LuAnn de Lesseps Isn’t Sure Bethenny Has the Right Motives


LuAnn de Lesseps is admitting she lost her temper with Ramona Singer during this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York City. In her blog, Lu says she had reached her breaking point with Ramona making 1-2 dates with Tom into something it wasn’t. de Lesseps was also fed up with Sonja’s rude comments about her party guests and couldn’t believe there was more drama when she got to Miami. But she’s not sure if Bethenny’s heart is in the right place with the information she has about Tom.

“It’s one thing to rock the boat and another to sink the ship. In this episode, we are celebrating my engagement to Tom on my friend’s yacht in Palm Beach. I had a lot of fun with the girls even though Ramona and Sonja wouldn’t stop obsessing about Tom. I felt bad that I lost my temper with Ramona, but I’d had enough of her making a couple of dates with Tom into something it wasn’t. As for Sonja, I understand that in the past she enjoyed Tom’s company and their friendship, and I want them to still be friends…just different kinds of friends!

Sonja’s rude comments about my party guests shows that while she’s cordial on the outside, on the inside she’s angry with me for taking Tom off the market. I invited an eclectic group of friends: gay, straight, socialites and silver foxes, and everyone had a great time, even Sonja who had fun chatting up a bachelor friend of mine. I loved watching Ramona dance to her own drummer and Jules working the bar like a pro! Tom enjoyed the night as well, and he was blissfully unaware that Ramona and Sonja were still focusing on him. That’s why I love him! His comment to Ramona about smelling like a grapefruit was innocent, and he was trying to be nice. I can assure you, the only gazing Tom did across the room that night was at me!

The next day was supposed to start in a very chill way with breakfast on deck yet ended up with me having to set Ramona straight about how she was going to act if she was to remain my guest. I did apologize to her and she to me, but the last time I checked, we live in a country with free press, and that press sometimes gets the facts wrong. That’s why there’s a thing called a retraction, which Ramona could have requested when the Post said she was Tom’s longtime friend rather than Sonja. I’ve known Ramona for a long time and we move past these disagreements, yet I wish she would think before she speaks. Am I asking too much of her?

Jules’ conversation that morning with her nanny and her kids was sweet, but her talk with Michael was pretty unpleasant. She grew up with wonderful parents and she expects Michael to be with their kids when she travels like her father was with her. It appears that he sent his kids to the Hamptons while staying back in the city, and I don’t think that this is so much of their problem as that Jules and Michael aren’t on the same page when it comes to their kids. Never a good thing.

We left Palm Beach after breakfast and headed down to Miami for the rest of the weekend. As usual, there was room drama but I was more interested in having a bite to eat and relaxing. When I arrived, I went to see how Bethenny was feeling and our conversation was very weird. Why would she ask if Tom and I are monogamous? We are engaged to be married! I felt like Bethenny was being very coy with me, not mean, not argumentative, but coy and it unsettled me. We’ve all had situations where we had to decide whether or not to tell a friend about something we’ve heard, and every situation is different. I’m still unsure if Bethenny’s heart is in the right place.”

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  • Shirley

    LuAnn, Bethenny’s heart is not in the right place. She is self absorbed and a narcissist who thinks she is co-producing the RHONYC with Andy Cohen. Andy and Bethenny think they have a ratings hit, so she is going to over-act all season. Watch out Bethenny, the fans are turning on you and look what happened to Aviva. If this cheating incident happened to your sidekick Carole, you would NEVER tell the other girls first knowing they didnt support the union, followed by telling her on camera. Who died and made you God? You might tell consider telling LuAnn off-camera to be a kind friend, but of course in that instance you wouldn’t be co-producing the show. You’re a nasty mean girl and to watch LuAnn crushed, well, you should be proud of yourself. Ramona and Sonja are jealous and LuAnn should have tossed both of them off the boat. And BTW, Carole and Ramona are wrong. Tom was NOT flirting with Ramona by saying she smelled like grapefruit. Sorry but that is not a compliment. It’s an alert you need to buy some better perfume. I hope LuAnn doesn’t invite any of these hags to a wedding. If she wants someone to dance on her grave, she knows who to call.

    • Yellowbean

      Well said

      • moriah

        Agree with you! If it were Carol’s boyfriend instead of Luanne’s, Bethanny would never mentioned a word. For that matter with all her flaws neither would Luanne. She doesn’t have that need to cut…go for blood and humiliate that Bethanny has.

