Luann de Lesseps Slams Bethenny Frankel Over New Season Of RHONY

With the new season of The Real Housewives of New York City upon us, the claws are out, especially in this new interview with Luann de Lesseps speaking about Bethenny Frankel and what happened last season on the show.

“Poor Bethenny… You know what, I felt bad for her because she was crying so hard for herself, really. [The tears] it’s not really meant for me – I think it’s issues she’s having herself,” Luann said of last year’s Berkshires explosive fight and her husband Tom’s former cheating scandal. “She had a troubled marriage, and got divorced, and had a problem getting divorced. I think she was projecting. I was like, ‘It’s fine: I’m good, I’m a grown woman. I know what I’m doing.’”

Bethenny responded to Luann’s comments on Twitter.

But Luann still feels this way, even on their trip this year to Mexico she felt that Bethenny couldn’t accept that she married Tom. “I’m the only one who’s actually married on the Real Housewives Of New York! ” she tells Access Hollywood. “I think they’re still getting used to the fact that I’m married, and you know what, I’m so happy, and Tom and I are great and that’s what’s important to me.”

She teases that this season the ladies still keep “insinuating” Tom is cheating. Luann insists, “It’s so not true!” She adds, “Tom is a wonderful, wonderful man, and they have nothing else to talk about but Tom and I!”

But there’s going to be plenty of more drama, including Ramona Singer’s big fight with Bethenny. “They do have a HUGE blowout. It happened at Dorinda’s house,” Luann dished. “There’s something about the Berkshires!” she jokes. “I love you Dorinda, but that house… ”

Luann also weighed in on the possibility of Bethenny reconciling with Jill Zarin and denies that she ever tried to stop that from happening in the past. “Yes, Jill is around,” Luann explains, “but there’s nothing between her and Bethenny for the moment. I can’t tell you more… ”

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41 Replies to “Luann de Lesseps Slams Bethenny Frankel Over New Season Of RHONY”

  1. If I fought with anyone the way these ladies fight – not sure I would ever want to be around them again. These women rarely see each other unless they are filming and not really “friends” – its all about the money.

  2. I think the B crying was a great act. If she really cared the way she said she did – she would have told LuAnn off camera. Also . . .I hate the fact the B shuts the cameras out of her life. We read about who she dates and what she does on the web.

  3. I think Bethenny is a person who used her damaged past to be successful. I see her tears as real, as I am a crybaby too, if one wants to call it that. Our upbringing stays with us till we die, no matter that we grow up and make our own choices. I have a successful marriage of 32 years, 3 children, 2 that are alive, and 2 step-Children that I am incredibly close to. My Dad mocked me when I cried, so maybe, in my heart of hearts, Bethenny had some of that used on her. When a dog gets ran over in the street and a 10 year old little girl gets mocked for crying, those tears stay inside until they have an outlet, that healthy outlet might not present itself until adulthood, but they are comin’, whether we like it or not. I believe she is a loving Mother and person. I believe she does the best she can. I’ve known, personally, people who grew up in abuse, NONE like hers though. They never made it into life as happy, productive people. One friend took a shotgun to himself, another overdosed on cocaine. None of them ever had a family of any kind.
    I don’t believe Tom is faithful to Luann, or visa-versa. I was watching the 100th episode special the other day when Luann explained “The Pirate” She said, straight faced, that the reason he came back to the house the ladies were staying in was because it was “such a beautiful house, and HE wanted to see it.” I mean, really. Pleeeeeese. What a total load of S**t. If that was the reason, there would have been no reason to lie about meeting up with “her Italian friends.” Innocent is innocent. There are actually husbands who don’t cheat, if Tom was one of them I would eat my ……hmmmmmm, what to say I’d eat? Any suggestions? I don’t have a hat.
    Between Luann and Bethenny, I’ll take B any day. Luann is a liar, and good for her she’s “married” It is ironic that I just mentioned that a couple days ago in a post that she is the only married one. Good for her. People choose what kind of marriage to have.

