would not be so much of a wealthy heir if he was related.
        Tom has his own corporate printing business and is self made from all that I could find.

  • Real Sandy

    I love that theme song!
    “As long as we live, it’s you and me baby.
    There ain’t nothing wrong with that!”
    Yes, love, then money, then companionship as the saying goes.
    I am sure it is not easy finding someone when you are over your early forties, anyway, since so many (not all) very successful men seem to want younger and younger women.
    Luann seems happy enough.
    Oh, and I saw the daughter (Zoe) of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz on that show Rain recommended on HBO, Big Little Lies. I recognized her immediately. She looks so much like her mom. (Have you seen Lisa’s Hawaiian hotty hubby?!)
    I then thought of Lenny and his mom, Roxie Roker, the late Bahamian American actress who starred in The Jeffersons. I always loved watching that show. It was a spinoff of “All in the Family” which was one crazy show that was very popular at the time, and unreal, really.

  • Aunt Bee

    The only reason this snob didn’t invite any of the other ladies is because she wanted all eyes only on her. However, I can understand not wanting to have any unwanted drama and we all know what happens when any group of RH women get together.

    • Real Sandy

      Maybe so. Maybe even Tom told her not to invite his ex-girlfriends, because maybe he would feel uncomfortable watching Sonja squirm or whatever. I am sure it would upset Luann to see his ex-girlfriends as she married him as well. We may never know for sure. It is a weird scenario. None of them were really happy for her except maybe Dorinda, anyway.

  • melodie Phillips

    Whatever the situation is, Luann is the ONLY one keeping this alive. STOP TALKING ABOUT IT LUANN if you let it go and stop worrying about what others are saying. It’s none of their business anyway. You need to have a phrase that tells people Im done talking. Sonja is the only one who still has a thing for Tom, Remember her calling him “my Tom” Sonja if this is a storyline fine but if not go away, Sonja is such an embarrassment to herself.