        • Bon Vivant

          Ok, if it were Luann, she would INDEED have mentioned it to Carole. Did you see the show last year or read her incessant social media attacks? They was unscrupulously vicious on Luann’s behalf, and showed that she will stoop to any level of attack to maintain a central storyline and not lose her place on this show. I lost respect for Luann big time last season once she showed how malicious she could be.

    • Oh my GOSH, Thank you for reminding me about that grapefruit bullshit. I didn’t see him flirting with her and they certainly didn’t show anything on tv. Carole later said that he was flirting with Ramona all night and if he did, it certainly wasn’t on camera. The other crock was that back dated clipping of him originally meeting Ramona and friends at a bar. I KNEW I had seen him back then but couldn’t be sure. He was hitting on her girlfriends and wasn’t even nice to her that night. BRAVO and Ramona…stop peeing on our boots and telling us it’s raining…we are not stupid!.ugh..

    • Anonymous

      Bethenny doesn’t have a heart or a conscience, either. Luann knows about Bethenny’s affair with Dennis Shields, which has been ongoing while he was married to B’s friend, Jill S. B & D were sleeping together when Dennis and Jill took Bethenny out to dinner. He was still very married. B has been seeing Dennis for over a year when he was very married. Who does Beth think she’s fooling? Blind Item has been posting this affair for awhile now. A friend of Jill’s says, “she’s devastated.” Jill didn’t have a clue. The one that really doesn’t have a clue is Dennis. He’s leaving his 26 year old marriage for Bethenny the Deranged Psychotic ? Wow, he’s in for a very rude awakening.

      • That is how nasty rumors that are nasty lies go, Anonymouse. It isn’t B’s “friend” she knew her in high school, they were acquaintances, nothing more. Dennis is separated and has been for some time, as was she before her divorce was finally settled.
        I usually never respond to someone with no name, being as you haven’t got the guts to pick a handle to be known by.
        Before people are divorced, and are separated, it is perfectly moral to see someone else, the marriage is over, not just in the mind of the one seeing someone, but publicly OVER. Separated. Dennis and his wife are, and were then, PUBLICLY NOT MARRIED ANY MORE, GET IT? If you want to find some reason to dislike her, find something true, there is plenty to choose from.

        • Oh, and regurgitating old rumors shows you haven’t even had the presence of mind to find a new rumor to lie about, whoever you are.
          To those here with names, I only write posts in this tone to nobodies.

          • Anonymous

            You sound very sad and angry . FYI everyone is someone . To refer to anybody as a nobody is just cruel

            • Awwwwww. Pick a name so you can be identified.

              • Marie

                Stop being a bully. Is it a crime to keep your name to yourself so that internet weirdos like you remain so unfulfilled? No it isn’t.

                • Internet weirdos, OMG. Not to worry, no one is looking for anyone here who can’t even come up with a handle. It isn’t our “names” usually, and even if it was, believe me, you aren’t interesting enough to stalk, even if I knew how.
                  It is always funny when a person makes a small insult, even like what I said, and then the next person calls me out by trying to insult me. Funny how that is, isn’t it? Again, not to worry, I am not insulted. Bullies were who I saw in Catholic school 50 years ago, and weirdos were who I saw during the 60’s. I survived and being an old hippy who thinks it is cowardly to not choose a handle is because they all HIDE behind the anonymous title is just an opinion, and IMO, the truth. Pick a handle, and don’t lose any sleep, no one is “looking for you.”

              • Bravo Junkie

                What’s the big deal about picking a handle on this site? It’s not the first I’ve seen that complaint and it baffles me. Is there some rigorous verification process one has to go by to type on this site, because all I see are simple field boxes that can be filled and changed at any given time, so who cares? Heck if I wanted to, I could be someone different each and every time and you would be ok with that just because I have a handle? And newsflash, if someone forgets to complete those field boxes, like I have done in the past, you are automatically given the “Anonymous” handle, so maybe let’s not assume that everyone, as you stated, “doesn’t have the guts” because they don’t have a handle. If you don’t agree with someone else’s comment then discuss it, that’s why we’re here. Don’t belittle and be so condescending to someone because they don’t have a handle, that’s just plain ridiculous. I wouldn’t want you to have to change your handle to 3 D’s Forever Snobby.

