LuAnn de Lesseps Wants Jill Zarin to Return to RHONY


Housewives come and go but sometimes return and in the case of the Real Housewives of New York City it seems that LuAnn de Lesseps would love to bring back former cast mate and friend Jill Zarin. The Countess spoke about who she wants to come back on the show and she answered with non other than one of her closest friends.

I love Jill Zarin, so I’d love to bring Jill back selfishly,” she told OK! Magazine at the Runway Ready party at HAUS nightclub.

It was recently confirmed that Heather Thomson would not be returning for another season of RHONY, so does this mean Jill can possibly get her spot back? Hmm… It was stated that Jill did not want to film the show’s 100th episode on Bravo when it aired last week, but she said it was an honor to be a part of the show.

Comment below and tell us what you think, would you like to see Jill return?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I’d love to see Jill return and LuAnn disappear!

Me too even though LuAnne was less uppity last season

All im going to say is…………NO THANKYOU

No, no, nonononononono!!!!! I don’t like when they bring old HW’s back. The problem is finding someone who would be part of what the show has become is very hard.

I agre Cassy, I don’t like old housewives returning, Jll wasn’t even invited to the 100th special because of Bethenny so it won’t happen.

I agree with Linda. Bring Jill back and get rid of pompous LoonAnn.

I can’t stand the thought of LuAnn coming back let alone Jill. I think the lesser of two evils would be Jill.

I thought it was the other way around, that Bravo didn’t ask her to be part of the 100th episode show. I would kinda like to see her back, and see if her and Bethenny could ever get their differences worked out. Either way, it seems a mistake to get rid of original housewives, rather than a mistake bringing them back. it wouldn’t be necessary to grab the show out from ratings plummeting if they didn’t drop the girls in the first place. Even if she couldn’t resume any friendship with Bethenny, which B has said she felt Jill ruined… Read more »

I stopped watching NY because of Aviva and her ridiculously sleazy old goat of a father! I am with Aunt Bee I wish instead of Luann we had Jill but I never think it works coming back except for Bethenny, She kind of dominated last season, not my favourite but after her crying spells for weeks she did come out with some good one liners. I just wish for my geriatric 89 year old ears she would slow her speech down a bit. It’s as difficult as listening to someone with a broad Glasgow accent.


If he hadn’t had been the age he was he might have been. On saying that I don’t know how old he actually was, just looked old and wrinkly and sleazy.

I could not stand Aviva or her (sick) dad and wonder how she is still married. She also was on Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars…

This is a better link… Aviva on Marriage Bootcamp



They were getting zapped for certain responses. It looked like they enjoyed zapping Aviva a bit much!

I was laughing each time she got zapped!

OMG That old man made me vomit. I stopped watching for awhile. If that old bugger said the things to me that he did to them I would have pepper sprayed him!!!

He was repulsive and that’s why I stopped, I didn’t like Aviva either!

If Bethany is coming back, better believe Jill will not be asked back. If Andy had his way, Bravo WILL NOT ask Jill back, especially after she secretly taped the one on one episode.

I believe you’re right, Egg. I hope she does not return.

Ugh of course Luann wants Jill back. Luann is ready to backstab Bethenny at any chance! First she brings back Kelly and “forgets” to mention it to Bethenny, now this. Ugh. Will never happen since Jill blackmailed Andy, I hope he won’t forget that!

I never liked Jill. She was pushy, loud, over-bearing and thought she ruled the show. I was SO GLAD when she left. Her voice was like nails on a chalkboard. And Andy doesn’t like her at all so I doubt she’ll be back. I wasn’t thrilled with LuAnn this season. If that’s the real her, I’d rather have her go back to being the snobby Countess.

It’ll a delight to see Jill and Bethenny jumping at each other’s throat !!
I am getting some popcorn
Let the games begin

Well it would sure be interesting if Jill came back with Bethenny on the show too!

I think Jill would love to come back on the show. She likes the drama and likes to act like everyone’s mother. I think she pushed Andy too far though and he would never allow her to be back on the show. According to what Andy said on the 100th episode show, she was asked to participate and she declined. I think she is hoping for Bravo to beg her to come back…it has been five years since she was on the show, and I don’t think many people really care anymore.

Nooooooo!!!!!! Jill’s time was up long ago!!!

LuAnn has no storyline anymore . She needs to go .. Very boring and makes drama to be relevant . Yaaaaawwwwwnnnnn

I hope Jill does not come back. I will not watch the show if she does.

Please bring her back.
The drama that she would cause would be reality tv gold.
And lets be honest. That’s why we watch the show, for the drama.

I never cared for Jill either but I admit I’d still probably watch and fast forward her parts. Her voice just kills me and she seems too competitive to be a true friend to anyone.