LuAnn de Lesseps: It Doesn’t Matter Who Tom Dated


LuAnn de Lesseps is taking to her blog to let people know she doesn’t care who her fiancé Tom has dated in the past. The Countess also shares her thoughts on this week’s episode and her meeting with Bethenny Frankel.

“Three weeks had passed since Ramona’s holiday party, and I was happy to see the girls again to share the news that I’ve found my soul mate in Tom and that we are thinking about getting married! The first person I wanted to share the news with was Sonja, so she wouldn’t have to wonder where I was spending my time night after night. When she told me that she’d been with Tom four weeks earlier, my first thought was that she needs to do her math. We knew we were going to stay together, but it took a couple of weeks to get there. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter to me who Tom dated, because we are planning our future together. As for Sonja’s decision to quit drinking, I say “bravo” because it will help her have a better perspective on her life and her business.

Mexico? Tequila tastings? I’m in! When I watched how the girls responded to whether or not I was invited, I was surprised that Ramona didn’t stick up for me more. We’ve been on so many fun girls’ trips together and she does say how I would be missed if I weren’t included, but she didn’t say that to the girls. I think that Ramona takes Sonja and me for granted. We’ve been by her side through the good and the bad for many years, so you’d think she would be more loyal? Wrong! When I was at her apartment trying out the hair extensions, I shared with her that I had a fortune teller come to my home back in November and she predicted I’d meet my soul mate within two weeks, and I did! Tom told me he loved me one week in, and the feeling was mutual. Ramona could tell how over-the-moon I was for Tom, so when she tried to burst my bubble by sharing what she’d heard about him calling his ex and giving her a present, I wondered if she was trying to be a good girlfriend or if subliminally, she was trying to hurt me. I admire Tom’s ability to be friends with his ex. I, too, am friends with my ex-husband, and we’ve maintained a great friendship throughout our post-divorce years. I told Ramona that time will tell, and I’m telling you that Tom and I are still together and are planning on getting married!

I was sorry to see Jules so stressed out at her dinner with Dorinda and John. They have to find a nanny soon, or she will lose more of her hair. As for Michael’s attachment to his phone, he really should put it down and enjoy his wife and friends. I know that he’s a successful business man, but there’s a time and a place for business, and the dinner table isn’t it. Dorinda’s attempt at marriage counseling was a hoot! I do think it was hard for Jules to take it all in, but she was gracious to Dorinda as usual. I’ve been where Jules is with two children and a ton of responsibilities. Hopefully Michael will figure out how he’s going to care for their kids while Jules is in Mexico. She was firm with him that he’d need to step up and help her figure it out. If not, I hope she finds that dream nanny.

I’ve learned a lot about myself over the years on the show, and I’m willing to say that I’m better at some things than others. My listening skills are not fabulous and are a result of growing up in a large family where to get a word in was a challenge at times. Imagine nine people around a dinner table, all talking at the same time, and you can see why I have trouble at times focusing all my attention on one person. I’m a listening multi-tasker and sometimes I interrupt. I’m not perfect, and I think I’ve been humble enough to admit over and over to the girls when I’m wrong. When I was with Bethenny having drinks and discussing going to Mexico, she mentioned that Carole doesn’t want me to go on this trip. Is Carole Bethenny’s life partner? Seriously, she needs to get over her resentment. In the end, if I’m not invited, it’s their loss. I’m very happy to stay at home with Tom.”

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  • Momto3

    It would be hard to find someone that Sonja hasnt slept with 🙂 but seriously, it was horrible of Ramona to do that to Luann. Obviously Luann was happy, and a true friend wouldn’t have done that. Ramona is probably jealous because she was dumped and hadn’t found “true love” again yet. That’s really mean. I had friend who used the “girl code” to tell me things to burst my bubble out of jealousy. She was a good friend otherwise, but would always pull that stuff. I’m not friends with her anymore. Who needs friends like that. And Luann should ignore ramonas comment.

    • I agree, again. Maybe we should go get coffee or something, Momto3.

      • Momto3

        Yes, we should lol!

        • Bring the kids…I love kids.