                • That is just the point, as far as I can see, when a person forgets to fill in the box, they come back and say “oh, that was me.” There are very few here who change their handle all the time, but when anonymous comes up 5 times in a row, there is no way to discuss anything with them.
                  Cracks me up when you say I am speaking directly to someone, being snobby or whatever, and then, in your attempt to scold me, do exactly what I did. Many sites don’t allow anon posters for a lot of reasons, this one does not have that process, unfortunately.
                  Even though it is usually not our true names, we are identified by, and have pride attached to, our name here. Hiding behind anon to be really nasty is what my gripe is, so that coming back the next day and pretending to be a different “anonymous” is cowardly, IMO, & there is no consequence. If you read all of the posts, say in 5 pages where there are anon posts, they are the nastiest. And as always, if anyone doesn’t like what I have to say, like you now, you are free to state your opinion, and I am free to tell you why I have it. Personally, that is one way I learn here. Speaking to anon posters feels like whispering in a hurricane, no echo.

      • moriah

        He fits Bethanny’s image of what she wants in a man…rich, businessman, good looking etc….but seriously don’t you think this man must have some issues or be really gullible and deceived to hook up with Bethanny? He will seriously live to regret this decision. She isn’t capable of having a healthy loving relationship.

        • I totally disagree. She did not have a Mom to show her how to have a loving relationship. So, she has had to learn from failures and living and trying. She has friends from high school, which says a lot about a person. We are all complicated humans. Some have had a lot more to handle than others, she is one of them. She had no say whatsoever in what happened to her until she was 19. Then she decided to make her own life, her own rules, and make her own fortune. She is heads and shoulders above the gold diggers and hypocrites. If she wants her love life private, she has the right to. Luann does not want it private or she couldn’t shove her 10 C. urine colored diamond down everyone’s throat. Bethenny is certainly complicated and harsh, but the difference is she knows this about herself, tries to be a better person, admits her mistakes and apologizes and goes to therapy to help herself. She hurts no one with anything but her wit at times, but she doesn’t go around lying, making up gossip and hurting people. More than I can say for those who grew up with wonderful parents with money, being loved & treasured.

          • Marie

            You are the saddest person. I am so sorry for whatever you went through or are going through that turned you into this miserable state that you are constantly in. You deserve love and a good way to get it is to give it.

            • Suze☕️

              3D is not a sad person!

            • It makes me seem sad to defend someone who was sad as a child? How odd. I believe you consider that an insult, but that’s OK honey, we all do and say what we must to get through the day. Many things have made me sad during my 62 years. My brother going to Viet Nam. Going to Catholic school and being treated like a bastard child because my Dad married my Mom who was divorced. Losing my baby son at 5 months pregnant. A very loved friend having cancer. My youngest daughter dying when she was 27, she went to bed one night and didn’t wake up, and the Autopsy with the words. “Unknown Cause of Death”
              Thinking of a person who takes a lot of shit from envious posters, who grew up in a horrific house, who survived and who had to figure out everything a Mom should have taught her, now that’s sad. She tells the truth in the only way she knows how, so if you think defending her is sad, well, ok. But I was able to teach my Daughters how to be accepting, kind, strong and to learn to identify themselves and not hide behind a computer screen. Which was easy being there were no cell phones or computers in our home, we camped and travelled around and they grew up to be wonderful, loving, hard working people living in society. They didn’t have to live in a closet while their Mom was being beaten with a phone etc., all except for DeAnna, who died. So, you continue to believe defending someone is a sad thing, and we will disagree.

            • I see you chose not to respond, typical being that there is no intelligent one.

          • Aunt Bee

            Urine colored diamond- HAHAHA 3D’s ÿou get the LOL AWARD today.

            • Thanks, Bee. I would choose ANY color diamond but that, seriously. My engagement ring is a ruby with small diamonds, and the wedding ring is a diamond with small rubies. I just celebrated my 31st anniversary to my wonderful husband, who knows I am an old hippy, who raised our kids with me with everything we had, and loves me for who I am. That is what everyone deserves, for those who love them to love them for who they really are. Whether it be a Husband, Son, Daughter, Sister, Brother-in-Law, Son-in-Law, Daughter-in-Law, Friend or Partner.

    • Shirley, this is reality TV.lumann has always been narcotic, self absorbed cow. Lu’s ex and herself were two stingers. I don’t doubt her new man is the same.I only can say except it or move on, lumann, always thought of herself as royalty (not). She was upset because Carole is a princess. You don’t see her using her title for some type of advancement.

