LuAnn de Lesseps Hopes Bethenny Got Her Anger Out


LuAnn de Lesseps is taking to her blog to say that she hopes Bethenny Frankel got all of her anger out of her system and say that the trip to Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires felt like she was being tortured.

“Why do the girls care who I date or what I do with my private life? I’m living my life the way I choose and as long as I don’t harm anyone in the process, I say “chic ce la vie!” Dating is a game and flirting is part of it, but I’ve never tried to steal a man away from his woman. The fact that I have so many great girlfriends is proof that I respect other people’s relationships and that I’m a loyal friend. Sometimes, I think the girls confuse morality with jealousy. I am proof that you can get divorced, have your children go off to college, and then find true love again as I have with Tom. In the Berkshires, Bethenny tried to torch me with her words but I didn’t let her get under my skin. She looked like she felt terrible when she woke up the next morning with a cruelty hangover. She’s just an angry person, and there is nothing I can do to change that. I don’t let her words get to me, and I hope that after this tirade, she leaves her anger at the door.

Dorinda is an amazing hostess, so I wasn’t surprised when Santa came to visit us. Who doesn’t need a wine glass that can hold an entire bottle of wine? Speaking of whine, let’s talk about Ramona saying that I hit on men she’s interested in. That’s just a joke. Ramona’s the one interested in the man I’m dating, which is very different than me being the man-stealer. This trip to the Berkshires was a complete disaster and as much as I tried to ignore Bethenny’s attacks and Carole’s negativity towards me, eventually I couldn’t hide my frustration. How many times do I have to apologize to Bethenny and Carole? They obviously enjoy torturing me. I keep taking the high road even if it means repeating myself. In a final show of disrespect, Bethenny and Carole skipped out early and left their room a mess. I’m sure Dorinda was happy to see their taillights.

I was happy to go to Ramona’s holiday party to hopefully spend some quality time with the girls. I felt fabulous in my Countess Collection jumpsuit, and I wasn’t going to let the same old arguments ruin my night. What about Ramona hitting on her chef? And I’m the flirt?! LOL.

Sonja promised Ramona and me that she would talk to Bethenny about her “Tipsy Girl” brand name, but she came to Ramona’s party late and Bethenny, true to her word, didn’t want to see her or talk to her. I understand why Sonja is frustrated with Bethenny, but I can also see why Bethenny is upset with the name “Tipsy Girl.” It’s a little too close and I suggested to Sonja that she change the name to something else. Sonja needs her friends more than ever, and she truly is lonely without her daughter at home. I feel her pain, and I understand how this is a scary time for her. She feels excluded by the other girls, and I think she’s had it with their judgmental attitudes. We all have our flaws! I think Jules is doing a great job navigating these tricky waters with a smile on her face and great attitude. Does anything fluster her? I thought it was adorable when she said Dorinda’s sleepover was the best 24 hours of her life! What mother can’t relate to that? It says a lot that she can relax amongst all this emotional chaos while finding the silver lining in what was for me, a very stressful weekend.”

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36 Replies to “LuAnn de Lesseps Hopes Bethenny Got Her Anger Out”

  1. I wonder why LuAnne would acknowledge or speak B’s name again. It is curious why Bethanny is obsessed with LuAnne.

  2. these women are just fed up with all the crap Luann has spewed over the years. She thinks she does no wrong. she has no conscience.

    1. That is so true. If she ever said “yes, I can be like that sometimes” even. I was watching last season, and just got to the reunion. Her, Sonja and Heather were the one’s who never once admitted any fault in anything, much less their own flaws, whatsoever. To this day, Luann remains a liar about the pirate and every other guy. She absolutely refuses to admit she ever slept with any of them.
      Since she is a grown woman, with the right to do with herself as she pleases, as she says constantly, including above, which includes having a sex life, why is she so adamant in saying she does not have sex with any of the aforementioned men? It’s practically in the “Hypocrisy Handbook.”
      Bethenny absolutely has anger issues, but she admits her faults at least. I know I keep saying this, but anyone who grew up like her would have deep anger, and maybe toward hypocrisy most of all. Which Luann carries in spades. She does laugh and love and I believe she does her best, I really do. On the other side of the coin, Luann said how many times does she have to apologize to Carole? How about once?
      I don’t see Bethenny blaming her childhood all the time. She talks to her doctor about it though, but she doesn’t go around whining. She is most definitely a tortured soul. I still think if Luan would have been honest about staying with Sonja, none of that would have been said. Once B got started she couldn’t stop herself. It is like any kind of rage, once the fire is lit, it has to burn itself out. As usual, Luann takes absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for any of it, she is just the innocent victim. I only read a few of the tweets that were posted on blogs she put out about Carole for over a year, and they were despicable. Luann is a liar, and Bethenny did wake up with a cruelty hangover, she said so herself.

