LuAnn de Lesseps Reveals RHONY Cast Staged Intervention For Ramona Singer, Open To Come Back Full-Time


As we previously reported, Carole Radziwill and Heather Thomson are petitioning Bravo and Andy Cohen to fire Aviva Drescher and bring back Countess LuAnn de Lesseps full-time on The Real Housewives of New York City. And LuAnn tells RadarOnline she’s on board!

“I’m pleased and humbled by the fact that they want me on the show full-time,” de Lesseps told the site. “We’ll see what happens. Who knows. … We’ll see what lies ahead. I’m open.”

“It’s really nice to hear from the ladies that they really want to have me back full-time,” she said. “And you know I am a lot on the show in any case. It feels like I’m still full-time!”

The ratings for RHONY have tanked and The Countess says the hiatus between season 5 and 6 is to blame. “We took a year hiatus basically, and all the other shows have kept running: Jersey, Beverly Hills,” she explained. “They kept their momentum going. We kind of lost our momentum for a moment.”

“People are loving the show and the ratings have been climbing,” she said. “It kind of does that. It will climb. I’m optimistic that the ratings will continue to climb.”

The Countess also discussed Ramona Singer’s dramatic behavior in The Berkshires where she threw a glass at Kristen Taekman’s face. de Lesseps revealed the cast staged an intervention for Ramona’s erratic behavior.

“I think it’s a horrible reaction to somebody splashing you. I think it’s over the top. You don’t ever throw anything in anybody’s face where I come from, where most people come from,” The Countess says. “I thought that it was pretty rude to leave all of your friends and buzz off to the Hamptons. She shouldn’t have come if she didn’t want to come.”

“We staged an intervention to put her and her behavior in check,” de Lesseps revealed. “She needs anger management. She needs a reality check.”

“Because we just feel like as a group that she put this out there and it’s not okay to throw glass,” de Lesseps explained. “[And] it’s not okay to lie to your friends. So we feel like it was time for this to stop.”

“That’s why it’s time to stop,” de Lesseps said. “That’s why we all banded together to say, ‘Wait a second. This is not normal behavior. You need some anger management, some therapy, something to control your outbursts.’”

“I think she overreacted and I do feel like she does feel bad, but I don’t feel like she’s being sincere because I don’t think she really cares that much,” de Lesseps said. “She was receptive [to the intervention], but whether she is going to do anything about it is a whole other story. It’s like teenager who says, ‘Yeah mom, I’m going to do it.’ Let’s see how she is going to digest it and put her words to action.”

Photo Credit: Bravo