    • smh

      Totally agree about Bethenny.. misery loves company, and she is a witch who would love to destroy someone else’s happiness.. At the same time, Luann needs to get over herself.. she was so insensitive to Sonja, wasn’t honest to Sonja from the get go about Tom, and all of this while staying at Sonja’s house… Luann, take the blinders off about this guy and stop making everything about you!

    • Ms.Shirley. well stated.

    • Amy

      Shirley you are correct. She has turned into an evil sole. I saw a pic today on another website she posted of herself on a beach. She is sickly skinny. And the thing that disturbed me the most is how she ridiculed Jules for her eating disorder. Bethany looks absolutely disgusting. It is even more disturbing how she thinks good enough to put the pic on social media. She has turned into a heartless bitch and thinks the world should stop because of a health issue that could be solved and not life threatening. The heartless woman should be ashamed of herself and curl up in a ball and cry with every episode that airs. Im with Gigi and don’t even watch them anymore. The blogs are more entertaining.

      • When did she “ridicule” Jules. She started crying for her when Jules told her, and said she thought Jules was brave to tell her. She was nothing but kind to her. The only time Bethenny ever yelled at Jules was after Jules assumed Bethenny had spoken about the many secrets Jules had shared with her about her marriage, which never happened. The other thing was when Jules, who is a 35 year old adult baked silverware and a measuring cup into something she let Bethenny EAT. When you BAKE stainless steel in an effing pizza oven, which is 500 degrees, it can break, like a cast iron skillet. You would never think either could break, but they can, so that was not FUNNY. Bethenny was also having acute illness problems at the pizza dinner and was medicated also. So, Jules gets a pass but Bethenny never does? I really do want to know where you saw Bethenny ridicule Jules FOR HER EATING DISORDER. You can’t, because it never happened. Why the F is it always Bethenny’s doing when something is the truth?

        • AND, YOU are ridiculing Bethenny for the same thing you accused her of doing. She was quite ill, and lost a lot of blood and had surgery. I have had almost that exact surgery, and some of us get quite thin when we are ill, and after surgery.
          No one with an eating disorder could ever have the stamina she does. They could NEVER run a huge company, keep their partners happy and be healthy enough to travel all over, be a Mom, and just do everything she does without losing concentration. Jules exhibits the symptoms of a person with one, which we know as a fact. So, you are criticizing a person for being skinny, even though in the same post you called her out for the same thing!

      • Would you also say that about someone who is plump, or missing a hand, for example, has no right to post a picture of themselves? How phucking shallow.

    • Debbie

      Today is Aug 9.We will not be able to find out what happens because Slice has replaced HWNY with hockey wives

      Shame on you Bravo & Slice


    When has B’s ever had “right” motives about anything? She got married because she got pregnant. That alone rests my case.

  • VV

    What does It matter who had the info? Wouldn’t everyone want to know if the Ass your engaged to is cheating on you? Does it really matter if it was in front of camera’s? It would come out anyway! Go snort a line LuMannnn

    • Mufffie

      I am so over LuMann thinking he only has eyes for her… I call BS. Once a player always a player. And if anything she is the one acting like a grown moron…having to keep saying she’s so happy, that they are sole-mates (gag) it’s like she’s trying to convince herself..
      Keep tuned to watch her crash and burn

      • Anonymous

        So now Tom’s a player? I didn’t know he was married. The guy was single. Besides, if you’re buying Bethenny’s story along with Frick & Frack, I’d get my money back. If Bethenny has any kind of proof, she’d show it. It’s pure fabrication on Bethenny’s part. Why? Because she enjoys humiliating people and because she thinks causing drama will distract the viewers from hating her. And most viewers have had enough of Bethenny Frankel & her constant SG Infomercials & judgmental venom. Let her go on QVC where she can go off on calling customers. That’ll be the final demise of the garbage Bethenny is constantly selling. Thank gawd. Her SG products taste like they were made in a public high school chemistry lab by returning dropout students.