    • Jacquie

      But what about the fact that lu kinda stole him from Ramona I think Ramona has a right to be pissed off, lu is the furthest from a girls girl and I totally believe bethenny saying other woman don’t want her around their man, I wouldn’t she thinks everyone is fair game. She is the definition of a desperate woman who can’t be alone

      • moriah

        Luann didn’t steal him from Ramona. He and Ramona dated only a few tmes and then it ended and it was way before Luann even met him. Ramona just likes the idea of making it seem like Luann was with her discards and that Luanne’s relationship with Tom is not special and nothing to feel happy about. As for Bethanny’s remarks (what a blind hypocrite!) she is an opportunist galore. She is very strategic. She sees what she wants, uses whoever she needs to get it, sets things up to take what she wants and the hell with anyone who gets hurt in the process. If Bethanny’s new boyfriend is as smart and wonderful as she thinks he is there is no way he’d be with someone as hateful and psychologically messed up as her. Their breakup is already written in stone.

  • Aunt Bee

    As usual this self absorbed countless has something negative to say about all the other women. So insensitive to Jules and her father’s illness. So stupid she can’t see the other women’s attitude toward her. So blind she can’t see the truth about Tom. Maybe he is alright but maybe he is seeking a place on Housewives just for the spotlight. Yes, he still reminds me of Slade of the OC.

    • Real Sandy⛱

      I totally agree. She is talking about herself incessantly, and she has no empathy for anyone else. At the time Luann wrote this, it was not in the recent past, just after the event happened. It was very recently,. She shoud have already known about Jules husband and all that is happening with their divorce but never even mentioned it. She ignored Jules talking about her father’s declining health and her worry over him like you said. Luann ignores everyone except herself. She should marry herself. She certainly does not care much about anyone else. I don’t know why they even care about her. Let her have Tom, who seems to be not so faithful from what we have seen. Luann has no gratitude for anyone trying to help her out. She deserves whatever she gets in my opinion. With “friends” like her who needs enemies.

      • Luann certainly forgives almost anything in those girls on the show. She has backed Bethenny up many times, even though Bethenny keeps telling her to quit being a hypocrite, and keeps telling her she doesn’t care what Luann does as long as she quits lying about it. I am starting to have a grudging admiration for Luann after all these years of not being able to stomach her. It’s giving me the feeling she actually loves B, and it seems she has not very many other friends. Like Bethenny has had the same GFriends from way back that guested on her spin-off at her recent parties. They are photographed out a lot all year, not just during filming. Same with Ramona & Dorinda, Sonja I don’t think has any one besides housewives, even tho in her delusion she constantly speaks of her friends all over the world.

        • Real Sandy⛱

          You can like her. After seeing Luann with Jules, I have no idea how she ever could have been a nurse. I always just tolerated her and never hated her, but now Luann is getting hard to take. She tuens out what others are saying and just hears herself IMO.

  • Lady Mary Jane

    Just get tested for every STD possible…enjoy the ride…and slut away !!!

  • DebBrenn

    Well said to each of the above. LuAnn may have learned a lot about her self in the last few years, as she says, but if so she’s got to know she just gets worse and worse.


    What is wrong with this Lu? Is she this desperate? Lonely? Wanting a storyline? Watching this unfold is like some strange Tim Burton movie. How embarrassing to watch.

  • Every one seems to like this guy…including people not involved in RHONY. I wish her well. I also noticed there is a special following next week’s episode about Luann. I am open to learning more about her. Maybe it will help me figure out why some of the viewers dislike her so much.

  • Shirley

    Luann, enjoy your new love cuz all the others are just plain jealous, especially Ramona. She’s turning purple that no one is interested in her crazy turtle time antics. Bethenny is such a hypocrite. Dating a married man and then calling you out on the same. She is off her meds and Carole needs to go on some. I’m happy she is happy in her boy toy, but it’s clear on TV that there is a shelf life. Watch him
    bolt as soon as their cookbook is done while she put her book on the shelf in order to tie him up with a chain. I just wish Andy would get rid of Bethenny and Carole. Put them on the All Star cast and tell them to stop producing RHONYC.

    • GmaB8

      You must have missed the point. Bethenny did not call Lu out for dating a married man or sleeping with young men. Bethenny called her out for lying about her actions while admonishing others for doing the same things she (Lu) does. Luann is a huge hypocrite.

      • Jacquie

        Yes 100% a lot of people missed bethennys point and said she was slit shaming, she was not she was calling lu out for CONSTANTLY being hypocritical!

