LuAnn de Lesseps Wants Jill Zarin to Return to RHONY


RHONY star LuAnn de Lesseps thinks it might be time to bring back one of the show’s veteran cast members. That’s right, she wants Jill Zarin back on the show.

“You know, I always miss the girls who aren’t on the show anymore,” Luann says. “Kristen [Taekman’s] a great girl, so is Heather [Thomson]. But you know, they’ve moved on and I just keep moving forward.”

“I feel it’s really authentic [this season], because we’re all old friends,” the Countess shares. “We’ve known each other a long time, and there’s a lot of flashbacks going on to the previous seasons, and I think it gives it weight and depth, and I think it kinda jells.”

And there’s one person she really wants to see back. “Oh, Jill Zarin!” Luann says. “Everybody wants to see Jill.”

Jill was let go in 2011, when the show was heavily recast. In 2014, Andy Cohen teased that they tried to bring her back to film one scene for season six, but it didn’t work out.

“Ramona [Singer] found out and she put the kibosh on that,” Luann reveals. “Because Jill had the ‘goods’ on her … What that means is Jill knew what was going on in Ramona’s life.”

“[Jill]’s the Jewish mom,” Luann says. “She knows everything.”

While it might be fun for viewers to see Jill again, it’s highly unlikely with the return of Bethenny Frankel.

Would you like to see Jill Zarin return to RHONY?

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  • Daisy

    I would love for Jill to return Bethany ‘ s reaction would be priceless

    • Anonymous

      YES!!! Bring Jill back!! I am not even a fan of Jill’s, but it would indeed be priceless!!!!

      • Jill would give anything to come back to the show, but I hope it never happens. She turned out to be such a disappointment as a friend. I see why LuAnn would want her back though….she has no allies.

      • Amy

        Totally. Not to mention the untold reason why Lu wants her return:)

        • What’s the untold reason….please spill?

  • Yellowbean

    Jill should come back! I wonder if B is still Andy’s favourite, or whether her behavior this season has caused a chill in that relationship. Jill is probably the one person who can actually stand up to B.

  • John

    I doubt Bethenny would care that much actually. She doesn’t like Jill, yes, but I guess she wouldn’t really interact with her, the way Bethenny doesn’t interact with Sonja this season… but it’d be fun to watch!!

  • B VS J

    It would be interesting seeing them back but Jill has been trying to get good with Bethany for a while now so it would be fun to see what side she would take.

  • I don’t think Andy will ever have Jill back after what she pulled that time on WWHL (I think that is when it was that she tape recorded the whole thing). Jill can not be trusted.

    • patricia

      Can’t stand Jill; hope she never returns!

  • Who is LuAnn to decide who will or will not be on the show. She herself doesn’t play an important part on the show so she should keep quiet. Jill lost all of my respect with the way she treated Bethenny years ago; she’s a mean girl and we don’t need to see any more of it than we already have.

    • Janice

      I agree!! Luann is looking for backup and Jill will do anything to get back in the limelight. Luann will get cut AGAIN after this season because most of the other ladies totally dislike / disdain her! And that would be okay… But she then kisses their butts! I can’t respect someone that will publicly kiss ass after the big beatdown she got from Bethanny! Desperate to stay on the show??

    • Debred

      So agree, Luann is not important enough to the group to be on herself let alone say who should come back. I really think it would make no sense for Jill to come back and no one it Lu wants her anyway.