        • Yep, you there with no name, that’s why she was named the favorite housewife right on this blog and has hundreds of thousands of fans. She employs hundreds of people, is good to them, and has made it HERSELF. I believe people, especially those too afraid to choose a handle, are envious. There is no reason for her to manufacture this, she always has something going on in her segment, has no dog in this fight as she doesn’t ever choose her dates from the cesspool they call nightclub dating in Manhattan. She has also never said she was one of Luann’s good friends. They have a challenging relationship, but notice how Luann backs Bethenny up, like with Sonja. That is likely because when Bethenny screws up badly like she did at Dorinda’s, she says she is sorry privately, and she means it. Not for the camera’s. She also doesn’t need this job, she simply likes it. She gives Bravo a lot of credit for helping her build her business, but many housewives have come and gone and didn’t use the vehicle as Bethenny did. There are photos, of that I am sure. And she does not want to hurt Luann. Sonja on the other hand is the one who outed their decade long “arrangement” on camera, because she does in fact, NEED this job, yes, she banged Tom for a decade, but she didn’t look as rich or connected as Luann. It has been bandied about since day one that Tom is a pig. Bethenny has proof, that’s all. Luann’s marriage was open on both sides, another thing Luann tried to keep secret. But that leaked out during season 3 and 4. So, Bethenny asking those questions was really not that out of line, and Luann, as is her habit, tried to pretend she was shocked and outraged, when she knew EXACTLY why Bethenny was asking. The ONLY reason we haven’t seen it yet is because production wants it dragged out like a soap. What airs is totally their decision, as is when it airs.

      • Anonymous


  • Debbrenn

    Here LuAnn goes, once again burying the lead. Tom and every-woman-in-town is the story.

    • Anonymous

      This isn’t Luann’s story. It’s Bethenny’s fabricated story, along with Sonja & Ramona who think that if they go along with the ruse, they’ll have jobs next season.

      • DebBrenn

        How did Bethenny fabricate pictures of Tom’s tongue down the throat of a Playboy model?

  • Lisa

    Sorry to say Bethenny’s motives are irrelevant Luann. Your fiance’s motives are. And his behavior is all that matters. You arent marrying Bethenny.

    • Anonymous

      Well said!

  • Bethenny doesn’t have a dog in this fight, so to speak. She is keeping the company of her own man, and has never known Tom. She has been right about Luann from day one. She is simply the only one with the guts to say it to Luann’s face. EVERYONE knows about Tom. Whether or not Bethenny and the man she is currently seeing choose to put their relationship on camera is up the them. As I have said before, I am positive it isn’t in the contract that the boyfriend or girlfriend, or friend in any capacity, is required to be filmed. That is their choice, not Bravo’s. It is a misconception that they are “required” to allow the camera into their private dating life. If you recall, Ramona has said many times she is dating. That she has had 2 serious dating relationships, and she made the decision not to have it be publicized, & those dates were not on the show. She CHOSE TO KEEP IT PRIVATE. So, it isn’t just Bethenny. She has no more power than any other housewife accept the power she enforces, OVER HER OWN LIFE. Being that she had no power over what happened or didn’t happen to her during her childhood and her adolescence, she no doubt takes a stronger position over what happens now.
    More POWER to her is what I say. She isn’t doing anything close to the damage Sonja is doing, and Ramona too. I hadn’t remembered that was the same guy from that episode so long ago in the bar when he called Ramona lazy. She must have been desperate to date someone who was so insulting to her and her friends. What? To prove him wrong? How many men live in Manhattan, jeeze.
    What Bethenny KNOWS about Luann being a hypocrite has nothing to do with being sent texts and photos of Tom with his mouth and hands all over some woman, publicly. She has always said she likes the real Luann, and I believe her. Every single housewife, minus maybe Dorinda, has mentioned multiple times this double standard Luann sets for herself and her sexual conquests. Like B said, there is nothing wrong with what she chooses to do with her own self sexually, just don’t call out your closest friends for the stuff you, yourself DO. So, why does it always lay on Bethenny’s shoulders for saying the same thing they all say, because she is honest and up front about it, that’s why. She is a little harsh, but I prefer harsh to liars and hypocrites.

    • And BTW, Tom is a pig. And if Luann marries him, well, she will have made her bed and will certainly be laying in it a LOT.

      • Aleggra

        Sorry to inform you but Tom & Lu are happily traveling in Europe, having a great time. They’re very much & love. Bethenny, however, needs needs to take a good, hard look at her shocking bag of bones body. When Bethenny took off her robe & showed us her skeletal body, it was shocking. She’s in complete denial about her drastic eating disorder. Again, she pointed fingers Jule’s who isn’t in denial but very open about her problem. Beth’s bones sum up her whole fraudulent life–a life of lies, deflections and venomous judgments. In plain language: she’s a mess.