      1. 1. How do you know Luann had sex with the pirate?
        2. Why is Lu’s sex life Bethenny’s business, or ours, for that matter?
        3. Why is Bethenny not required to apologize for her “anger issues”?
        4. Because this is a job and they are all being paid, should Bethenny and Carole be required to interact with all members of the cast, whether Bethenny “likes the way they live” or not?
        5. Why is Carole not equally as despicable for the things she said and “re-tweeted” about Luann?
        6. Since Bethenny told Sonja “she wanted nothing to do with her”, why does she care whether Luann is staying with Sonja to “mentor” her, or to drink until dawn and dance naked in the courtyard?
        7. Does “admitting” your faults relieve you of the consequences of your behavior?
        8. How do you know that Bethenny is telling the truth, about her childhood, about Jason, about his parents, about Jill Zarin … about anything?
        9. If Luann deserves to be screamed at and called a whore, and Sonja deserves to be shut out, and Jules deserves to be disrespected, what does Bethenny deserve? How about Carole?
        10. If Luann is a hypocrite for writing a book about etiquette, why is Bethenny not a hypocrite for writing a book about relationships?

        1. Wow, apple & 3D’s, the both of you are so astute in your argument and assessments. I see both sides of the coin here and I would have a hard time being a juror if you two were lawyers 😉 I honest and truly tend to err on the side of caution so I would need real concrete proof from unbiased sources that Louanne was a serial man stealer. A past best friend or two or three or four ! from outside the HW circle. And speaking of such, don’t any of these women have true good friends away from the franchise? Like, Sonja e.g. She strikes me as the type of woman, esp. being a Sagittarian, they’re known to be a friend to everyone – who could pick up the phone and call a myriad of women to go out with. She was acting all home alone and excluded from the Berkshires weekend, wouldn’t you think with her lively social life she would have at least a handful of friends to call on? That doesn’t make sense to me about these shows. They haven’t all been best of friends to each other when they started on the series, right?

          1. Hi, Divine Miss M!! I think a lot of them have outside friends. I know Bethenny does, as she has had them on a few times, same girls, on her spin off too. I always wondered if one of the reasons we don’t see much of them has to do more with Bravo money and contracts and insurance than allowing them to be seen on the show, not that you said you didn’t think they were allowed, just a side thought. So great to see you! ♥︎

            1. Hey baby! So good to ‘see’ you too sweetie 🙂 THANKyou! Yes. That makes absolute sense about contracting and insurance issues re: friends on camera time. I might just like to even hear them say something when they’re like pissed off, shit I’m gonna call one of my REAL friends, or something like that to bring the real in reality. lol

          2. Lol…thankfully I don’t think either of us will ask you to sit on the jury, M.
            We know Ramona has a huge group of friends outside the show because we see them at her annual birthday soiree…but I don’t know about the others. Luann knows a lot of people, she brought Sonja on the show, but she says she is happiest in a relationship…as are many women…so maybe that is what they mean when they (Bethenny) says she is not a “girl’s girl”.

            1. Oh whew, good cause I’ve already done my duty three years ago, twice! Yes, Ramona does have quite a network of friends. I would think B would At least business contacts wise. But hey we know she’s good friends with Miss Kyle Richards!

        2. 1. Really? Puleeze.
          2. Reality show.
          3. She is, I never said she wasn’t.
          4. I’m not sure.
          5. I didn’t say she wasn’t.
          6. I don’t think she does “care” I think she simply blew.
          7. It depends on the situation and whether a sincere apology is forthcoming.
          8. Because I watched her interaction with her step-father who admits it all. I also read a lot of the articles about it, quotes etc. And, I believe her. I have her spin-off and there is a lot more on that series than housewives, I believe it’s true as much as I believe anything I am told that I believe.
          9. They deserve whatever anyone has the balls to say to them, all of them. If they need to be called out, then someone should do that.
          10. Because Bethenny wrote about the problems in any relationship she herself is in, in the book. It wasn’t an instructional book.

