Luann de Lesseps Hires Sober Team

As we reported, RHONY star Luann de Lesseps got out of rehab last week after her highly-publicized arrest for allegedly hitting a police officer in a drunken meltdown. Luann is now seeking a new team of sober employees to work for her, including a new personal assistant in order to try to stay sober.

But according to a new report, the former Countess’ diva behavior is still in tact. One applicant told RadarOnline he declined the position after he witnessed behavior he claimed was “unprofessional.”

“She was just ridiculous. For example, she would have her other assistant contact me to let me know that Luann would be calling us shortly. But she would never call,” the insider alleged.

Do you believe this report? I have to say, I’ve spoken with Luann and she’s always been lovely.


14 Replies to “Luann de Lesseps Hires Sober Team”

  1. So, Luann gets in trouble and her “employees” get the sack in favour of “sober” people? Typical Luann, looking after numero uno and not caring one whit about others who might have bills to pay? She’s not taking any ownership of her own behaviour but instead, blaming her staff. What a putz.

  2. How dumb. People trying to get their 15 minutes. Hope she finds some good people to rely on, instead of some fame whores..

  3. Many people get PBJ, most likely will be the case here.. I am just glad she is working on bettering herself. We all can do a little more of that right?

  4. Actually, most people who are charged with crimes in places other than their home states are allowed to do any community service and/or anger management, etc. where they live. Lu will probably get away with a small fine. She doesn’t have a record or any documented history of abusive behavior.

  5. Hi Minx! My experience with Florida law has always been that they will loosely monitor the events but they don’t really care where the court ordered courses and/or probation are completed. Florida is one of those states that deals with a lot of tourists and snow birds and they have always be accommodating. I live in Minnesota so a lot of older people from here go to warmer climates for the winter. I would rather have to deal with Florida than Texas (for example) when it comes to things like this.

  6. Lu is a mean drunk we find out. She should not come back. Fire Ramona too. She will have time to reunite with Mario. You know that’s what’s happening.

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