        • She has no eating disorder, she has been ill, and she is one of those people who lose weight when they are ill. And Luann will be happy no matter what as long as she has that urine colored 10 carats on her left hand, no matter who he bangs, it gives her the freedom to bang all the 20 year old houseboys everywhere she travels. If Bethenny had an eating disorder, you wouldn’t be the one saying it. It would be all over the news, her business partners would be up in arms and everything would be falling apart with her business, which it isn’t. She never pointed a finger at Jules. Jules told her because the prescription speed she takes makes her say what she wouldn’t if she wasn’t hi on speed. Bethenny was not pleased about eating something that had silverware baked into it. Freak things happen all the time, and a piece of any one of those stainless steel utensils could have broken off and she could have been hurt. So, it isn’t “funny” as Jules said. She also never told the secrets about Jules marriage that Jules also CHOSE to share with her.

        • DeeDee

          Agree Aleggra

      • Nancy

        Absolutely right!

        • Nancy

          This is in reply to D’s

          • Hi,Nancy. Where have you been? Everyone has more to do in the Summer I guess. Hope all is well.

    • Aleggra

      Bethenny has a dog in every fight. She instigates and fabricates to deflect from her own married man, long-time affair. If Bethenny had proof of Tom’s supposed infidelity, she’d sell it to the highest bidder. Bethenny needs to ask Jill Shields if she’d “want to know the truth.” Obviously, Bethenny never asked because Jill was clueless that her husband was sleeping with her long-time friend when they took Bethenny out to dinner. Jill S. has been clueless that her husband of 26 years has been having an affair with Bethenny for over a year. But Bethenny loves pointing fingers away from her own abhorrent behavior.

      • tjcalif95023

        I couldn’t have said it better!!! Bethany is a pile…

      • Bethenny and Shields wife are not “long time friends” they are people who have been acquainted for a long time, big difference. He was separated, as was she, when they started seeing each other. Just because there is a minuscule possibility they all had dinner at one time doesn’t pre-empt her from having a moral right to date him. People often find their partners among people they already know. Everything you just said is regurgitated rumor from the never ending “insiders” & “sources close to the family” etc. None of it is fact.

    • starr

      Great one 3 D’s.

    • Anonymous

      She has a dog in every fight . Are you obsessed with her

      • Oh, hahahahahaha. I just saw this. Yes. I have written on maybe 5 pages of the hundred here about a woman who I happen to be a fan of. I have a wonderful cottage with my husband of 31 years, children and In-Laws, friends and a life and a garden, and pets. But I walked from Nevada, where I live, to New York just to get a glimpse of her, that’s how obsessed I am. Hilarious.

  • VV

    I so agree with you D’s forever!!

  • Yellowbean

    Lu Ann is like a cat in heat. Her desperation is getting uncomfortable to watch

  • Shirley

    LuAnn does seem desperate to wed, but she’s grown woman and if she wants to ignore she’s marrying a hound dog, then so be it. Anyone who believes Ramona is keeping her private life private is drinking the Ramona koolaid. Trust that if or when she gets a boyfriend she will flaunt him all over the place. I don’t think she can get a man to last with her. She is in far more in heat than LuAnn and Sonja combined. She can’t even go to a party without demanding the single men guest list.its embarrassing. Let LuAnn find out on her own if she’s headed towards a blissful union or a train wreck. Don’t be fooled by Bethenny for one minute that she is trying to be a “friend.” She is too self absorbed to not want to stick it to LuAnn.

  • Nancy

    Luann always trying to control the narrative.At the party she was all over the place trying to ensure what was being said. Her blog is BS! Again trying to control the narrative. Bethenny cud come up with enough proof to convince a jury, Luann will marry the guy if he’ll have her. She is hell bent on getting married. I say hell with it let her gloat in her own misery! Lu only cares abt $$. She met her old goat of a husband, drops her BF which she lived with& married the old goat a wk or so after meeting him. Her BF was not home she took her clothes & Lt. What a class act! She hangs on that stupid title what a joke. I think the real narcissist here is Lu, no doubt abt it! What makes me laugh was the story abt the crabs. Really the mattress! Honey with open marriages we can deduce where they came from! And it wasn’t directly from a mattress. My was a nurse does she really think that us the viewers R that stupid? Her screaming at Ramona was so tacky.Gloating at Sonja & saying again & again,but I’m marrying him or words to that effect is uncalled for. After all Sonja was 28th the guy on & off for 10 yrs! She had to have had some feflings for the man! Plus I don’t know abt others but I’m a proud woman & if anyone I know had info abt my fiance Ur damn rt I want to know. Preferably sooner than later. Bethenny did her part! Who gives a sh_t what is her reason. I don’t believe it’s to hurt Lu if it were she’d keep it to herself & say it after the wedding! That’s if there is one but seems like the insistent party is Lu.

