Luann de Lesseps Talks Last Straw with Ex-Husband Tom D’Agostino

Now that season 9 of RHONY is over and Luann de Lesseps has had sometime to think about her short-lived marriage. She is now opening up about the relationship and what was the last straw for her.

Her biggest problem was Tom “getting caught in the press going out and meeting with ex-girlfriends, that caused a lot of fights to go on,” Luann told PEOPLE.

Luann’s last straw was him constantly calling his exes.

“He ended up calling an ex-girlfriend to see where they were,” Luann explains. “And that’s when I said to myself, ‘This is the last straw. This is really the last straw.’”

Luann thanks Bravo and the show for helping her know what is actually going on.

“I started seeing things on the show, which I didn’t know he was saying. Like, ‘I’m a dog with a leash,’” de Lesseps says, referring to a comment D’Agostino made to ex Missy Tool. “All of these things were hurtful, on top of the continued going out and still making the same circle, which I said, ‘Please don’t do that, because it’s not a good look for you.’”

Luann maintains that Tom never actually cheated on her physically though.

“He assured me he wasn’t cheating on me, but that was not the perception of people around us,” Luann says. “We live under the spotlight, so you can’t act a certain way … you might be friends with your exes but it doesn’t look good.  I believe he was not cheating on me. And I hope that was the case.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Luann de Lesseps Talks Last Straw with Ex-Husband Tom D’Agostino”

  1. Define cheating for me.
    Emotional affairs are cheating. Lying to meet another person and keeping secrets about it, is cheating. Having the physical relationship is just one part of cheating…just a piece of the crazy puzzle that is being unfaithful to one’s spouse or significant other….
    Tom was cheating. He did not respect his vows.

  2. People Magazine certainly got a little more info out of her than Andy did! My bet is she was forced to do the interview with Andy, and she decided to give him as little as possible. People pays, and they probably treated her a lot better. She’s still clinging publicly to calling a huge make out session “a kiss” but at least she’s being a little more honest about him being the problem.

  3. Pretty much everything the girls on the show told you BEFORE you married him. If that many people are telling you that strongly to NOT marry someone – they ALL must have a pretty good reason why.

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