LuAnn & Jacques’ Relationship Is “On The Rocks!”

Apparently Countess LuAnn’s relationship with her boyfriend of 18 months, Jacques, is ‘on the rocks’ after the allegations that she hooked up with the Johnny Depp look-alike.

All of the housewives are sent advanced copies of the upcoming episode that is going to be aired a week beforehand,” a source close to the situation tells “Normally, LuAnn and Jacques watch the upcoming episode together but this past week, for the first time in a very long time, they didn’t. The footage of LuAnn flirting up a storm with the Johnny Depp look-alike and the revelation that the countess brought him back to the house that night would seriously be a cause of concern for Jacques.”

“Compound that with LuAnn’s bizarre phone call in which she tells the hot pirate to deny being at the house at all and LuAnn telling Jacques during a telephone call on the vacation that she had run into some of her old Italian friends and Jacques is very, very upset with LuAnn. Jacques just doesn’t understand why LuAnn would need to lie about the situation at all, unless she has something to hide. Their relationship is very much on the rocks, despite what LuAnn is publicly saying.”

As we previously reported LuAnn BEGGED Bravo not to air the footage of Tomas leaving the next morning, but that’s all the favors she was getting. They still aired footage that made it pretty evident she cheated.

“LuAnn is blaming the show producers for editing footage to make it look like she cheated on Jacques,” the insider says. “LuAnn is steadfast in her denials to Jacques that she cheated on him. Jacques wants to view next week’s episode now, but LuAnn is again stalling.”

Looks like money CAN’T buy you class or privacy!

Do you think Jacques should leave LuAnn?

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