Luann de Lesseps Officially Charged with Felony, Facing 5-Years in Prison

Real Housewives of New York City star Luann de Lesseps has been officially charged with three counts, including one felony, after her drunken arrest on Christmas Eve.

According to TMZ, de Lesseps has been charged with a felony count of resisting an officer with violence, along with a trespassing and disorderly intoxication charge (both misdemeanor) according to new docs. She faces up to 5 years in prison for the felony charge.

Two additional felony counts of corruption by threat were not filed against her.

As we originally reported, Luann was originally looking at 4 felony counts after being busted in Palm Beach, Florida. She checked into rehab a few days after the arrest.


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  1. As I posted on Thursday, her scheduled court date of January 25th was cancelled the night before. That was reported on Page Six yesterday. What that probably means is her lawyer cut a deal. We just don’t know the details yet.

    1. Why not ?…because she’s a “countess” ?…because she’s too chic to wear orange overalls?..parce que aller au prision ce n’est pas chic ?….care to offer solid and valid argumentation ?

      1. Ummm no, not on here to argue. I like Luann, who isn’t a Countess any longer and I believe everyone makes mistakes.

        1. I am not starting an argument, I was asking you to substantiate your statement about LuAnn not deserving jail time. Backing up what we say is not arguing, it is somethi g we do everyday in different situations.

          1. We’re all allowed to have different opinions here. When someone doesn’t agree with your theory, you have a way about you that’s belittling to others and I don’t like it. Hope you have a nice night!

        2. She was never a countess, France abolished nobility titles over a hundred years ago, and the title the original Count de Lesseps had was made up as an prize for the construction of the Suez canal, not that it was a title inherited from medieval times or French royalty. She was as much a countess as I was an astronaut

          1. When Luann appeared on the Wendy Williams show, she said once she remarried she could no longer hold the Countess title.

            1. That hasn’t stopped her from using it. Check her twitter account. She’s still milking it for all its worth.

      2. I’ll give it a go if you’ll allow me…
        1. Zero prior issue with the law
        2. Extenuating circumstances: a) alcohol consumption, which is LEGAL
        b) emotional duress…if you post here this is self-explanitory
        c) her high profile status MAY HAVE been a contributing factor in her arrest
        3.Solid history of good citizenship and good character (she pays her taxes, contributes to charities, is a good Mom, etc.)
        4. Shows remorse.
        5. Sought and completed help.
        She may be a fool for love. She might even be a pompous ass.
        But she is no danger to society. Jail time seems ridiculously excessive. Now, I am no lawyer, and I am pretty tired and I put a defense together in 5 minutes. Surely her million dollar law team can do the same.

        1. Let’s see:

          1 – We don’t know with certainty whether she has had legal problems before, unless you have seen her police record
          2- Emotional duress…she’ll have to prove it, having a high profile status can be debated, not that she was won an Oscar, or that she’s a famous and recognized entertainer, she was let go for several seasons yet the show went on and many people even forgot about her, so no, she’s no Oprah nor Meryl Streep
          3- Many people pay taxes, are good parents, volunteer and even shower everyday, yet they will serve time if they break the laws.
          4 – Maybe, but still she broke the law
          5 – That remains to be seen, she will have to prove it and that takes time, serious programs for substance abuse control take months, not two nor three weeks.

          Yes, evidently you’re not a lawyer, but at least you tried to offer argumentation, however dubious and inconsistent….kudos !

          1. True. But I bet I’m correct. She won’t do a day in jail. Time will tell.
            One more thing…you said something about having to prove it…isn’t that the STATES job? To prove it’s case? As I have said, I am no lawyer. You must not be either! The way it works is, they have to prove their position, not the Defendant. And preponderance of guilt is much easier to negate as the majority of her charges are misdemeanors. That felony is a sticking point. But as it’s the only one, I believe she’s going to be able to put this behind her with the slap on the wrist she’s going to get.

  2. Oh, come on! She got sloppy and stupid…after a really tough year. She immediately and voluntarily sought help the moment she sobered up. And I would guess she has always been an extremely law abiding citizen. Give her the slap on the wrist she has coming and send her on her way.

  3. She won’t do time. She’ll do a plea which will give her a suspended sentence, pay a fine, and probably due some community service.

    1. Cleaning toilets at a public building like Central Station would be a good idea so she can learn some humility

      1. More likely in “Palm Beach”. Not sure how she would do community service when she’s from out of state. I’m sure the plea is already a done deal.

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