  • I just watched that 100th show special. I hadn’t really seen last season, so I went ahead and got it on Prime, and the special was on the line-up. I really liked it a lot. As far a Jill is concerned, her break with Bethenny was between them, an she told the world. She told Bethenny Bobby was going in for a procedure, and never answered another communication. Then told the world, many times that Bethenny didn’t even call or go see him as if she knew he had cancer, which she did not. Everyone else backed up Bethenny’s recollection of that time. Bethenny started getting busy with the business she had been working her ass off for over 20 years to build, and Jill got pissed off. Bethenny thanked her a bunch of times and shared a lot of the first stuff, then she met and fell in love with Jason. No matter what is happening now, that was how it was then, then Bethenny got pregnant and Jill tries to make it look like she is the one who got Bethenny on the show, like her and Bobby practically supported her financially, which is total BS. Bethenny went for it on Martha Stewarts Apprentice and made it to the last 2.
    Bethenny tried many times to make that right. Jill, kind of like what she did with Andy, did very disloyal things with that friendship out of anger. You can never trust anyone like her. Hey, Bethenny is an aggressive bitch sometimes, but she does it right out front. Not behind your back. She doesn’t go around slithering into other’s business contacts and say and do things like a dirty politician. Again, like Jill did and all the ladies said so, she tried to put the kabash on Bethenny’s spin-off, and tried to get all the girls not to film with B, stuff like that. It’s dirty and people like her usually don’t change. One either has the ability to be that way or they don’t.
    I know a lot of people do not like her, and I totally get it, but I am a fan and even when I don’t care for what she does, I still admire her. Man, her growing up!! What a shit show, every day of that kid’s life. And I believe she does the best she can and tries all the time to make sure her Daughter never has a feeling like she had, ever. The stuff in the divorce, like Carole was saying last year’s reunion, Bethenny ( and Jason ) have 2 court appointed calls allowed a day when the other parent has Bryn, and he wouldn’t answer the phone like for hours? What kind of bullshit is that, the kid was 4. So, whatever is going on with that divorce, it seems she tries her best to keep it out of the public.
    I believe Andy when he said Bethenny gets the episode cut when everyone else does and has no say in what the edit is. I also don’t think B had anything to do with Jill getting fired. Jill made her bed, now she can lay in it with “The Countess.”

    • patricia

      ITA! I like Bethany. She is so funny. Sometimes, shes takes it a little 2 far, but at least she’s real & apologizes. I like that she is up front & not behind people’s backs. Can’t stand Jill.

  • Ok, which is it…First Jill is accused of being fired for trying to control who films with who, or not at all, now the claim is that Ramona is responsible for Jill not filming? Then the rumors are that Bethenny controls the cast. I’m calling BS on all of it. Bravo is like the government…we may never know the truth 😀

  • The Countess of Hootersville

    LuAnn doesn´t get to decide anything, but it would be a good idea to bring Jill back into the show….just to see Bethenny screeching and twisting….

  • DebBrenn

    I think LuAnn and Jill should be together – not on the show.

  • Melodie

    I WOULD LOVE IT!!!!!! It would make for some great episodes. I don’t really know what happened the last time Queen Ramona hated Jill because she didn’t apologize for whatever. Jill and Bethanny…… good story, Jill and Lu, good story, Sonja and Jill, good, Jill and Mona, this lineup would make for a great HW”S show. Hope Andy and Bravo make it happen.

  • Melodie

    If not for anything else… I LOVE JILL’s JEWISH MOM>…. she is amazing.

    • Daisy

      Yes her mom was great . Bobby too he really seemed to love Jill a lot

  • VaNonna

    I would love it – it would be interesting, but given the fact of Bethenny’s close relationship with Andy and calling shots I doubt it would happen,

  • christine

    Yes I would!!!!!!!

  • apple

    Let’s get Jill Shields to join the cast…Bethenny’s childhood friend and her new boyfriend’s wife.
    And we can welcome her with a toast…of Tipsy Girl.

    • Sharon Horizons

      LOL! I love it.

    • Suze☕️

      Love it! Xoxo❤️❤️❤️

      • VaNonna

        Good morning Suze! How are you? Sending love and good wishes to you across the water.

    • VaNonna

      Even better idea!

  • starr

    No for me, she’s just going to add more unwanted drama, plus, she’s not a nice person–underhanded.

  • mtrae9

    I would HATE to see Jill return. Never liked her!

  • Janice

    Hell no!!! Please… I want to see fabulous lives!!! No more whining!!!