LuAnn de Lesseps Reveals Not All of her RHONY Co-Stars Are Invited to her Wedding


Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is marrying a new man in her life and in a new interview she is revealing which of her RHONY cast mates will be invited to her wedding.

“I’m so happy we’re on a hiatus [from the show] and I can just focus on planning my wedding, and devoting my time to my man and my kids,” she revealed.

The “3-day special affair” will kick off with a yacht party the night before the ceremony. The New Year’s Eve wedding celebration will end with a “big brunch” on the final day, RadarOnline reports. Although over 200 guests are expected to attend, de Lesseps revealed not all of her RHONY co-stars will be invited to her big day.

“I’m inviting some of the ladies,” she confessed. “Not all of them have made it to the list.”

Although Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer previously dated her fiancé, Thomas D’Agostino Jr., de Lesseps doesn’t believe she broke the girl code.

“I’m the one walking down the aisle,” she said. “Before LuAnn, I don’t care. I was single and dating and so was he.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Oh my Gosh, too funny. I didn’t realize the irony until the statement above about girl code. She made such a fuss about Carole dating her niece’s ex and now she is marrying a guy that was with two of her own girlfriends. I don’t think it matters either way but it sure as heck seemed to matter to her last year..sniff, sniff…smell that? smells like a desperate story line 😀

I thought LuAnne’s issue was that the niece wasn’t finished with the romance yet and she thought it was wrong for Carol to get involved with him, not so much that Carol was just dating an ex of her niece.

Luann’s niece and the young man had broken up before he and Carole got together. The rumor was that LuAnn had her eye on him and he fell for Carole instead. Everything Carole was accused of by the countASS was disputed by others and I believe Carole rather than the pirate hunter.


Totally agree! ❤️❤️

I have nothing nice to say about countless CountASS so I will say nothing at all.

I’m sure that those housewives who are not invited will be crushed.

Bwhahahahahaha! Right.

I just hope she quits using that stupid title. She certainly has not brought any dignity to it.
Darn and I wasn’t going to say anything bad but this is one snobbish broad who should be on RH OF POTOMAC.

Princess of Strogonoff

The title doesn’t exist…it is no longer recognized anywhere, not even in France

So Princess are you saying the title is as phony as the countASS? She can’t sing either.
A link but I’m not sure if you are interested enough to look. It is purely courtesy as happens a lot these days with divorces in the aristocracy, (vague even using that word with these two!) he will be at her wedding so. Guess they have kept it civilized unlike so many! Ramona Bethenny plus many more I guess I can’t be bothered to think about them all!

Just to add most would have dropped the title as it is so pretentious!

Pretentious is the very best word to describe LuAnn.

It is nice seeing the vote for LVP going up on the poll in this blog. just wish ANDY and Bravo would do something with it.

I am interested in anything you send Suse.

Thanks Bee! It’s such a tenuous title! Most would have dropped it but not Luann! I’m glad LVP is getting more votes as well! Rinna doesn’t deserve any in my opinion she is nuts! She has really lost hold of reality this year.

Princess of Strogonoff

She broke the girl code when she was shagging the married guy in Turks and Caicos

Yeah, well, accord to Her Royal Heinous, the code got broken when someone ratted her out.

Ouch. Truthful, though.

WOW! Man face, chalky makeup, skeletor arm AND a bowling shirt? Fail LuMan, Fail.

She broke the girl code when she boinked the young guy three seasons ago in the Caribbean, when she was still dating the guy who sold expensive hooch…Jacques, I think it was his name

I never liked Luann In the beginning when she was a full time housewife. But then the season came…s6 i think..that she was Only a friend of the Housewives and she seemed like a totally different person to me. She actually seemed funny and fun and I was like hey maybe I’ve been wrong about you and this whole time! But sure enough as soon as she came back the next season as a full-time housewife in the credits And everything again I was back to not being able to stand her one bit! It was really weird. Like when… Read more »

stop being so UNCOOL

I loved her croaky hangover voice. We heard that more than once. I wonder what the guy sees in her. I remember reading a story somewhere that he shares some of Carole’s proclivities when it comes to partners. Maybe Lulu is just a beard. Or maybe he enjoys her mannish demeanour!