    1. I see all Bethenny’s emotions, tears etc to be all real. Not always pleasant or even right but I think, genuine. She’s had a rough life, no question about that and I agree, it shaped her into the woman she is, tough as nails. Though when she first came on the scene she was a nicer softer person. So much so that Luanne and Jill were very mean to her and she didn’t fight back like she would now if they or anyone else were mean to her. I’ve never been a fan of Luanne. She’s been fake from day one. She is so desperate which of course is so sad too. My two cents worth? Tom has NOT stopped cheating and I don’t need to see or hear proof to know that is true.

    2. I don’t believe Bethenny was “abused”, either by her parents, or by her husband, or by his parents. We only have Bethenny’s word any of the things she said happened, actually happened, and the facts and the timelines do not support her story. But eventually, no matter what happened to you when you were a kid, you have to grow up and take responsibility for your own actions, regardless of your past.

      1. Wow! Aren’t you just the side chair therapist!! You obviously & luckily lived in a loving home but let me tell you ‘everything that you lived through as a child does continue into adulthood & eventually you just breakdown”. Growing up in an abusive environment, unfortunately does create the adult you become. Continuous visits to a therapist help you but don’t change you and it’s a lifelong process; after all, your most formative years are from birth to 18+. It is people like you who think everything is just black or white — when there is a whole lot in the middle and to conquer the fears, the lack of love, the abandonment, well mental abuse is far greater than physical. So, maybe you should lighten up on your disbelief’s of what she has or has not lived through and try to understand the other side that you have never seen in your own life. You weren’t in her life in order to know the facts or timelines in order to support her story and the Enquirer’s or Mags of someone’s warped thoughts or ideas do not make it truth. So unless you have been in her life – HOW DARE YOU speak ill-will about anyone else’s plights in life. No one can be as perfect as you must be but wait you aren’t perfect either as you feel it necessary to Judge without proof and are the Jury to persecute without real facts. Adults/children are abused every single day and until you have experienced it yourself you are in no position to decide how long it takes one to ‘get over’ what happened to them at any age. Wake up & stop looking through those rose colored glasses as you need to do a real thorough ‘reality-check’. Check your neighborhood for pedophiles as you would be surprised how close that danger is to you and yours.

        1. Feel better?
          You know no more about me or my past than you do about Bethenny.
          I am as entitled to my opinion as you are, but unlike you, I will stop short of personal attacks.

          1. No, I don’t actually feel better. Your opinion was a personal attack that effects anyone who didn’t have a cushy upbringing & No, I don’t know anything about you or your past but if you did have an abusive upbringing I would expect you to have a bit more empathy instead of a harsh judgement. Those were true feelings coming out – not a personal attack. I’m not perfect never have been never will be – but I’m a lot harder on myself than I am on others but it took me over 45 yrs to find my voice and speak out also.

            1. Here’s what you are missing. I do have empathy for those who have suffered trauma and abuse. I just don’t believe Bethenny is one of them.

              1. I don’t feel I am missing anything, you are very strong in your convictions regarding her; I’ve read your posts and you really have nothing nice to say about her. That’s your opinion. I, on the other hand, see her to be credible as this is something she shares with her therapist & Carole, since she has found her to be a true friend. Opening up isn’t that easy for some for fear of being shunned as it does lose you friends who can’t handle the concept. Once you get past that, it comes easier, but it is an ongoing process for many. Her success has given her the kick in the ass to stop worrying about what others think, because that’s on them in the end.

                1. I have read your posts as well, and you have indeed just recently found “your voice”. I am honored you have chosen to use it almost exclusively to disagree with me.

                  1. Yeah – I just joined as I have been dealing with breast cancer, chemo, radiation, double mastectomy and am healing. So, I saw an article I thought would be interesting and decided to respond. Guess that makes me guilty.

        2. You know, I have always appreciated my parents but you made me appreciate them , if possible, a bit more. Your right. People who have not been through the turmoil of having to live, as a child, in an abusive or neglectful home have no idea. Hell I’m sure even benign neglect hurts. God Knows, no life is easy and everyone has fears but a child shouldn’t in respect to their parents I living situation. I have great respect for so many who have pulled their lives together in spite of it all. .Bethany included, I just hate to see those fears still inteferring in their adult lives. If only everyone knew their worth!