          1. 1-10. I need more than gossip and innuendo and implication before I am willing to try and ruin someone’s reputation. Not everything is fair game on a reality show…cast members have the right to keep some things private….and I strongly disagree with holding one person accountable when clearly many if not all were participants.

          2. Bethenny’s book IS an instructional book on relationships. She lists 10 things to you should do so you don’t screw up your relationships….kinda like a rip-off of “The Rules”. And there is a difference between manners and morals…Luann is usually very pleasant in social settings…so she seems qualified to me. Bethenny should probably read Class with the Countess.

            1. Oh, I was totally wrong about the book, sorry, for some reason I thought it was what NOT to do.
              These were the questions you asked, though. So, those were the only ones I could answer in that particular forum. At first, I thought they might be rhetorical, but I read them anyway of course, I always read you. They were so timely and thought provoking I answered in my head just to articulate my opinion even to myself. Then I thought, well, maybe they could be taken either way, rhetorical or not depending on who read them and if someone wanted to answer, it would be all good. But the post under the answers I was a little confused by. Was it Luann’s reputation? I couldn’t tell if it was Sonja or Luann? And, since Luann brings up her social/sex life frequently, I did not believe that was something she intended on keeping private. I totally agree they are not required to allow us into every part of their live’s simply because they are on reality tv. But I read the question maybe a little different than you intended it to be understood.
              I also don’t think Bethenny ever once thought the world of business was scary. Certainly many other parts of life, but not business. I saw her as a woman who had business on her mind most of the time, and also one who studied, researched and poured over anything that could teach her how to build one. She could make contacts in a room full of business people much better than a room full of socialites.
              I do not think she did one thing correctly at Dorinda’s. She should be ashamed of herself. Her and Carole, ( who BTW, IMO, is boring ) owe Dorinda a huge apology plus some more apologies and some groveling to be honest. I sincerely hope she knows how to make a huge mistake right, because she most definitely made more than one that night.
              Lastly, I still believe if Luann, ( not excusing B at ALL ) had been honest and humble when describing her reason for being at Sonja’s, none of it would have happened. She has been right there with all the ladies since Turks and Caico’s
              chiming in about Sonja’s problems, conveniently leaving her own out. I think, personally, that Sonja is the most truly delusional person I have ever seen. She didn’t even blink when Bethenny asked her if the $10,000.00 bracelet was distributed through the ones who distribute her clothing, or purchased by someone on her Nigerian Football team, or if it was sold to anyone involved in the elusive ” perfume contract .”If Sonja had in fact spent many nights with distributors tasting rose`s and prosecco, she would be able to name at least one!!! As I mentioned before, Sonja, like any one of the ladies on any HW franchise, would not be selling bracelets through a jeweler who was a contact of Bethenny’s just on the fly. I read and hear it so much when I see her that I forget to realize she is totally and completely out of touch with her faculties, and unfortunately, reality.

              1. No problem, 3D’s. Those were legitimate questions. I am a logical thinker, but I recognize not everyone approaches things the way I do. Sometimes, I need help understanding how others have come to a different conclusion. The post about reputations was in reference to Bethenny’s (and her supporters) attack on Luann.

                The premise being shopped around by Bethenny and her supporters is that Luann deserved to be persecuted because she is a hypocrite…because she wrote a book about manners, but she enjoys sex and may or may not be enjoying it with many different kinds of men. Bethenny (and her supporters) claim they would be fine with her sexual exploits, if she would just admit it. But when Luann does talk to these women, they use that information to imply she is less than, unpure, unclean, and unworthy… a slut and a whore…so she is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. I have trouble with that.
                I also have trouble with someone who told young women to sleep their way to the top now calling someone else a whore. And I have trouble understanding how someone who has never had a relationship that lasted longer than 3 years , but has written a book instructing others how to find and maintain relationships …then telling someone else who wrote a book about manners that her book is laughable…because she sleeps with too many men.
                This is becoming a very constructive conversation. I will leave Sonja for another time.

