Luann de Lesseps Feud With Bravo?

According to PageSix, RHONY star Luann de Lesseps banned the Bravo cameras from being at her wedding.

Luann sold the rights to People for $20,000. Bravo execs aren’t pleased with her at all, as she told them it was a “private event, and so she didn’t want it to be filmed, but then she sold the rights to People,” according to the insider, who added, “Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. The wedding is the biggest storyline of the year for the show, and Bravo is furious. She has said she will provide footage to the show from her private videographer, once her contract with People has expired.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo

Tina Cerami

Tina Cerami

Tina is from Chicago, Illinois and loves The Real Housewives. She's even met several of the ladies while traveling. This sweet Italian girl is currently a student, and loves to blog in her spare time.

  • Aunt Bee

    I think despite what the majority thinks, she needs the money.

    • queenmother8

      I agree with you – I think she needs the money

    • I wouldn’t want to see the Wedding anyway. I will zip the screen shots anyway. Luann is just pissed because Bravo didn’t give her the spin off so many HW have achieved. Her relationship with Tom was sleazy. If it had been a beautiful fairy tail, Bravo, or whoever it is, would have at least filmed it and paid her. THE $20,000.00 People paid her is an embarrassing percentage compared to what other Bravo brides have brought home. I’d say it’s about what the nuptials were worth.

      • Michelle

        She needed the money and yes Bravo was not offering enough.

    • Michelle


  • Apple

    I think good for her. Bravo tortured her last year for ratings. Why allow them to also ruin her wedding.

  • Apple

    I did, Suze…probably better than I deserve. I hope you had a lovely holiday, as well.
    I think the election here in the “colonies” has been so polarizing that I just haven’t been able to “get it up” to disagree about housewives…but I am sure I will watch. I am disappointed that Bethenny came back for another season, especially after she indicated she didn’t want to. Perhaps she needs the money. I know her behavior on the show has negatively affected the sale of her products.

    • suze

      Is that your dog?

      • Apple

        Yes… Abby. I just lost her to kidney failure this fall and am currently “dogless” for the first time in many years. I am okay with it. I want to travel more and GSDs do not like to be left behind. Abby used to just stop eating until I came back. It made it hard to enjoy the trip, knowing how upset she was. I will rescue again, but for now, I am enjoying vacuuming once a week, rather than twice a day.

  • Nancy

    Lu has always been a sleaze. This is confirmation of what many said abt her. She’s a middle aged woman that wants2 hang on 2her youth.She has allowed herself 2B exploited by this jerkoff publically. She’s a joke among her friends that laugh behind her back. She’s a disgrace& a bafoon. I’m out. Peace!

  • Apple

    Hiya, Miss M…Happy New Year to you.
    I am doing well. Abby was sick for most of her life. She had several genetic disorders common to German Shepherds and was ready to go when her time came. I feel I was lucky to have her as long as I did.

    • Miss Ⓜ️

      apple you have a really good perspective on your beautiful Abby. I could take a lesson from your wise outlook. Thank you. xx

      • Apple

        Awww…TY Miss M.