          1. Thank you for sharing that. I appreciate your parents too as the world doesn’t need everyone mentally broken. I’m still working on my defense-responses but the world is just now making Mental Health Awareness less stigmatized but it still has a long way to go. There will always be good days as well as bad but for the most part we wouldn’t know the difference if everyone was the same. And as you stated no life is easy – some just have it a little bit better than others. I know my fight has been an uphill battle but I am stronger for it in the end. Wouldn’t wish my life on anyone but wouldn’t want to have to start all over either!

  4. Bethenny – don’t get the feeling she really cares about any of the ladies – also don’t think she would cry over Tom and Luanne’s problems. Agree cat62… I don’t think they are friends off camera. It’s a show and it’s meant to show drama, etc.

      1. To be honest, I could care less about Luann and Tom. Luann is as phony as her “Contessa” title she desperately clung to after she and her husband divorced after years of an “open” marriage.

        Bethany is real, brash, and does not put up with bull. That does not sit well with the PC folks who are aware of their every word and move as to how it will reflect on their preconceived image. I would rather have real than phony.

        Will someone answer this question for me? If Luann is so intent on decorum and courtesies, why hasn’t she taught her kids to chew with their mouth closed? I have noticed a lot of the children on these shows have not been taught minor point of behavior such as chewing with your mouth closed. It is so easy to do when they are little by reminding them to chew with their mouth closed. No one wants to see that.

  5. Bethanny, is authentically, inauthentic..
    Bethanny, is a Brand ( period). Furthering her brand is apparently the only reason she is back on the show.
    I never felt sorry for her. She seems to create chaos and misery in all parts of her life.

    1. True story, Minx…eventually if you want to actually be happy, you have to quit blaming your mother, your father, your step-father, your ex-husband, your cast mates, your “sit’n” and try to find the common denominator.
      Wherever she goes, there she is…and she is nothing like what she claims to be.

      1. I have only ever heard her even speak of them at her therapist’s office and to her best friend occasionally. I’ve not ever heard her blame them, she is what she is, as we all are, because of our bloodline, our DNA, our environment while growing up, what we have become as adults, the choices we make…..I agree with Rain in a lot of things, one is that I like flawed people. They have to work so much harder than the rest to have a peaceful life. In her spin-off is where I really saw her in a different light. She laughed a lot, and it really was telling. But, the many opinions of the posters here, of the women and the topics provokes thought.
        In my real life, it is only the friends I have who had a wonderful upbringing that say things like it is time to quit blaming when looking at someone they really don’t know having trouble, THEY are the ones who think the one with trouble is blaming, it’s ironic. Not that I have ever heard Bethenny blame. She says she wouldn’t change it if she could, because it made her who she is. No one I know who had a difficult childhood has that particular understanding of the way the other group handles their life. I would trust Bethenny above almost every housewife in the franchise, if it was a comparison of my own friends over the years. I would trust Carole, too. Not because she’s Bethenny’s friend, I always felt that way about her, just because she says what she thinks, and that includes when she speaks of her friends. I very much like Dorinda, but don’t appreciate her speaking for Jules all the time like she did. Jules was all grown up, though she didn’t act it a lot. I hope Jules is staying well, and has peace and love in her life.

        1. Bethenny has made a very nice living blaming her parents and her ex-husband. She has written books about it and gives interviews regularly. It is part of her gimmick…her schtick….her brand. She is not damaged or flawed. She is a sociopath.

          1. It occurred to me that you have read and seen much more than me about Bethenny. Someone said they hoped my super fandome was appreciated by her a while back, which is funny really. I’ve seen Bethenny on RHONY, her spin-off and read her blogs. I do own them all in my Amazon Prime Video Library, along with the seasons that aren’t free of ANTM, and many other HW shows, so I have seen them a couple times, as most shows and movies I enjoy. But it seems you have read her books, articles, listened to her pod-cast maybe, I have never even seen her books or an article in a magazine. I buy garden magazines only. And, I make my own cocktails when I decide to have one. If she made a living blaming her parents, wow! She made it big with products all over the US and elsewhere. 9 books, according to what she said when they went to Turks and Caicos on Heather’s last season. She works very hard, owns at least 3 properties in one of the most expensive pieces of Real Estate in the U.S., has many employees that make a nice living. I’d say she offers a lot more to society than most.
            I see any speaking of her childhood, if it is true that she consistently does, to be something others with similar backgrounds can see and understand they don’t have to live with a needle in their arm, and they can chose how to raise their own children, live their lives doing their best. Maybe your best is way better, so good for you.