    2. I agree with you. LuAnn has always acted like she was so “High and Mighty” and better then most. I had hoped she changed but she hasn’t. B just let it rip from all those past years and then some. There are tons of things that go on behind the cameras, that only those girls know of. I just think B had all she could take and let heads roll. LOL

  3. Sonja and Luann held out for better contracts at the beginning of the season, and were not filming with the others, in case they couldn’t come to an agreement and the footage couldn’t be used. But now it looks like once the contracts were signed, the cartel had already been formed and Bethenny is now the head bitch in charge on RHONY. Bravo has either lost or given up all control of the franchise and she now determines where, when and even if she films, and with who. She also obviously has an agenda. She wants both Sonja and Luann gone and so they are being iced out.

    Ever had a job where one or two co-workers were harassing you and “setting you up” at work?
    I have…and it makes me feel for both Luann and Sonja. Imagine having to show up the next day and work with someone who did what Bethenny did to Luann in the Berkshires. All things considered, I think Luann is behaving very professionally and holding up pretty well.

    1. @ Apple. Great post. I agree. Regardless of what Lu does, Bethenny had no right to publicly shame Lu that way. I bet Lu was pissed that she gave B, that expensive , monogramed/ engraved Carlos Falchi bag.
      I have to give Lu her props. She didn’t let B break her. If I was Lu, Bethenny would be the one crying.

      1. Thanks, SP. They seem to all be afraid of her…which I think supports my theory that she has taken over production and they don’t want to end up where Luann and Sonja are….in Siberia.

          1. apple, yes, I totally get it, and agree. (Suze♥️♥️♥️TY for the video – too adorable of Gus lol)

            1. Glad you got it, I have tried sending it to Rain, hopefully it will work today. He is scrumptious!

    2. I believe Andy Cohen when he says Bethenny, and the same with Lisa Vanderpump, have no more say than any of the ladies when it comes to edit, who films, how often or with who. Yes, I agree, Luann is handling it very well, I must say. She even poured wine for all the ladies, including Bethenny and Carole during dinner. She really has a thick skin.
      I honestly don’t think Bethenny wants either of them gone from the show, or is trying to control, or in fact, limit their air time.

  4. I’ve said this before and after viewing the last episode, I’ll say it again…Yes they all argued like screaming banshees and drunken morons, but it was Carole’s riding Bethenny’s coat tails, without the balls to stand on her own, that bugged me the most. Especially with their stupid, high school departure from the Berkshires, once AGAIN, ungracious and immature. I know there were so many other silly things going on, but this was what I found most annoying myself. Thank God I have a forum here to get that out. Lol.

      1. I think you are right and it wouldn’t make a difference with or without Carole, in fact, when she wants to opt out, LET HER…do us all a But I doubt that any of these ladies will exclude Bethenny on purpose. I have a feeling it’s a job requirement to include Bethenny to events.

    1. Carole should have stayed in Dorinda’s closet. She was bad enough when she followed Heather around like a puppy…but this is so much worse…and not a good look for what many of us thought was once an intelligent and sane portal in the wacky world of housewives. She can go now.

      1. Lol. Great line that she should have stayed in the closet 😀 Yes, Bethenny is her new Heather, the problem is that she could keep up with Heather, she can’t keep up with B and she is looking very obnoxious.

    1. She claims her brand is doing great…and people are swarming in mass to Walmart to buy her low cal booze and diet snacks. I am not buying it…(or that crap she sells). It is always in the clearance aisle where I live. I do think it is why she came back in the first place…to turn RHONY into a giant infomercial and shill her swill…but now she is just destroying her fairy tale image of the poor little homeless orphan who finally succeeds in the big scary world of business. I also think she believes the audience isn’t smart enough to see that she will cheat, lie, betray, and destroy anyone that gets in her way. But I am betting she is wrong and, so far, the vast majority of the viewers are not buying the spin she and Bravo are putting on her arrogance and ego and resulting behavior.

  5. Can you say “HYPOCRITE”!!!!!!! She says it is none of the girls business who she dates. Well countess you seemed to have ALL the comments on whoever anyone dates or sleeps with you “Slut” I agree with Bethanny sorry. Luanne needs to stop with all the lying and hypocrisy. She feels she is so far above the others yet she is the one with the mouth. I hope her marriage to this guy helps bring her down a bit but Im thinking that the next thing she will do is walk around like she is the queen bee now married a way more happy than the other girls. Oh god im already feeling sick.

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