    • Thank you, Nancy. I hadn’t thought of that, keeping it to herself being the mean thing. That is SO TRUE. Bethenny has no dog in this fight.
      Bethenny doesn’t choose her men from the regular festering pool of bar goers in Manhattan, where both parties are looking for someone rich and connected. She doesn’t need anyone rich or connected, although they should be so as not to feel overshadowed by Bethenny. He would have to be a powerful man on his own to be able to not only keep up with Bethenny, but to have the guts and heart to understand a complicated person like herself. She takes a lot of shit about taking charge of her own life and fortunes, mostly it’s envy, IMO. She had no choice whatsoever in her early life, now she does. Our childhood is not an excuse to be useless and hurt others. Our childhood makes us who we are though, to the last person. How we feel about ourselves is created during our youth. She doesn’t go around screwing with people, sponging off people, drinking and drugging and whoring around and blaming her parents. But, if anyone could it would be her. She took that survival instinct, which was all she had left by the time she was an adult & used it in adulthood. I think she is effing inspiring. She has been right about Lu from day one.

      • 100% agree with you

        • Thank you, Ruth. Haven’t seen you here before, so HI!! 3 D’s here, and hope to see you more, not just because you agree with this post either. 🙂

          • Thanks. I have read here before but never posted. I was on RT. Just to nasty for me now.

            • I really hope you have time to post now, we always welcome new people, and we have fun here. It gets a little bitchy occasionally, but short lived. I always enjoy a discussion, whether I agree or not with a smart person, so I can learn why others feel and think what they do. If I only wanted to hear myself, I would read my own journal over and over. Anyway, 🙂

            • Suze☕️

              Hi Ruth, Welcome, this site is so much nicer than RT. I read the stories on there but not the comments. There are one or two here but 99% are really lovely. We have fun and go off a times but that’s how we get to know each other. Xo

              • Thanks Suze, I see more interesting comments here. I like Bethenny and it’s always nice to see comments that are not always hate based.

  • Poor Bethenny. She is in the proverbial, ” Damn if you do, Damn if u don’t situation. ”
    She wasn’t looking for this , it literally feel into her lap.
    Luann is in LA LA land. Granted, I wold want someone to tell me in private.

    • tjcalif95023

      I had to read this twice lol…. Poor Bethany?? Really

    • Me too, but nothing about Luann’s magic soul mate is private, as she wanted it to be. Otherwise she wouldn’t be able to shove that urine colored 10 carats under everyone’s nose, especially Sonja. I believe if it had been a private affair, Bethenny would have kept it that way. Actually, I have never heard her spread gossip. She is just a great scapegoat because she is a self made millionaire and a little harsh. She has had a harsh life, but she works on herself, which is way, way more than I see in the others.

      • Ah, excuse, excuse, 8 carats. My mistake.

      • Bon Vivant

        Thank gawd I’m not the only one to notice how cloudy that ring is, lol.

    • Bon Vivant

      I agree. While Beth has been annoying me to no end this season, I do not believe for a moment that she is delighting in this situation regarding Luann. Not at all. If I had a a friend (well as a much as one could consider their love-hate frienemy dynamic a “friendship”), and they saw my fiancé tickling some stranger’s tonsils with his tongue in a bar- I sure as heck would want to know. PRIVATELY….listen, even if I’m wearing rose-colored glasses through all of this, don’t let me walk into a new marriage BLIND. If you SEE something, SAY something…privately.

  • No response? Naturally. Whenever someone wants to hit and run, they do. Methinks it is the same as posting as anon. No big, just an observation.

  • Trixiebelle

    LuAnn, you are in serious denial. They are your friends, not your enemies. They trying to warn you that you man isn’t all he wants you to think he is. Love is blinding you. And he’s been with two of your friends for crying out loud! That alone would make him totally undesirable. Do you need a man THAT BAD? Well, maybe it’s payback for cheating on Jacques. He was adorable and you blew that relationship with Johnny Depp. You know what they say … Karma’s a bitch.