              1. You mentioned the many articles and books where she supposedly “makes a living” blaming her parents, if they could be called parents at all as far as what my opinion is of what a parent should be and do. Which seems to imply that you have read them, the articles and/or books, which I have not. If you haven’t read them, then I guess you just heard it from someone else, which doesn’t seem to be your style. Your posts have always come from a place of knowledge, not rumor.

        2. Not that I need to come to your defense, dear:
          I do understand your point made about people, especially children, that suffer the ravages of emotional or physical abuse.
          It’s PTSD, and manifests itself in many ways.
          In my opinion, all this crying and carrying on and hurling insults is Bethenny reacting in behaviors she probably witnessed as a child. This is not an excuse but an explanation. She’s smart, and needs to learn coping skills, and move forward, both for her daughter and herself. You are always thoughtful and insightful 3D’s.

    2. I agree Minx. And there is no one on the show more judgemental and critical and outspokenly rude as Bethenny to everyone except Carole. (Case in point, remember in the Berkshires last year … that was about as hateful a behavior I can remember on this show.)

    1. If you really care enough to want to know the truth, do your research. It would be inappropriate to say all the dates and times here. I am not the superfan the person who did the research’s wife is, but I saw the records with my own eyes. I didn’t have to do much of the research myself, and this was back between when she was on Martha Stewart’s one season of Apprentice and her first of Housewives. There were old articles in the local paper, oddly enough, which used to be on microfilm in libraries, back when they could be found that way. But the police records are public. I just have empathy for anyone who I see as having a real wound trying all the time to heal and let it scar. Life opens them up, if you would take my word for it. I have never been one to say your opinion isn’t valid though, even tho we agree on very little.

        1. Well, I misspoke on that, not inappropriate, just impossible. I don’t own the records, for one thing, I don’t know how to post a video, much less scan and post the few copies of the newspapers I have somewhere in a box. That was years before I was injured, so I don’t even know which box in my rafters the copies are in. The friend whose husband was a journalist is widowed now, so it would be rude of me to ask her to dig out some work he did years and years ago. Besides, it isn’t that important now that I already know. But, like I said it is public record. I already know the truth, and you believe what you will. If you really wanted to know the truth of anything, and it was important to you, you would find it instead of just posting beliefs. When Bethenny became a NY housewife, there was a lot of interest in her apparently. I don’t live where my friend moved to with her husband. If it isn’t important to you it seems you have a lot to say about it. And I enjoy reading your opinions as I have always said. Opinions are one thing, though, and facts are another.

          1. I think these police records documenting Bethenny’s childhood abuse and neglect would have been discovered and researched by other journalists and then posted on the web. She is a very controversial celebrity and that kind of news would be interesting to many people, especially since her mother and father both denied her stories were true. I have looked, but I can’t find anything to substantiate her claims online.

            1. I wouldn’t know. I don’t search the web for info I already know to be fact. I bet Bethenny’s PR people did their best to hide the information as best they could. I have absolutely no clue. Maybe all the powers that be wanted it to be a constant question. I know what I saw and READ, very real police records, with the whole situation about her real father, John, who was her step, her mom, Maybe, although it sounds weird, they might have been sealed during the divorce. Either way, no matter how it came to be difficult to find, a journalist would have had easy access back then. I only know what I know, the facts of who does or doesn’t believe me is insignificant. I am a fan of her, not her products, her booze, her books or any of her other products. I simply love her energy on the sow,

            2. Are public police records with crimes against children online? Just click, and open sesame? It wasn’t that way back them when he got the record fro the cop shop. But, I wasn’t that involved in research and was just happy to see them all.

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