Has LuAnn de Lesseps Forgiven Bethenny Frankel Over RHONY Season 8?


It’s no secret that there was no shortage of drama last season on the Real Housewives of New York City. She went head-to-head with some of her co-stars about rumors regarding her soon to be husband Tom D’Agostino. So where does she stand with the women today?

“I see the ladies, you know, in the Hamptons. Ramona [Singer] has a house out there, Bethenny [Frankel] has a house out there. Sonja [Morgan], I’ve seen around the city. So, I see the girls,” Luann told The Daily Dish. “I think they are excited for me. The girls are happy for me. They now see that this is really happening, and that Tom and I are in love and so they moved on. I moved on. They see that I’m happy, that’s all that matters.”

“Dorinda [Medley]’s one of my bridesmaids,” Luann said. “She introduced Tom and I, so I thought it’s only fitting that she should be a bridesmaid.”

“I still have a couple invitations that I’m waiting to send out [laughs],” she said. “To be determined. You might see a couple of the Housewives, whoever’s on their best behavior and who’s gonna be happy for me. I don’t want any negative energy at this wedding.”

But it doesn’t seem like LuAnn and Bethenny have mended things quite yet. “Not really. To be quite honest, not really. But, we just haven’t seen a lot of each other,” she said, adding that she hasn’t completely ruled out having Bethenny in Florida for her wedding. “Never say never, but I don’t think so.”

But LuAnn was quick to point out that she and Tom are better than ever. “Well, now that’s a year ago so, you know, life is about forgiveness, right? And we love each other,” she said. “Tom and I are strong and have never been better. And if we can get through that we can get anything.”

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12 Replies to “Has LuAnn de Lesseps Forgiven Bethenny Frankel Over RHONY Season 8?”

  1. Honey, it depends…on where a cast member’s vested interest lies, of course…and that goes for every last one of these women associated with Bravo franchises.

  2. Great education some of these reality stars have. It is introduced Tom and me not “Tom and I”. She used the word happy so much I wonder who she is really trying to convince.

    1. Thank You! I detest people butchering the English language.
      Did you watch the second part of the RHOC’s reunion?
      Kelly Dodd gets First Prize in the illiteracy department!

      1. No sh** sherlock. I always taught my children that how you speak makes a huge difference in how you are seen and accepted in all parts of society, what kind of career you attain, when and if you get promotions, how well you deal with controversy etc. Vocabulary is one of the most crucial parts of education. I even made it fun, we would have a vocabulary game in the house, find a new word, and see how many ways you can use it. Each person recorded theirs in a little notebook, which I still have, showing their growth over the years.

    2. Aunt Bee lol I know right? I remember my 7th grade English teacher Mrs. Mcdonald and her teaching us how to use those pronouns correctly e.g., in a prepositional phrase, I never forgot it once, & the break down of the two parts. (Mary went to the store with Aunt Bee. Mary went to the store with me. Mary went to the store with Aunt Bee and me.) Oh I miss my old school days and some of my wonderful teachers. xoxox

  3. Seriously doubt Bethany would even consider going to Lu’s wedding, as if Lu held the cards of importance. BTW–I believe Bethany would ONLY attend if she can promote/sell her products! (lol)

  4. I’m seriously concerned that Lisa gave Giggy some chocolate! I’m actually shocked. Chocolate can kill a dog or a cat, and that’s the truth. I wonder if she will get a lot of comments on FB or twitter or any of the other social media. And, from any of her animal charity committee friends. I just checked again the booklet I got from my vet when we got our 2 kitties. Milk chocolate and white chocolate are not as bad, but build up toxins in the animal, as do macadamia nuts, anything with non-sugar type sweeteners, just a lot of foods one wouldn’t think could be harmful. A small older dog like Giggy is much more at risk with even the milk chocolate she gave him. I know a lot of people might think she gave him such a small amount that it couldn’t possibly hurt him, and she would never do something purposefully, but according to not only my little booklet, every single piece of information I could find said the same thing. NO chocolate for dogs or cats. I’m going to her FB page now to tell her, surprised as I am that after years of having dogs and many other pets that she isn’t already aware of it.

    1. You’re absolutely right they’re not suppose to have any chocolate! Where did you see this, 3D? I was reading on here and didn’t see any reference to it. ??? She should know better is right.

      1. On the little trailer box above. There are adds about ….then Luann talking, then another add, then Lisa in her kitchen making a fruit salad that she says isn’r boring. She adds fruit, granola and choc. ice cream. She eats some herself, then Giggy is on the counter and she dips out some ice cream, chocolate is the only kind she put in, and he licks a bunch off of her spoon. I was honestly stunned that a person who is so involved in humane god treatment and love, that she really did not know that. I’m going to her FB age right now.

  5. Well I didn’t find the clip on my screen but no matter I’d be shocked as s*** had I seen it too. It’s just as well that I don’t twitter or facebook cause I might get into trouble with my own opinions lol. Good luck let me know how it turns out 😉 ♥️♥️♥️ xoxoxoxo

    P.S. So excited for you to meet Gigicat! Wish I could be there with ya 🙂

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