        • Penny

          And B has a perfect right to do it. Since she’s never been a hypocrite. Ever. B knows exactly everything about everyone and will tell you, screaming, shrieking, and spitting in your face. Then she’ll OBSESSIVELY blab, blog, and tweet about it. But she’s no hypocrite, no way. Her current bf, ya know the one that is married to her friend of many years, now that’s different. Lol

          • Is that true? He is married to her friend?Because you do meet friends and men through the group you know. I do know the man and his wife have been separated for a time and are in the process of divorce. If Bethenny had been cheating with this man, which I totally do not believe, either the divorcing wife would have sold that way before now, or one of these blogs or rag mags would have picked it up. Bethenny s winning the new poll for favorite housewife of RHONY.

            • Anonymous

              It is all over the NYC papers. Bethenny is dating a married man, who she was friends with for years and his wife was her childhood friend. So why is Bethenny attacking Luann for the exact same behavior? Bethenny is also married. All is fine to dated separated people if you’re not also trying to sit on the Pope’s chair and preach.

          • Lol…yup. This whole “hypocrite” thing is on my last nerve. It may be how Frankenny and Igor are spinning it , but they missed a big chunk of important data.
            Lu likes to coach the other women on how to behave socially…use this fork, men should hold the door, always leave the table when speaking on your cell kinda stuff. This is called “manners”. She may be annoying, but frankly some of these broads could use the help…they are always chewing with their mouths open, talking with food in their mouths, bringing their unnivited and untrained dogs into other’s homes, snapping at waitstaff. It couldn’t hurt for them to listen and learn…but if they don’t want to..ok… don’t.
            Lu also likes men…and she may or may not have a very active sex life…which she prefers to keep private. But even if she is screwing everyone in the Tri-State area…that would be “morals”…like is it right or wrong to betray someone for personal gain, to have sex before marriage, to screw your friend’s husband?
            A hypocrite is someone who does one thing, but preaches another. I have never seen The Countess treat someone like she was treated in the Jerkshires…or tell anyone who to bump uglies with or not. And as for stealing other women’s men, Bethenny…you should really just STFU.

            • Penny

              On point, apple.
              Igor. lol. It fits. Hunched over, grubby, grinched up facial expressions. In the kitchen at Slurinda’s spooning her bowl of gruel. So funny.

              • Penny

                And it was sooo funny when Luann asked Igor, what are you, the narrator? Bam! Take that, writer girl.

                • Lol…I know, right. Slurinda…perfect! Lu had some really great moments at the wine bar, too. I don’t care if Lu was high on love or “Bath Salts”, she owned Methenny that night and controlled that entire conversation. I loved when she told Beth people can be friends with their ex …but Beth wouldn’t know that. She looked really good in that beautiful white Armani suit., too.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry to disappoint but I didn’t miss the point.

  • Jacquie

    But what about the fact that lu kinda stole him from Ramona I think Ramona has a right to be pissed off, lu is the furthest from a girls girl and I totally believe bethenny saying other woman don’t want her around their man, I wouldn’t she thinks everyone is fair game. She is the definition of a desperate woman who can’t be alone

  • Penny

    Oh yeah Ramona. After all these years and what she’s been through. And what she’s shown us, ya still can’t believe a single word that comes out of her pie hole. Repulsive woman with no scruples whatsoever.

  • Shaunna

    LuAnn is beautiful, funny, and confident. Lu standing up to Bethenny and not letting her get under her skin was great. LuAnn and Sonja are the catalyst for entertainment on the Bravo trips. Carol and Jules are boring. Bethenny seems mentally ill. Ramona is a bit off her rocker but she is great TV.

  • Lola

    I can’t believe no one is calling out Luanne from this episode. She was totally coked out. You could tell by all of her over the top mannerisms. There was a recent blind item about a RHONY lady that was out at a function and had white powder on her nose. Mystery is now solved.

  • Cin

    Who cares who you or your man were seeing before your time together…. LuAnne is not a slut .. hate that word.. a man is a stud and a woman is a slut… same old stuff.

  • Beedeedles

    This “engagement” between Lu and Tom is a total farce, fake, phoney-baloney stunt because she doesn’t have a “story line”. What a joke. Can’t believe she thinks anyone believes this! She’ll never give up the “Countess” title, which she’d need to do if she re-marries. She’ll NEVER re-marry unless a “title” other than “Mrs. Nobody” comes into the picture…